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Oilube Bearing

Oilube Bearing is a high-performance sliding bearing material. Manufactured using powder metallurgy.

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Oilube Powdered Metal Bronze

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The sintered body made by powder metallurgy with metal powder as the main raw material is inherently porous, and has the ability to freely adjust the number, size, shape and distribution of pores during the manufacturing process.

Oilube bearings have a high load-carrying capacity and static stiffness and have good dynamic stability. For a given porous material, if the homogeneous properties and fluid flow properties of the material are known exactly, the bearing will be very simple to manufacture and design.

Oilube bearings Using the porosity of the sintered body, it is impregnated with 10%~40% (volume fraction) lubricating oil and used in the state of self-oil supply.

During operation, the oilube bearing temperature rises. Since the expansion coefficient of the oil is larger than that of metal, it automatically enters the sliding surface to lubricate the bearing. When it stops working, the oil is sucked back into the pores with the temperature drop.

oilube bearing

High-Performance Oilube Bearings Material

High-performance dry sliding bearing material: deva.metal®
oilube bearings is a high-performance sliding bearing material. Manufactured using powder metallurgy, the oilube bearings are based on four main groups – bronze, iron, nickel, and stainless steel. These contain solid lubricants, e.g., graphite, manganese sulfide, or molybdenum disulfide, which are uniformly embedded in the metal structure. As a material manufactured by means of powder metallurgy, oilube bearings are very dimensionally stable. However, our special sintering methods enable very high physical durability, particularly when subjected to compressive stress.

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What Is Oilube Bearings?

Oilube bearings are also known as oil-impregnated bearings. Oil-impregnated bearings are in a non-operating state, and lubricating oil fills their pores. During operation, the shaft rotates and generates heat due to friction, and the thermal expansion of the bearing bush reduces the pores. Therefore, the lubricating oil overflows and enters the bearing gap. When the shaft stops rotating, the bearing bush cools, the pores recover, and the lubricating oil is sucked back into the pores. Although oil-impregnated bearings may form a complete oil film, in most cases, this kind of bearing is in a mixed friction state with an incomplete oil film.
Oil-impregnated bearing
oilube bearing

The Advantage Of Oilube Bearings

Oilube bronze bushings have the characteristics of low cost, vibration absorption, low noise, and no need to add lubricating oil in a long working time, and are especially suitable for working environments where lubrication is not easy or oil is not allowed to be dirty. Porosity is an important parameter for oil-impregnated bearings. Oil-impregnated bearings that work at high speeds and light loads require more oil content and high porosity; oil-impregnated bearings that work at low speeds and large loads require high strength and low porosity.

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Oilube Powdered Metal Bronze SAE841 Bearings

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  • Oilube Powder metallurgy bearings do not need to add lubricating oil for a long time.
  • The higher the porosity of Oilube bearings, the more oil storage, but the more pores, the lower the strength.
  • This type of bearing is often in a mixed lubrication state, and sometimes it can also form thin film lubrication, which is often used for difficult to replenish lubricating oil and light loads and low speeds.
  • According to different working conditions, Oilube powder metallurgy bearings with different oil content are selected. When the oil content is large, it can be used without supplementary lubricating oil and under low load; when the oil content is small, it can be used under heavy load and high speed; The Oilube bearings containing graphite can improve the safety of the bearing due to the lubricity of graphite itself. The disadvantage is that the strength is low; in the case of no corrosion, the iron-based powder metallurgy bearing with low price and high strength can be considered, but the hardness of the matching journal should be appropriately increased
oilless bearing
oilube bearing

Oilube Bearings | Application | VIIPLUS

Oil-impregnated bearings are widely used in the motor industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, home appliance industry, digital products, office equipment, power tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, and other mechanical equipment.
Oilube bearings are generally made of raw material powder through pressing, sintering, shaping, and oil immersion. Most machines are highly automated. The daily output is relatively large.
Generally speaking, Oilube powder metallurgy oil-impregnated bearings can be formed at one time, basically without cutting. The cost is lighter than machining, and there is less material waste, so the price is cheaper. It is also in line with the national policy of promoting energy conservation, so it is considered a technology that will not be outdated.

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