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Wear Strips Supplier- Bronze Oilless Wear Plate

Wear strips act as linear bearings to guide and control the movement of metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and more heavy equipment.

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Self Lube Bushings Self Lube bearings are made of quality bronze and can be ordered either with or without solid lubricant.

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Pivot Bearing Supplier

Pivot bearings are frictionless bearings that are suitable for pivotal, angular, or oscillating applications.

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Brass Sleeve Bushing

Brass sleeve bushings are mostly processed by centrifugal casting process, have good wear resistance

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Bronze Wear Strips Manufacturer – Order Now!

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Bronze wear strips are designed to accommodate a variety of machinery and goods used in the manufacturing industry, they reduce the damage caused to the transferring components of machines.

We manufacture self-lubricating bronze wear plates by plugging the bronze plate with plugs of graphite. If you need a cast wear plate without graphite, also contact us now!

Slide Plate

Custom configurations can include special sizing, mounting hole patterns, embedded graphite, corners, internal cutouts, and pockets.

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bronze wear plate
wear strips, Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Benefit Of Wear Strips With Graphite

When there is a heavy force to contend with, the wear strips act as linear bearings to guide and control the linear motion.

  • Used to reduce wear on surfaces in machines subjected to severe rolling friction and impact
  • Helps maintain the precise position of the rolling centerline
  • Wear strips are replaceable units that are easy to install and cost far less than parts or equipment that need protection
  • Provides protection from friction and vibration. Reduces shock transferred to components.
  • Self-lubricating, no additional oiling required, costing save
Cam Dwell Plates

What Is Bronze Wear Strips?

Our bronze wear strips are designed and manufactured for external lubrication. The combination of a high quality bronze alloy and solid lubricant allows these plates to be used under a wide range of operating conditions.

Wear Plate available in:

Self-Lubricating | Wear Strips | Graphite Impregnated Plugs | Self-Lubricating Bronze | Slide Plate | Aluminum Bronze Wear Plate | Gib Assemblies | L Gibs | V Gibs | Custom Wear Plates | Automotive Wear Plates | Keeper Block Wear Plates | Aerial Cam | Die Mount Cam | Cam Unit | Guide Post | Guide Post Set | Sintered Wear Plate | Die Components | Mold Components

We use state-of-the-art machining and turning centers to manufacture wear plates to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

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wear strips, Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Hydropower Bearing

Gates are an important part of water conservancy and hydropower projects. In order to reduce the support friction of the gate in the opening and closing force, usually use our self-lubricating bearings.


Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Hydraulic cylinder bushings as one of the key components of hydraulic transmission system, its action reliability directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system.


Agricultural machine

Bronze bushing & precision machined parts for agriculture. Design support is available. In-stock & custom components for Agricultural equipment & more.


Automotive sector

For Wholesale Automotive Bearings, Car Parts, Truck Parts, and OEM Car Accessories Browse and email us.

Nylon Plate VS Bronze Wear Plate

Nylon and Bronze Wear Plates have a low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties, they are optional guide slider materials, but they have limitations in their use, and the actual working conditions and overall performance of the equipment should be considered when selecting them.

Nylon Plate

  • Nylon slide plate has large elastic deformation and coefficient of thermal expansion, good sound absorption in use, and good corrosion resistance.
  • The disadvantage is that the bearing capacity is low, and if the load is too large during use, it is easy to produce serious deformation and rupture.

Bronze Wear Plate

  • Bronze Wear Plate materials have high strength, high surface hardness, small deformation, and high load-bearing capacity, they are suitable for use under large load conditions.
Bronze Wear PLate
graphite plugged bronze bushing

Bronze Bearing Pads

Bridge Bearing Pads – Improve Bridges And Structures Stability

Bridge Bearing Pads can solve all the stability problems of bridges and structures for our customers. For example large horizontal displacement, excellent shear deformation, multi-directional movement, and rotation performance. Protect your building and bridge stability even during severe earthquakes.

  • Reduced structural friction coefficient and increased displacement capacity

  • Support bridges or other heavy structures

  • Accommodates horizontal rotational and horizontal shear movements

bridge bearing pads
Bronze Bushing

Start Customizing Your Wear Strips Now!

We can supply wear strips in standard and non-standard sizes. They can be ordered with or without self-lubricating graphite. Email us now and attach a Cad drawing.

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Square Wear Plate

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V Gib Wear Plate

V type oilless plates

L Gib Wear Plate

L shaped slide plates

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