Steel & Copper Inlaid Bearing: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Self Lubricating steel & copper Inlaid Graphite Bushing Bearing. Get ready to revolutionize your machinery with the unbeatable durability of Steel & Copper Inlaid Bearings. Experience unrivaled strength and longevity today!

Graphite Inlaid Solid Lubricating Bearings

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Steel and Bronze Inlaid Bearing,It is a solid lubricating product in which tin bronze powder is integrally sintered and embedded with solid lubricant in the base of the steel sleeve. it can also save costs and improve compressive strength.

Graphite Plugged High-Strength brass

solid mosaic bearing is on the high-strength brass base, inlaid graphite, or MoS2 solid lubricants a high performance of the solid lubricant. It broke through the general bearing rely on oil film lubrication limitations. During use, heat through friction with the shaft friction of solid lubricants, forming oil, lubrication powder coexist excellent condition, both to protect the shaft is not worn, and the solid lubrication characteristics eternity. Its hardness is twice as high as the average copper sleeve, and wear resistance is also twice as high.

Oilless Bronze Bushing

Graphite sleeve is a 6-6 bronze inlaid bronze matrix, embedded graphite and MoS2 solid lubricants a solid lubricant. Since power density than bronze brass, so in high temperature and low load occasions, reflect very wear

Steel & Copper Inliad Bearing

graphite solid lubricating steel inlaid in the steel jacket sleeve base body integrally sintered bronze powder embedded solid lubricant solid lubrication products, in addition to a function of the oilless bronze bushing, but also save costs and increase the compressive strength. It can be used with the base end surface welding installation,

Steel Base Self-lubricating Bearings

Steel base self-lubricating bearings are reinforced products, with a high compression performance, under the circumstances at the time of discharge lubricating particles of graphite inlay work, so produce a membrane between the shaft and sleeve, played a ratio of monomer to oil lubricating anti-bite advantages.

HT250 Graphite Bushing

Based on cast iron HT250 mosaic bearing for the substrate embedded with solid lubricant, which is a typical provincial wood product. If the pressure <14.5N / mm2 or mechanical performance requirements are not high occasions, it can be used as oilless bronze bushing material substitutes. Can greatly reduce costs and meet the requirements.

Steel And Copper Inlay Bearings

Steel plate casting bearing is a solid lubrication product with solid, lubricant embedded after the centrifugal casting of the copper layer in the base body of a steel sleeve, which can save cost and also improve the compressive strength. Its end face can be welded to the substrate for use, so it is suitable for metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, oil transfer machinery, etc., where oil cannot be added.

  • Speed limit: 0.5m/s
  • Dynamic load limit: 70/mm2
  • Basic hardness: HB 60~90
  • Temperature limit: 300℃
  • PV limit:1.6N/mm2
  • Friction coefficient : <0.16

Steel-base Copper Self-lubricating Sleeve

  • Combined well-wearing resistance of copper and high mechanical strength of steel:
  • The different friction coefficients of the inner and outer layer material can protect and align the axil and rotating movement of the bearing in the housing under extremely high load at a low speed.
  • The solid lubricant can be embedded on the surface to achieve self-lubricating performance. Compare with pure bronze bearing, it is much more cost-effective.
  • The steel backing is available to be heat treated to get greater hardness while the inlay can be machined if necessary.
  • Compared with bronze bearing, this product has better mechanical performance especially greater anti-impact force.
hardened steel bushing
Discover the Ultimate Durability of Steel & Copper Inlaid Bearings!

Hardened Steel Bushings

Hardened Steel Bushings are bushings made of extra hardened, high carbon steel. It is normally hardened to between 56 and 62 HRC. These bearings are extremely strong and durable, and they are excellent in low-speed, high-pressure, and pivoting motion applications. These bushings are commonly used to protect housings from premature wear and extend their lives. Some characteristics of hardened steel bushings include low rotation speeds with high pressures and plain or grooved sliding layers. Hardened steel bushings are usually sold as plain cylindrical bushings, but they can be customized to fit other applications if necessary.

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Hardened steel sleeve bushings are a considerable upgrade over traditional metal bushings, as their hardened steel provides many benefits over other metals. The hardness of the steel provides a high load capacity and resistance to wear, meaning that you can use these bushings in very high load and high-pressure applications. This resistance to wear also greatly extends the service life of the product while guaranteeing high quality and reliability. On top of all that, hardened steel bushings are still very affordable and are provided at a very low cost.

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The Differences Between Hardened Steel Bushings and Bronze Bushing

Hardened Steel Bushings, flaring machine bush is made of high strength material, the special honing process is used to optimize the surface form of the sleeve wall and improve the friction performance of the sleeve ring/cylinder sleeve, reasonable oil channel design has oil guide and oil storage function and reduces oil consumption. Quenching and tempering processes are used to improve the material organization characteristics and significantly enhance the compressive strength and high-temperature resistance of the product.

Steel bush and bronze bushing comparison graphite steel bush hardness is suitable for some high load-bearing capacity machinery parts Viiplus bearing can according to customer requirements in its internal and external wall processing of various oil grooves and oil injection holes, can also process with CAD.

What are Hardened Steel Bushings Used For?

The steel bushing alloy provides high load-bearing capacity while the solid lubricant can form a lower frictional substrate, showing its excellent self-lubricating performance under high load and low-speed conditions, and is a solid inlay reinforced product with high compression resistance. Inlaid graphite work when the discharge of lubricating particles, so that the shaft and the sleeve are between a layer of the diaphragm, playing than the advantages of monomer oil lubrication anti-seize. It is especially suitable in the support part of lifting machinery, applicable to mold guide pillars, injection molding machine mold frame, roll earth machine, crane support, etc.

Hardened Steel Bushings

High-Performance Self Lubricating Bushings

Steel And Copper Inlaid Bearing, steel back sintered with CuSn6Zn6Pb3 powder as a Lining, then solid lubricant are embedded evenly in it. It is cost-effective and has higher crash strength compared with the oilless bronze bushing type, its ends can even be welded with machine parts and assembled.
It is suitable for metallurgy machines, construction machines, and where oil is hard to be employed.

straight type
flange type
thrust washer type
slide plate type
customized type

Technical Parameters

Density g/cm³
Hardness HB>80~100
Tensile Strength N/mm²
Yeild Strength N/mm²
Elongation %
Coefficient of linear expansion 10-5/℃1.2
Heat-conducting CoefficientW(/m.k)
Flexibility Coefficient KN/mm²
Temp. Limits ℃-40~+300
Max. Dynamic Load120
Max.speed m/sDry Lubrication0.4
Oil Lubrication1.0
Max.PV N/mm²*m/sDry Lubrication1.5
Oil Lubrication3.25
FrictionDry Lubrication0.12~0.16
Oil Lubrication0.03~0.08

Material Structure

Using high-density bronze roll forming or spherical oil pockets, oil hole special internal surface to reduce the wear and tear to extend the use of time and good anti-corrosion function.

Chemical Composition

Steel Layer(45 Steel)Copper Layer(And Japan CAC304 Considerable)

Solid Lubricants

Solid LubricantsFeatures
Graphite+addGood wear performance and chemical stability,
temperature limit 400℃
Suit for general machines and under atmosphere
PTFE+addLowest friction coefficient and good water lubrication, temperature limit 300℃Suit for water and seawater lubricant, such as ship

Mechanical Behavior

Bond Strength Of Steel And Copper(N/mm²)Copper Layer Hardness HBSteel Layer Hardness
Not heat-treated stateSurface high-frequency quenching after the cylindrical surface