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Bronzeoilless.com future of the mold and die industry, Their hard work, customer service and patience provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all abrasion processes.

Chris Johnson

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Global clients across multiple industries have trusted bronzeoilless.com applications & solutions. We are proud to share their observations & successful …

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“Outstanding Work”

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A Brilliant Idea Yesterday, a Global Company Today. Supplier of bronze bushing, wear strips and plate solutions for the most complex piping applications.

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Design partners in reliable tribology, We offers surface engineering expertise to the world in motion for bronze oilless and self-lubricating bushings..

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Wear Strips

Choose from our selection of wear strips, including bronze wear strips and embedded graphite wear plates, In stock and ready to ship.


Hydropower Bearing

Gates are an important part of water conservancy and hydropower projects. In order to reduce the support friction of the gate in the opening and closing force, usually use our self-lubricating bearings.


Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Hydraulic cylinder bushings as one of the key components of hydraulic transmission system, its action reliability directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system.


Bronze Guide Plate

A large inventory of full bronze guide plates, Find details about China's Copper Plate, and Bronze wear Plate from bronzeoilless.com.


SAE 841 Bronze Bushing

SAE 841 bronze is particularly noteworthy because it is a powdered metal. These are a special class of materials designed to be used in bearings.


Oilite Bushings

Oilite bushings are made from metal alloys with pores that channel lubricants between the bearing itself and the shaft.