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Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Sliding bearing plate and customized service for all your pipework and heavy equipment needs.

  • Aluminum Bronze Wear-Resistant Bronze Slide Plate For Mill Base
  • Auto mold self-lubricating slide plate
  • Stamping injection mold slide plate
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Wear Pads Supplier

Guiding and controlling the movement of metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and more heavy equipment.

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Oilite Bronze Bushing

Oilite bronze bushings are lubricated bushings available in plain or flanged metric sizes.

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Oilless Bushing

Oilless Bushing Bearing – Customized Design! Brass, Bronze. Alloy Material; Worldwide Delivery. Best Prices.

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Custom Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Find deals on Slide Bearing plates on cast wear plate, bronze wear plate with solid lubricant, and Graphite Slide Plates For Various Applications!

Custom Made Products
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
bronze guide plate
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier, Aluminum bronze alloy
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Pipe Support Bronze Plates – Slide Bearing plates

When the pipe expands, we can separate the expanding pipe from the supporting structure by using slide-bearing plates. The purpose of moving them relative to each other is achieved.

The core of these slide-bearing plates is a graphite-embedded self-lubricating bronze plate. It acts as a bearing pad allowing mutual movement which consists of a bronze bearing plate filled with graphite + an upper and lower slide plate assembly.

The principle of operation is that the sliding plate underneath is usually welded to a fixed bracket that grounds the plate. another plate, on the other hand, is attached directly to the moving part. As the system moves, friction is transmitted at the intersection of the two plates.

Bronze Guide Plate
Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

Benefit Of Slide Bearing Plate

Slide Bearing plates with solid lubricant( graphite) can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to its suitability for high voltage systems, it offers the following additional benefits

  • Suited for high loads, low-velocity applications
  • Can be used where the use of oil or grease is not desired or possibly
  • graphite-impregnated slide plate Is maintenance free & self-lubricating
  • Prevents unwanted accumulation of dust and debris
  • Has an extended life

Improve oil and gas pipeline stability

Slide bearing plates are commonly used to allow axial movement (usually due to thermal expansion or contraction) and to limit lateral movement due to wind loads, equipment vibration, or even seismic forces.

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bronze wear plate

Slide Bearing Plate for Bridges

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Bridge Bearings – These self lubricating sliding bearing plates are mainly used on bridges, roads and pipelines to provide additional support for load beams and girders.

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wear strips, Slide Bearing Plate Supplier
wear strips, slide bearing plate, Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

The Role Of Bridge Slide Bearings

Bridge slide bearings are structural equipment or devices installed between the superstructure and substructure of a bridge to transmit applied loads, including seismic loads, wind loads, traffic loads, and the self-weight of the superstructure.

Slide Bearing Add Solid Lubricant To Lose Friction

Friction is generated in the sliding bearing, which is applied to the upper and lower structure and to the bearing itself. It may therefore be necessary to provide a lubricant, such as a solid lubricant (graphite) to reduce the friction generated.

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