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Phosphor Bronze Bush Manufacturer

Phosphor Bronze Bushes, Phosphor Bronze parts online shop, high fatigue resistance, excellent formability and solderability, and high corrosion resistance.

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SAE841 Bronze Bushing

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze – Oil Impregnated Bushing

Sinter Bronze Bushing
Self Lube Bushings

Self Lube bronze bushings are used in die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy equipment of all types.

Slef Lubricating Bearings
Pivot Bearing Supplier

Pivot Bearings can be loaded in many different configurations to suit the customer’s needs.

Pivot Bearing

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Phosphor bronze material is the most widely used ductile material of copper alloys at present.It is a bronze with tin and phosphorus as the main alloying elements. It contains 2-8% tin, 0.1-0.4% phosphorus, and the rest is copper. In industry, it is mainly used as wear-resistant parts and elastic components. Our quality requirements for phosphor bronze bushes are also increasing, including tight tolerances, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent shape. They are Suitable for Heavy Loaded applications being applied where Lubrication is doubtful.

Self Lubricating Bearing Catalog
bronze bushes catalog

Phosphor Bronze Bushes Catalog


  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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  • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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oilless bearing


SAE 660-C93200-C932 Bronze SAE 660 bronze or c932 / c93200 bearing bronze as known as high-leaded tin, this type of bronze is commonly used for bearings or Bushing widely applications in many industries.

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oilless bearing


SAE 841 sintered bronze sleeve bearing SAE 841 bronze is sintered bronze sleeve bearing or oil-impregnated bronze bearings and phosphor bronze bearings this type of bronze is designed for self-lubricating bushing

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oilless bearing


863 bearing bronze SAE 863 bronze is oil-impregnated bearings and mostly used for self-lubricating powdered metal bearing that is typically harder, higher strength

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954 Aluminum Bronze bushing 954 Aluminum Bronze also called manganese bronze is the alloy that offers excellent performance in grooved bushing and bearings and more applications.

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Manufacturer & Exporter of Phosphor Bronze Casting Bushes

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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Phosphor Bronze Bush, Graphite Filled Bronze Plates, Thrust Washer Bearings, and Sintered Bronze Self Lubricated Bushes, get a free quote now!

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phosphor bronze bush supplier
phosphor bronze bush
china oiless bushing bearing

Bronze & Graphite Plugged Bushing offers an extensive and competitively priced range of flanged bronze bushes, plain bearing, thrust washer bearing, and oilless wear plates.

Whether you’re looking for a single phosphor bronze bush or custom self-lubricating bronze bushings, we’re sure to have exactly what you need.

Our selection of graphite-plugged bronze bushing and phosphor bronze bushes are suitable for a wide range of industries. Made in a variety of styles, these simple inexpensive bush-style bearings are ideal for operations in extremes of temperature at both high and low speeds, and because they are self-lubricating & maintenance-free.

Graphite Plugged Bushings

Phosphor Bronze Alloy Used In Automobile

Phosphor bronze alloy is a widely used bushing material in the automobile industry, widely used in air compressors, refrigeration machines, internal combustion engine connecting rod small head bushing, crosshead pin bushing, piston pin bushing, camshaft bushing, guide wheel bushing, guide wheel bracket bushing, gearbox bushing, etc. It is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good impact toughness, high permissible specific pressure and ultimate linear velocity, and good workmanship. Phosphorus in phosphor bronze can prevent the production of extremely hard and brittle Sno2 in the alloy, the journal has a protective effect. Therefore, the use of phosphor bronze bushings as parts in automotive manufacturing helps extend the mechanical life.

A combination of centrifugal casting, cold extrusion, and machining. The production of phosphor bronze bushings with this process can achieve good quality, high material utilization, saving man-hours and cost savings.

Automotive Bearing
phosphor bronze bush manufacturer
phosphor bronze bushes, Custom Machined Aluminum Bronze Bushing With Groove

C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

Phosphor Bronze Bushing such as C91000 are typically found in high-strength bushing and bearing applications where high strength, low speeds, and heavy loads are present. Other high-strength applications for these alloys are pump impellers, piston rings, steam fittings, and valve bodies. C910 Phosphor wear plate are utilized in movable bridge components, can solve all the stability problems of bridges and structures for our customers. and other structures for fixed and expansion bearings with slow or intermittent movement and heavy loads.

C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

Gun Metal Bushes

Long-lasting Phosphorous Bronze Alloy Parts

We guarantee that the material specifications and products will be completely free of any type of porosity/cavities. Please email our sales department with a technical drawing.

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Phosphor bronze – CuSn8, CW453K, CuSn6, CW452K

The Difference Between Phosphor Bronze And Bronze

High-Quality Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor bronze (phosphor bronze) (tin bronze) (tin-phosphor bronze) from bronze with degassing agent phosphorus P content 0.03 ~ 0.35%, tin content 5 ~ 8% and other trace elements such as iron Fe, zinc Zn composition ductility, fatigue resistance are good for electrical and mechanical materials, reliability than the general copper alloy products.


Bronze originally refers to copper-tin alloy, and later copper alloys other than brass and white copper are called bronze, and often crowned with the name of the first major added element before the name of bronze.

Tin Bronze Bushing: good casting, friction reduction, and mechanical properties, It is suitable for the manufacture of bearings, worm wheels, and gears.
Lead bronze bushing: It is a widely used bearing material in modern engines and grinders.

Aluminum Bronze Bushing: It has high strength, good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, They are used for casting high-load gears, bushings, and marine propellers.

Beryllium Bronze And Phosphor Bronze Bushing: have high elastic limits and good electrical conductivity, which are suitable for manufacturing precision springs and electrical contact components.

Physical Properties Of Phosphor Bronze

Melting point ℃
(liquid phase)
Melting point ℃
(solid phase)
Specific gravity8.868.868.838.88.8
Coefficient of
thermal expansion

Product Ingredients Of Phosphor Bronze

TypeAlloy codeComposition%

Brass Bearing

Brass bearing, bronze bushing, slide plate, and thrust washers in various sizes. they may be resized, oil-grooved, or plugged graphite.


Machined Bronze Bushing

Bronzeoilless.Com Has Extensive Experience In Machining Bronze Bushings And Other Custom Bronze Parts And Components. Learn More And Email Us Now!