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The Use of Bearings in the Wind Energy

The wind industry is under enormous pressure to reduce cost per MWh by improving turbine designs, raising performance, increasing reliability – all while reducing maintenance costs.

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Wind Energy | reduce the Levelized Cost of energy

Viiplus optimise turbine performance, reliability and energy output. We design and develop bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems and lubrication systems that can enable more cost-effective wind energy generation and lower lubricant consumption.


Stay competitive and solve your technical challenges

Viiplus can help you to take full advantage of the available wind and optimize your energy output while reducing your operating costs.

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Demanding loads and harsh operations

A wind turbine’s main shaft arrangement is part of a geared, hybrid, or direct-drive design. Whatever the arrangement, it must withstand axial and radial loads and operate under harsh, continuously changing conditions. 
Wind turbine main shaft bearings spin at relatively low speeds of around 10 rpm. Also, they experience continually variable loads. In offshore applications, turbine bearings may be exposed to corrosive seawater. Bearings in the largest turbines have an internal bore of more than 2m. The high cost, and technical difficulty, of replacing them means that operators want them to last for the turbine’s full 25-year operating life.

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Operation and Maintenance

Whether you need to address difficult design challenges, streamline maintenance and lubrication routines, make near-term repairs or long-term upgrades, the comprehensive Viiplus portfolio can help.  wind energy solutions include a range of advanced design, maintenance, repair, and refurbishment services, supporting wind turbine manufacturers and operators.

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Bronze Oilless Bearings for off-highway equipment.

No Need for Complex Greasing System.

Finishing Parts

Most popular bronze material worldwide, High wear resistance. Cost-effective. Designed to be self-lubricating, buy oilless bronze sleeve bearings directly from today!

Technical information

General Bronze Oilless Bearing & Technical Information Material Data. Our bearings meet a broad range of application requirements. We offer a broad range of bronze alloy materials …

Maintenance and lubrication

Designed to be self-lubricating, Maintenance-free, Bronze Oilless Sleeve bearing with flange, mm · High wear resistance on (almost) all shafts · Low wear against different shaft materials ·

Custom-made Bronze Parts

Custom Size Options, machining bronze bushings and a supplier of solid bronze oilless bushes and plate delivered on time and on budget.

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    Designs, develops and distributes innovative solutions that reduce the cost, improve the time, Solid lubricated bearings are made of high strength brass with special formula as the matrix, which has high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with a special formula of solid lubricant at a certain Angle and density, which is made by precision machining. Products are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and so on.


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