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sintered bronze bearings are made by the powder metal process. With close controls on materials and manufacturing to produce the premier self-lubricating bearing.

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Learn About Sintered Bronze Bearing

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sintered bronze bearing is a porous bearing, It’s structural parts are produced by using metal powder as raw material and going through a special processing process. sintered bronze bushings are widely used in transportation machinery, household appliances, audio equipment, food machinery, printing machinery, automotive, instrumentation, textile machinery, aerospace, and other industrial fields.

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sintered bronze bushings

Sintered Bronze Bearing

Oil-impregnated Bronze Bearings Supplier, Bronze bearings are particularly beneficial for large lot sizes.

Cast Bronze Bushings

Cast bronze bushings are not formed from powder. Instead, they are formed from a solid or hollow bronze cast bar.

Sinter Bronze Bearing

Benefits of Sintered Bronze Bearings

Sintered bronze bearings offer numerous benefits, making them a preferred choice in various applications:

  • Self-Lubrication: Their porous nature allows impregnation with lubricants, providing continuous lubrication and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Highly durable, these bearings withstand substantial wear, with lubrication reducing friction and extending lifespan.
  • Strong and structurally sound, they support heavy loads, ideal for demanding applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • low friction
  • Smooth lubrication leads to quiet operation, perfect for noise-sensitive applications.
  • Effective across a wide temperature range, maintaining integrity and lubrication under extreme conditions.
  • Can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes for customized solutions.
  • Cost-Effective & Versatility

Tractor Sinter Bronze Bushing

Tractors, due to the dusty working environment, require the wearing parts to have good anti-abrasive wear characteristics and want the parts to maintain good lubrication conditions in operation as much as possible with a view to achieving a longer service life. Therefore, the application of sintered sleeve bushings in tractors is very valuable.

It mainly shows a low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating performance, not easy to scrape and bite in operation, and high load-bearing capacity.

Sinter Bronze bushings can also be dipped in sulfur, plastic, and other solid lubricants to further improve their performance.

Sinter Bronze Bushing

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Sintered Sleeve Bushings Supplier

Sintered Sleeve Bushings Manufacturer & Exporter. Factory direct sale. Custom solution for you. Straight Sintered Sleeve Bushings, Flange bearing, thrust washer, etc.

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Iron-Based Sintered Bronze Bearing Vs Copper-Based Sintered Bonze Bushing

Iron Sintered Sleeve Bushings Bearing

Iron-based Sintered Sleeve Bushings bearings have higher strength. It has less wear, low production costs, and can withstand larger loads, but it “has anti-seize and corrosion resistance than copper-based oil bearings. Therefore, iron-based bushes bearings are mostly used in mining machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, and other places where the load is large and the speed is not high.

Copper Sintered Bronze Bushings

The copper-based Sintered Bronze Bushings are mostly used in instruments, control motors, household appliances, chemical machinery, etc., where the structure is compact, the load is small, the speed is high, the noise is low or the environment is humid and corrosive.

Sintered Bushing’ Application

Sintered Bushing In Automotive Applications

Because of its wear-reduction performance, corrosion resistance, and high electrical conductivity. They are used more in industries such as home appliances and automobiles. One of the most used is porous sintered bronze.

Applications In Micromotors

Many motors use rolling bearings because of the high noise, high cost, or refueling problems that can not be solved, for the performance of the finished product, and producion, must be changed to oil-containing bearings.

Sintered bushings are mostly used in general-purpose motors such as fan motors, jukebox motors, agricultural sprayer motors, etc., which can be set up with oil-filled mechanisms, while micro-motors such as cassette recorder drive motors, color TV motors, etc., which have special low-noise requirements and are inconvenient to refuel, need to be manufactured with electrolytic copper powder to improve the oil content and obtain a diffuse and uniform fine porosity structure.

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Sintered Bushing

Sintered Sleeve bushings also called sinter bronze bushing, porous bronze bearings, and Oil-impregnated Bronze Bearings. Startup friction causes these porous bronze bearings to release a thin layer of oil on the bearing’s surface. there are three common types: straight, flange, and thrust washer. Get a free quote now!

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Porous Bronze Bearings

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Flanged Sintered Sleeve Bushings Bearings

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Oil-Embedded Thrust Bearings

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