Wholesale Oiless Bushing Bearing

Oiless Bushing Bearing can replace rolling bearings and copper alloy cast bearings in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-accuracy applications. Solve special needs in environments that generally cannot be met by copper bushings.

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What Is Oiless Bushing Bearing?

The oiless bushing bearing provides excellent friction reduction and wears resistance, offering superior self-lubrication performance with its hard alloy material inlaid with solid lubricant.

wholesale oiless bushing bearing

Personalize Your Oiless Bushings

Perfect for hundreds of applications in a variety of industries worldwide, oilless bearing self-lubricating solutions can be easily customized to meet customer specifications and requirements: from lubricating grooves and holes to stamped and punched shapes.

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Custom Wholesale Oiless Bushing Bearing

Depending on your application requirements, our oilless bushings can be customized for a variety of applications. oilless self-lubricating bushing bearings can be manufactured in a variety of shapes with bore sizes ranging from 2mm / 0.08” to larger than 500mm / 20′.

Types Of Oiless Bearing

Large Oil Graphite Impregnated Self-lubricating

Large oiless bushings are used on all kinds of large and heavy machinery and are an important part of the machinery. such as the marine and Construction industry

Casting Bronze Bushing With Graphite

As the mechanical strength of self-lubricating oiless bearings is low, the bearing capacity is weak, and easily produces deformation, the graphite inlay in the metal hole groove can suppress this shortcoming, because the metal part of the bushing can play the role of bearing, solid lubricants can also play the role of lubrication. bronzeoilless.com Oiless bearing impact resistance, high-temperature resistance. It is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating applications where lubrication and oil film formation are difficult.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Using Oiless Bushing Bearing?

  • If possible, design to use standard size bushings as much as possible

  • Carefully clean the mounting shaft/plane before assembly to ensure that there are no foreign objects and no obvious defects.

  • After using the sliding surface, the oil film formed by the solid lubricant line leads to a black or gray phenomenon on the surface, there is no need to scrub, so as not to destroy the oil film, normal use can be done.

  • Before assembly of oilless bushing, if the lubricant is applied to the grinding parts, it can reduce the difficulty of assembly, shorten the period of integration, and facilitate better operation and operation of machinery.

  • When assembling, it should be pressed in slowly, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the bearing directly with hard objects to avoid causing damage and deformation of the bearing.

  • When designing, choose suitable material and shape according to the actual working condition and application to improve the service life of oiless bearings, reduce maintenance cost and enhance the performance of the machine.

wholesale oiless bushing bearing
Oil Graphite Impregnated self-lubricating, flange bushing size chart

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Oilless Bushing Bearing Factory – Cost Saving Supplier For You

Oiless Bushing Bearings can reduce friction and it is easy to replace or repair. If damaged only a new bushing is needed, the shaft does not need to be replaced so that can save your equipment cost.

Our Graphite bronze bushings are used in various industries, such as crushers, vibrating screens, cranes, mining equipment, etc. These industries and equipment require high load capacity and strong pressure resistance, so Oiless Bushing Bearing can meet this feature and is popular.

Generally, the common materials of oilless bushing bearings are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, lead bronze, etc. You can choose the suitable material according to the usage environment.

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Machineable Oiless Bushing Material?

Copper Alloy

Copper alloys, such as high force brass, aluminum bronze, lead bronze, etc. Excellent resistance to high temperature, chemicals, and impact, suitable for heavy load and low-speed operation.

oiless bushing bearing

Bronze Casting

Casting bronze bushing has excellent resistance to sintering and enables tiny operation, and is suitable for low-load and high-speed operation.

Plain Journal bearing, C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

Dry Composite Bushing

Composite bushing such as PTFE bushing, POM bushing, high temperature resistant, suitable for heavy load, low speed operation, thin wall compact.

ptfe bushing

Resin Bushing

Plastic bushing, High temperature and chemical resistant (tetrafluoroethylene resin), in compliance with food sanitation law, suitable for low load and low-speed operation.

plastic bushing

Cast Parts

suitable for medium load and low speed operation.

cast parts

Collar Bushing

Elevate your driving experience with our precision-engineered Collar Bushing. Reduce vibrations, enhance stability, and enjoy a smooth ride. Invest in durability and experience immediate results. Upgrade today!


C93600 High Leaded Tin Bronze Bushing

Experience the quiet power of our C93600 High Leaded Tin Bronze Bushings. These bushings provide impeccable smoothness and silence to your machinery, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Say goodbye to noisy, rough equipment, and say hello to the seamless operation you've always dreamed of.


Brass Nut

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Bronze Spider Bushing

Bronze Spider Bushings, also known as Eccentric Bushings, might not steal the spotlight, but they are the unsung heroes of machinery. These small cylindrical components, often made of bronze or similar materials, might not look like much, but they play a critical role in various machines and equipment, especially in industries where precision and durability are paramount.


Bronze Liner

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Bronze Sliding Pad

Bronze sliding pads, also known as slide bearings or bushings, are mechanical components designed to reduce friction between moving parts.