Pivot Bearing

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Pivot bearing is a cylindrical, limited rotational bearing, with a high relative radial and axial stiffness.

Pivot Bearing

What Is A Pivot Bearing?

Pivot bearing is a cylindrical, limited rotational bearing, with a high relative radial and axial stiffness.

Pivot bearings are frictionless bearings that are suitable for pivotal, angular, or oscillating applications. A cantilevered pivot bearing is a commonly used type of pivot bearing for applications such as:

  • gimbal rings
  • mirror mounts
  • four bar linkages
  • vibration isolation systems

Benefits Of Pivot Bronze Bushing

  • large loads for long service lives
  • Reduced Friction: Pivot bearings are designed to minimize friction between moving parts. This reduction in friction allows for smoother movement and helps to optimize the efficiency of mechanical systems.
  • Precise Movement: Pivot bearings enable precise rotation or oscillation around a fixed axis. This precision is crucial in applications where accurate positioning or controlled movement is required.
  • Low Maintenance: Pivot bearings are often designed for durability and minimal maintenance. This is particularly advantageous in applications where regular maintenance may be challenging or costly.
  • Shock Absorption: In some cases, pivot bearings can provide a degree of shock absorption, helping to protect components from sudden impacts or vibrations.

Pivot Bearings can be loaded in many different configurations to suit the customer’s needs. Properly loading pivot bearings is a crucial step to ensuring that they perform as expected.

Pivot Bronze Bushing
Pivot Bearing Used In Truck

Pivot Bearing Used In Truck

If you’ve been taking your truck on a lot of off-road adventures then you know how important it is to have reliable suspension. The Twin-Traction Beam axle on the models uses a pair of rubber bushings to soften the connection between the axle and the frame. These help to dampen some of the noise and vibration that can travel from the road (or off-road) to the cab, but hard use and time hollow these bushings out. This can cause “clunking” noises under your Bronco or a steering wobble after hitting a bump. Replacing the stock rubber bushings with polyurethane pivot bushings will eliminate those problems and last a lot longer than rubber.

Off-roading or even regular driving on poorly maintained roads are not the only conditions that will cause rubber bushings to fail, and lets face it, you don’t have a 4WD Bronco to cruise down a glass smooth interstate. You want to crawl over rocks or see how deep that mud hole really is. Motor oil, road grime, salts, and heat will all begin to take their toll on rubber, but pivot bushings will brush off the elements that will eventually destroy rubber. A little more vibration for a sturdy axle-to-frame connection is not a bad trade.

Types of Bronze Pivot Bearings

Types of Bronze Pivot Bearings

Among the variations, Sleeve bearings stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness. These cylindrical components provide reliable support, minimizing friction and wear in rotating systems.

Flanged bearings, with their additional flange for stability, find applications in scenarios where axial support is crucial. Their design ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Bronze Thrust washers excel in applications with axial loads, providing a reliable barrier against excessive thrust force. Their design prevents direct contact between rotating elements, enhancing the overall efficiency of the machinery.

Choosing the Right Bronze Pivot Bearing

  • A. Consideration of load requirements

Selecting the appropriate bearing requires a careful assessment of the load demands specific to the application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  • B. Environmental factors

Environmental conditions, including temperature and exposure to contaminants, play a role in determining the most suitable bronze pivot bearing for a given scenario.

  • C. Maintenance considerations

Implementing a proactive maintenance routine is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of bronze pivot bearings, involving proper lubrication and regular inspections.

Bronze Pivot Bearing

Pivot Bush, Casting Bronze Bearing

  • customer-specific manufacturing
  • of pivot bearing and other special parts according
  • customers needs and drawings
    individual according to drawing
  • made of different pivot bearing materials


HB hardness>210>70>150>95>280
Tensile strength N/mm2>750>200>600>260>540
Yeild strength N/mm2>450>90>260>150>450
Elongation %>12>15>10>8>0.3
Coefficient of linear expansion1.9×10-5/°C1.8×10-5/°C1.8×10-5/°C1.8×10-5/°C1.8×10-5/°C
Max. temp.-40~+300-40~+400-40~+400-40~+400-40~+150
Max. load N/mm2100605070150
Max. speed (Dry) m/min1510201015
Max. PV N/mm2*m/min (Lubrication)200606080200
Compression deformation

Self-Lubricating Bearing | Bronzeoilless.com

Self-lubricating bearings can lower your bearing maintenance costs without sacrificing performance.