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RG7 Tin Bronze Bushing – C93200 Bearing Bronze

C93200 Tin Bronze Bushing has excellent machining properties, good hardness, as well as strength and wear resistance with excellent antifriction qualities.

What Is Tin Bronze?

Tin bronze is an alloy primarily made up of copper and tin, with the addition of other elements such as zinc, lead, or phosphorus to enhance specific properties. The typical copper content in tin bronze ranges from 80-95%, while it accounts for 5-20%. The remaining elements are present in trace amounts.
Tin bronze bushings are versatile and reliable components used in various industries due to their unique combination of properties. These bushings are made from a copper-tin alloy known as tin bronze, which offers excellent strength, durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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RG7 tin bronze, also known as CuSn7Zn4Pb7, is considered the “standard” bearing material of lead-tin bronze, is a widely used alloy with approximately 7% tin, 4% zinc, and 7% lead content. The addition of lead and zinc enhances the alloy’s machinability and wear resistance, making it ideal for bearing applications. material: 2.1090 CuSn7Zn4Pb7,2.1096 material.

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tin bronze bushing
tin bronze bushing

C93500 Tin Bronze Bushing For Sale

C93500 High Leaded Tin Bronze, SAE 66

C93500 High Leaded Tin Bronze is used in a variety of applications. Typical uses for Small bearings and bushings and bronze backing for babbitt-lined automotive bearings。

C93500 high-lead tin bronze is similar to C93200 and C93400, but has a lower tin content and a higher lead content. Tensile strength is reduced due to the lower tin content, but the alloy has greater ductility. The higher lead content reduces the coefficient of friction and aids in backsealing in the event of lubrication failure. It is suitable for general purpose high-speed bearings with low loads. It is available in alternative specifications SAE 66, SAE J461/J462, QQ-C-390B, QQ-B-1005 Comp14, Mil-B-11553 Comp14, AS 1565, BS 1400 LB4, and EN 1982:2008 GC CC494K.

(%max., unless shown as range or min.)

CentrifugalASTM B271
SAE J462, J461
ContinuousASTM B505
SAE J461, J462
IngotASTM B30
SandASTM B584, B763
SAE J461, J462
C93500 Tin Bronze Bushing

Manufacturing Processes For Tin Bronze Bushings

  • Casting: Casting is a common method used in the production of tin bronze bushings. Molten metal is poured into a mold and allowed to solidify, taking on the desired shape of the bushing. This process allows for the creation of complex shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Powder metallurgy: Powder metallurgy is another technique utilized for manufacturing tin bronze bushings. In this process, metal powders are combined, compacted, and sintered to form a solid part. This method offers high precision, dimensional accuracy, and excellent material properties.

Applications of Tin Bronze Bushings

  1. Automotive industry: The automotive industry makes extensive use of tin bronze bushings. They can be found in various components such as engines, transmissions, and suspension systems, where their strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance are crucial.
  2. Heavy machinery: Heavy machinery often incorporates tin bronze bushings for their durability and wear resistance. These bushings are used in components such as gears, bearings, and hydraulic systems to ensure smooth operation and long service life.
  3. Marine applications: The marine industry also benefits from the corrosion-resistant properties of tin bronze bushings. They are commonly used in propeller shafts, rudder assemblies, and other underwater equipment to prevent corrosion and ensure reliable performance.
Tin Bronze Bushings

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Aluminum Bronze Bushing aluminium bronze

Aluminium Bronze Bushing

cast bronze bushing with groove

932 Bearing Bronze Bushing

flanged brass bushing, brass sleeve bushing

Brass Sleeve Bushing

CC493K/RG7/CuSn7Zn4Pb7/ C93200 Bronze Bearing

C93200 Bronze Bearing

C93200 (SAE660 RG7) This tin bronze bushing has excellent machinability, good hardness, strength and wear resistance, and excellent anti-wear properties. Typical applications include bearings, gaskets, bushings, automotive parts, spindle bearings, machine tool bearings, crane bearings, trunnion bearings, roller neck bearings, mill bearings, fuel pump bushings, pump bushings, diesel engine piston pin bushings, forged elbow joint rod bearings, stuffing box hydraulic presses, hydraulic press mainliners, pump impellers, general purpose bushings, tubing, pump units, outer spherical bearings, and more. We can offer different sizes and alloys on your tin bronze bearing request.

Excellent All-round Capabilities RG7 Bronze Bearing

Easy To Machine

Offering good dry running characteristics and pressure-tightness, RG7 tin bronze bushing is easy to machine and finds use in the production of slide bearings and bearing bushings. It provides adequate corrosion resistance, including saltwater environments. RG7 is soft solderable (hard solderability is possible but limited). Commercial applications for this engineering material include:

Slide bearings, sliding partsBearing bushesValve and pump housingsSteam fittingsStandard bearings

We stock RG7 (G-CuSn7ZnPb) tin bronze bushing in thrust washer, wear plate, straight and flange type.

RG7 tin Bronze Bearing
SAE660 Tin Bronze Bearing

SAE660 Tin Bronze Bearing With Graphite

Graphite tin bronze bushing is a kind of novel lubrication bearing that has both the characteristics of metal bearing and self-lubricating bearing, by 93200( rg7 ) tin bronze to bear the load, the special formula of solid lubricating graphite material plays the role of lubrication. C93200 bearing bronze has a high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, self-lubricating ability, etc. It is suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating, and difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and is not afraid of water and other acid corrosion and scouring.

Leaded Tin Bronze Bushing

AlloyOtherTensileYieldElongationBrinell @ 500 KG
C93200SAE 660
C93600Modified 64
C93700SAE 64

CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C (CC493K) | CuSn7ZnPb Tin Bronze Bushing Material

StandardEN 1982DIN 1705
Alloy numberCC493K2.1090
Chemical compositionMechanical properties
Cu81,0 – 85,081,0 – 85,0ENDIN
Sn5,4 – 8,05,6 – 8,0Rm≥ 260≥ 270
Zn2,0 – 5,03,0 – 5,0Rp 0,2≥ 120≥ 120
Pb5,0 – 8,05,0 – 7,0A5≥ 12≥ 16
Ni2,0 max.2,0 max.HB≥ 70≥ 70
P0,10 max.0,05 max.
ConditionGC, GZGC
CharacteristicsMost common bronze alloy, also called bearing bronze or gunmetal. Suitable for bearings with medium load, good dry running properties, high wear resistance and machinability. General applications: cylinder and bearing liners, gears and wearstrips. Loads up to 4000 N/cm²
C93200 Bearing Bronze

Automotive Bearing – C93200 Bearing Bronze

C93200 automotive bearing on the car are mainly installed in the chassis part because there are various suspensions and control arms under the chassis, and these parts are connected through the pivot, to reduce the mutual wear and tear between the parts, so the middle of the suspension system of the car is connected by a large number of bronze bushings.

Shock Absorption Function Bearing

In addition to reducing wear and tear, easy to replace, the biggest role of the car C93200 bearing bronze is also has a certain shock absorption function. Generally, the upper and lower control arms of the car shock absorber will be connected with bushings, when the vehicle through the bumpy road will produce high-frequency vibration, in addition to shock absorbers and tires can absorb vibration, a variety of suspension bushings can also absorb part of the vibration, to avoid as far as possible to transfer vibration into the cockpit, improve the comfort performance of the vehicle.

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We offer a wide range of copper-based bearings. These are mainly bronze alloys covered by global Standards – a full range of bronze alloys including Tin bronze bushing, Leaded bronze bearing, Aluminium Bronze bushing, Brass alloy bushing, and special alloy bearing.

High Leaded Tin Bronze alloys are known for resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and long service life.

leaded bronze bushings

Leaded Bronze

Aluminium bronzes are most valued for their higher strength and corrosion resistance as compared to other bronze alloys.

aluminum bronze bushing, brass sleeve bushing

Aluminum Bronze

Brass – is widely used in technology and, after light alloys, they are the most common alloys of the non-ferrous metal group.

High Tensile Brass Oilless Bearing

Brass Alloy

We offer the highest quality tin, lead, aluminum bronzes, and high tensile brasses with maximum performance in the most demanding sectors.

metric bronze bushing

Bronze Standards

We offer a range of bronzes that are particularly suitable for marine pipe fittings or valves and terminal components.

special Bronze Bushing Material , bronze split bushings

Special Bronzes

Processing Of Tin Bronze Bushing

Complete tin bronze bushing solutions. We carry out high precision, medium, and small series orders in a wide range of dimensions.

turning tin bronze bushing


milling bronze bushing


drilling bronze bushing


cutting the groove of Bronze Bushing Material


machined bronze bushings, Grinding bushing


tin bronze bushing bearing


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