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Meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with the power of oil-free Thrust washers.

In the field of oilless thrust washer bearing, engineers can provide a range of practical and profitable application solutions.

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Samples are offered within 10 days and dispatched by express couriers, air, or post as per the customer’s requirement.


Made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as lubricant.

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To follow the new standard RoHS & WEEE in Europe, offers a wide range of professional services to support your business


The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

China Graphite thrust Washer Bearing Supplier – Long Service Life

Our JDB thrust washer bearing is a new type made from strong brass and homogeneously embedded with solid lubricant in its body. It breaks through the limit of general bearing whose lubrication depends on an oil film. So it is suitable for high temperature, heavy-duty, anti-corrosion, or where oil is hard to be introduced. Its performance doubles both on hardness and wears friction.

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High Friction thrust Washer bearing – Endless Quality Service

Modern design for today’s self-lubricating thrust washer bearing material is undergoing tremendous demand. Even in the severe operating environment and maximum extreme load conditions also require maintenance. As the cost of the increasing demand, business equipment, and plant operation reliability requirements are also increasing. cast bronze thrust washer bearing to meet the long-term maintenance-free and under the conditions of use of self-lubricating, thus making the design of a long-term reliable self-lubricating system possible.

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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Get in Touch With us – High strength oilless thrust washer bearing

Our High strength oilless thrust washer bearing is made of high-strength brass with special formula as the matrix with high mechanical properties, good casting performance, and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with solid lubricant with special formula according to a certain Angle and density and is made by precise machining. Products are widely used in injection molding machines, continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, etc.

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The metal bronze thrust washer bearing Suppliers | Viiplus

  • Used in General-purpose industrial machinery, heavy industrial machinery, electrical appliances, and automotive parts
  • Offers excellent wear resistance and under boundary lubrication or dry conditions.
  • Performs well under high loads.

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Plain Thrust Washer Bearing for Motorcycle- Great Parts for Engines

Get more info. Search Partners.  ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Quality China Products.

Oil-Free Copper Alloy Washers application solutions

Help various manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers to achieve the following objectives: Reduce total cost of ownership, reduce CO2 emissions, improve fuel economy, improve safety and comfort, simplify assembly and reduce component weight.


In terms of power, speed, reliability, working life, safety, and technical components, the engine bronze thrust bearing is the performance, quality, and innovation requirements are higher parts.


Solutions for sliding linear motion in operation, high-pressure sealing, and adjusting shock absorbers.


Oil-free thrust washer and sealing solutions for all types of motorcycle transmissions. Low transmission loss, low noise, and vibration, long service life.


Cnc Bronze Thrust Washer Bearing

Looking for a reliable, quick-turn, instant quotes supplier of CNC bronze washers? Make prototypes, small-batch, or mass production parts in as fast as 1 day with free shipping. We are ISO 9001:2015 certificated.

Our custom oilless thrust washer bearing Service

1. Lead times from 10 business days

2. Tolerances down to ±.0005″ (0.001mm)

3. Custom CNC thrust bearing with accuracy, flexibility, speed.

oil-free bushings

4. The high-load, low-speed conditions, can play a superior performance;

Solid self-lubricating thrust washer bearings are used centrifugal casting high-strength brass alloy as a matrix, play a role in carrying the load, graphite has good self-lubricating properties of specially formulated as a lubricant, play a role in self-lubricating, it combines them the respective merits, even under high load, low-speed conditions can play a superior performance.

5. The reciprocating motion, rocking motion, and frequent start and stop the film formation difficult place to play excellent wear resistance;

The solid lubricant self-lubricating thrust washer bearings are arranged principle is to ensure that all parts of the grinding member have a lubricant effect during the operation of the thus arranged with the lubricant must be based on the direction of movement of the grinding member arranged to determine the position of the lubricant.

6. superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;

Solid self-lubricating thrust washer bearing lubricant is specially formulated with graphite, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide, and other wear-resistant material, which has a stable molecular structure, the metal matrix can have different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance depending on the metal of selected, solid self-lubricating bearings and therefore has excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

7. The cost of the product is more competitive, compared with similar products, long working life, required little maintenance, the replacement cycle is long, a good performance.

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Why Choose Bronze Thrust Washer Bearing?

1. The flexible design, simple and convenient, using a wide range;

Oil supply system in the mechanical design is a lot of work, time-consuming device, the use of solid self-lubricating thrust washer bearings need not be considered in the design of fuel means saving fuel plant equipment, and can for a variety of special occasions, the solid self-lubricating bearings designed into a variety of shapes to meet the needs of a variety of special occasions, the use of solid self-lubricating bearings, can significantly reduce the mechanical maintenance, fuel, and other expenses.

2. No oil can be used;

Since the linear expansion coefficient is greater than the solid lubricant from the metal substrate when solid self-lubricating bearings start running, the film will be transferred to the grinding member of the realized self-lubricating, so solid self-lubricating thrust washers can be difficult to use in refueling and can not refuel or fat place, even in the case of low-speed high-load, but also can play good lubrication.

3. The use of low cost;

Traditional mechanical design, in a certain operating time, refueling and maintenance should always check the fuel gauge, oil installations are smooth, due to regularly refuel the body itself and cause pollution of the surrounding environment, resulting in an increase of the maintenance costs and achieve after self-lubricating, not only can make the environment clean but also greatly reduce the use of lubricant costs.

High-Quality rg7 bronze equivalent washer

Find the perfect rg7 bronze bushing for your requirement at

Oilless Washer Price

Shop for plugged graphite flat washers at Viiplus. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery.

Low friction & vibration levels

Tools dedicated to better analysis of vibration and temperature drop

long lasting

Through the selection of parts, the correct assembly process and proper use, quality standards can be guaranteed to add value to the customer.

Perfect sealing

Perfect sealing optimizes machine operating costs, which directly reduces maintenance costs and increases service life

New feature integration

The perfect combination of oilless washers and solutions with the original design achieves a more powerful performance.

trouble-free operation

Motorcycle end users looking for unplanned breakdowns, longer life and a satisfying ride between maintenance schedules


Improvements in power density have a huge impact on reducing weight and size and achieving higher levels of reliability

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    Designs, develops and distributes innovative solutions that reduce the cost, improve the time, Solid lubricated bearings are made of high strength brass with special formula as the matrix, which has high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with a special formula of solid lubricant at a certain Angle and density, which is made by precision machining. Products are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and so on.


    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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