Solid Bronze Bearings

Solid bronze bearing is a composite of a certain metal substrate and solid lubricant, using the complimentary performance of the two materials, It can work at high temperature, low speed, and heavy load, not easy to form lubricating oil film and oil film failure of the harsh special conditions, so that achieve the purpose of oil-free self-lubrication, slow wear, and high life.

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Development Of Solid Bronze Bushing

With the rapid development of modern industry and other fields, more and more special working conditions, so that the ordinary liquid lubrication bearing due to its friction characteristics, has not been able to adapt to the requirements of special working conditions. Metal-based solid bronze bushing as the development of solid lubrication technology breaks through the limit of oil film lubrication, can adapt to the requirements of a variety of special working conditions, the application more and more. For example
1. Such as low speed, high load, reciprocating and oscillating difficult to form a lubricant film
2. Long-term pollution conditions and the lubricating oil film is easy to aging, outdoor operating environment harsh fuel lubrication failure
3. High temperature, low-temperature state lubrication effect is difficult to play
4. Water, seawater, and drug medium difficult to form a lubrication

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Characteristic Of Metal-Based Solid Bronze Bearings

Metal-based solid bronze bearings are divided into graphite plugged bronze bushing and powder metallurgy overall sintered bronze bushing. Metal-based graphite bearing is in the metal substrate pre-designed, processing a certain area proportion of the hole or groove, in which embedded in solid lubricating material, after special bonding and aging treatment, the two combined into a whole, to its bearings, shaft tile or liner. All inlay holes are arranged crosswise along the direction of motion, in the axial or radial direction, to ensure that the bearing lubrication covers the whole sliding direction and forms a complete solid lubricating film. Bearing in motion due to the thermal effect and friction, so that the solid lubricant constantly seeps out the transfer at the same time the substrate wear solid lubricant gradually exposed, play lubrication and friction

Powder metallurgy integral sintered bronze bearing is the solid lubricant in the form of powder as a component added to the metal matrix raw materials, through the press molding, sintering, and the formation of self-lubricating composite materials. It is used as bearings, shingles, or liners. The lubricant interacts with the material matrix during sintering and is partially or completely transformed into a new state because the material itself contains a solid lubricant. Lubricant, repair the torn or broken lubricating film, to achieve lubrication and friction reduction effect.

Both use solid wetting agents to isolate the frictional surfaces in contact with each other surfaces to reduce surface friction and wear.

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According to different working conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosive media, etc., Choose your bearing matrix and solid lubricant.

Material Design For Oilless Solid Bushing

As the metal matrix bears the load, embedded in the solid lubricating material to play the role of friction reduction lubrication, the Oilless solid bushing requirements of the metal matrix mechanical strength and good adaptability, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, and good wear resistance. The metal matrix material range is wide, such as tin bronze, manganese bronze, high-strength brass, cast iron, stainless steel, lead-based alloys, etc., and their Mechanical properties and the use of working conditions are characterized as follows.

Metal Substrate
Mechanical Properties Characteristics Of
 Use Conditions
Tensile strength
Cast iron >150   120~170 Low load, high temperature
>250 ℃
Tin bronze category >200 >15 60~80 Medium load, high temperature
<350 ℃
High strength brass >770 >12 >210 Good load-bearing capacity
Stainless steel class 450~550 30~50 120~180 Corrosion resistant
Lead-antimony alloy class 50~80 5~8 15~25 Drug-resistant
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Application Of Solid Bronze Bushing Bearing

Oilless solid bronze bushing bearing breaks through the limitations of general bearings relying on oil film lubrication. Suitable for high temperature. It is suitable for high temperature, high load, corrosion resistance or can not be used under the conditions of oil. Its hardness is higher than the general copper bush, and its wear resistance is also good. At present, the product is widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machine, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, injection molding machines and production lines. The product is made of specially formulated high strength brass with high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance, and the surface is inlaid with specially formulated solid lubricant at a certain angle and density, and processed with precision. The products are widely used in injection molding machines, continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, etc.

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