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Thrust Washer Catalog – Bearing Thrust Washer With Graphite

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Bearing thrust washers are a cost-effective alternative to using thrust bearings between rotating and stationary components. Click it now!

  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


Bearing Thrust Washer Catalog- Chinese Manufacturer

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Thrust washer bearings are thin monolithic bearings that are only used to carry thrust loads. They are used on shaft diameters to connect gears and other bearings. Bearing Thrust washers can be made from graphite-embedded bronze. Oil grooves can also be added to cast thrust bearings to improve lubrication.

casting bronze thrust washer, bearing thrust washer
graphite thrust washer bearing, bearing thrust washer with graphite

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High-Quality Bearing Thrust Washer With Graphite

A huge range of Graphite Filled Bushes, bearing pads and bearing thrust washers. materials using high-tensile manganese bronze, efficiency machines, and innovative techniques.

Graphite Thrust Washer

VIIPLUS bearing thrust washers incorporate high-quality copper alloy-based metals with engineered solid lubricant plugs. These bearings are designed to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements demanded by today’s equipment. Precise tolerances utilizing strategic plug location and plug compounds ensure performance delivery and lubrication-free service. graphite thrust washer is available in standard inch, metric, and made-to-order sizes. Order now!

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Oilless Bearing Thrust Washer catalog

High Temperature Resistant – Special materials

Oilless Bearing Thrust Washer Catalog Are Built for Reliability and Performance

To protect more valuable underlying parts, bronze thrust washers can be used. Thrust washers support the axial load on a shaft. They are designed to prevent movement along a shaft’s axis and can be grooved to provide additional lubricant distribution. In high-heat applications, these grooves can be filled with graphite to give the washer self-lubricating properties.

High-Performance Bearing Thrust Washer

Our thrust washers are mainly used in high-load, moderate-speed applications. It can withstand temperatures up to 650℃. We can also develop these bushings and plates according to customers’ specifications.
This kind of washer can be used under dry, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, water, or another chemical environment when oil cannot be introduced.

Bearing Thrust Washer Export

Bearing Thrust Washers Inch & Metric Bronze Thrust Washers

Axial Thrust Washers, Metric, or download the PDF catalog. Want to know more? Let’s talk Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.

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Bearing thrust washer Application

Bearing Thrust washers can be found in almost every appliance, machine, transportation conveyance, power tool, and recreational device that has moving parts, axles, bolts, pins, bearings, and rotating components. Some common uses include:

  • Transmission systems: They help support and guide the gears in a gearbox, allowing them to rotate smoothly while handling axial loads.
  • Rotating shafts: In machinery with rotating components, such as pumps or motors, thrust washer bearings can be used to support and stabilize the shaft.
  • Automotive applications: They can be found in suspension systems, steering systems, and even in the axles of some vehicles.
  • Aerospace applications: They may be used in aircraft engines, landing gear, and other high-stress components that need to handle axial loads while reducing friction.
oilless thrust washer catalog
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Aerospace Bearings – Oilless Thrust Washer

Oilless Bearing Thrust Washers Are Built For Reliability And Performance

Bronze Thrust bearings absorb axial loads from rotating shafts into the stationary housings or mounts in which they are turning. Axial loads are those transmitted linearly along the shaft. Good examples of axial loads are the forward thrust on boats or prop-driven airplanes as a result of their propeller’s rapid rotation. Thrust washer bearings are also used in power drills, where the user puts their weight into a rotating bit to drill through tough materials. Merry-go-rounds have massive bearing thrust bearings to support all the rotating weight.

Solid Bronze with graphite washer

Wind Turbine Parts – Bearing Thrust Washer

Wind turbines are fitted with multiple bearing thrust washers, each of which is subject to different wear. Today, the greater stresses of larger turbines are testing traditional bearing designs, especially in the main shaft. As the wind industry evolves, higher loads and greater stresses are affecting the life of spindle and gearbox bearings. is stepping up to provide solutions to the market.

Economic Alternatives To Rolling Bearings

In their simplest form, bearing thrust washers are long-wearing flat bearings in the shape of a washer that transmit and resolve axial forces in rotating mechanisms to keep components aligned along a shaft. Thrust washer bearings are an economical alternative to rolling thrust bearings whenever forces velocities are moderate.

Thrust Washer Bearing Catalog

Welcome to our Thrust Washer Catalog! We offer a wide range of thrust washers to cater to your specific needs. Our thrust washers are designed to support axial loads and prevent movement in the axial direction. They are commonly used in applications such as automotive, industrial machinery, and aerospace.

Below you will find a selection of our most popular thrust washers, categorized by material, dimensions, and load capacity.

graphite thrust washers

Thrust washer bearings are essential in managing the axial load that machines bear. By distributing the load uniformly over a broad surface, they significantly reduce the wear and friction that the components would otherwise experience. This is achieved through the use of either rolling elements or a fluid film that supports the load while permitting the bearing surfaces to move freely in relation to each other. The intricate interplay between the moving parts involved in this process can be both fascinating and complex, requiring a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of mechanical engineering.

Graphite Thrust Washer

bronze thrust washer

Our Bearing thrust washer with graphite plugs provides both good wear resistance and a great self-lubricating feature of this washer.

This designation enables the thrust washer to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance.

It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittent movement as well as oscillating movement conditions.

Size Chart

Article nameShaft diameterInner diameter dOuter diameter DD1lrM (ISO 10642)
Thrust Washer With Holes 101010,2302030,52xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 121212,2402830,52xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 131313,2402830,52xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 141414,2402830,52xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 151515,25035312xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 161616,25035312xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 181818,25035312xM3
Thrust Washer With Holes 202020,25035512xM5
Thrust Washer With Holes 252525,25540512xM5
Thrust Washer With Holes 303030,26045512xM5
Thrust Washer With Holes 353535,27050512xM5
Thrust Washer With Holes 404040,28060722xM6
Thrust Washer With Holes 454545,39067,5722xM6
Thrust Washer With Holes 505050,310075824xM6
Thrust Washer With Holes 555555,311085824xM6
Thrust Washer With Holes 606060,312090824xM8
Thrust Washer With Holes 656565,312595824xM8
Thrust Washer With Holes 707070,31301001024xM8
Thrust Washer With Holes 757575,31401101024xM8
Thrust Washer With Holes 808080,31501201024xM8
Thrust Washer With Holes 909090,51701401024xM10
Thrust Washer With Holes 100100100,51901601024xM10
Thrust Washer With Holes 120120120,52001751024xM10

Bronze Thrust Washer Without mounting holes

Article nameShaft diameterInner diameter dOuter diameter Dlr
Thrust Washer101010,23030,5
Thrust Washer121212,24030,5
Thrust Washer161616,25031
Thrust Washer202020,25051
Thrust Washer252525,25551

Powdered Metal Bronze SAE841 Thrust Washers

sinter bronze bush

Our SAE 841 Sintered Bronze parts are available as Sintered Bronze (SAE 841) Solid Bar, Sintered Bronze (SAE 841) Cored Bar, Sintered Bronze (SAE 841 Flange Bushings, Sintered Bronze (SAE 841) Thrust Washer, and Sintered Bronze (SAE 841) Plate.
They are rigid, temperature-resistant, and high-strength parts formed through the process of sintering or powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy uses several different metals including aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, steel, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium in the fabrication of powdered metal parts.
Powdered metal bearing thrust washers have a proven record of unexcelled wear resistance and long life. They hold closer tolerances and can be made self-lubricating through oil impregnation. Because of smoother action and self-dampening features, powder metal assures a quiet operation.

Thrust washer bearings offer several advantages and disadvantages, depending on their type and application.

Advantages Of Thrust Washer

  • Efficient load management: Thrust washer bearings can effectively handle axial loads, reducing friction and wear on machine components.
  • Versatility: They are available in various types, sizes, and materials, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Long service life: With proper installation and maintenance, thrust washer bearings can last for a long time, increasing the overall lifespan of the machinery.


  • Limited radial load capacity: Thrust washer bearings are specifically designed for axial loads, and their ability to handle radial loads is limited.
  • Space requirements: Depending on the type and size, thrust washer bearings may require more space than other bearing types.
  • Maintenance: Some thrust washer bearings, especially fluid film bearings, may require more frequent maintenance and lubrication.

How To Select A Right Thrust Washer

  • Inspect regularly: Regular inspection can help detect any potential issues or damage early on, allowing for prompt repair or replacement.
  • Cleanliness: Ensure the bearing and its surroundings are kept clean to prevent contamination that could impact performance.
  • Proper storage: When not in use, store the bearing properly to prevent damage or deterioration.

Selecting the right thrust washer bearing can be a critical decision that can impact the performance and longevity of your machinery. It is important to consider various factors such as load capacity, speed requirements, operating temperature, and lubrication needs. By choosing a bearing that can handle the anticipated axial load, operate at the desired speed, withstand the expected temperature, and work with the appropriate lubrication, you can help ensure optimal performance.

However, selecting the right bearing is only the first step. Proper installation and maintenance are also crucial to ensuring the bearing performs as intended and lasts as long as possible. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, lubrication, and maintenance is essential, as is a regular inspection to detect any potential issues early on. Keeping the bearing and its surroundings clean and storing it properly when not in use are also important steps to help prevent damage or deterioration.

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