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Oilless Cam Plate Can Be Used Under Self-Lubrication Conditions Without Any Refueling Device. The Design With High-Strength Brass Embedded Graphite Shortens Assembly Time, Reduces Oil Pollution, And Beautifies The Environment.

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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

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Cam-positive slide plate Bushes use high-grade metal alloys as their base material and have finely finished surfaces with holes in which a specially formulated solid lubricant is embedded. The lubricant covers up to 25-30% of the working surface. The lubricant film is deposited automatically over the complete moving surface during operation.

The Oilless Cam Positive Plate is a component used in various industrial applications, particularly in cam mechanisms and metal stamping dies. It is designed to provide smooth and reliable movement in high-load, low-speed applications. The plate is typically made of bronze with graphite or other solid lubricants to enable self-lubrication. It is an essential part of cam mechanisms, ensuring precise and efficient operation.

oilless cam positive plate
Cam Positive Plate


How Does The Oilless cam plate Works?

The cam positive return plate is an essential component in cam mechanisms, which are widely used in various machines, especially those requiring automatic control and accurate timing, such as printing presses, textile machinery, and gear-cutting machines. It plays a crucial role in transforming the rotational motion of the cam into other specified motions, making it an indispensable part of many industrial applications.

With cam positive plates, the lubrication is affected by the sliding material itself, The solid lubricant is released from the friction
material by micro-movement. This gives the sliding partners smooth surfaces with a firmly adhesive solid lubricant film, the solid lubricant film remains within the contact area even under heavy loads. The embedded solid lubricant plugs can be continuously provided to the friction surface to reduce friction resistance and wear, thus making the bearing can be worked under a low wear rate and long-life service.


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Experience superior machinery performance with our oilless cam plate. Precision-crafted for efficiency, this environmentally friendly solution ensures friction-free operations. Elevate your equipment’s lifespan with cutting-edge technology from Bronzeoilless.com.

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Oilless Cam Plate Features

The function of a cam positive return plate is to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the cam mechanism, particularly in high-load, low-speed applications. It is designed to provide a self-lubricating surface for the cam, allowing for precise and efficient operation. The positive return feature helps in pulling back the cam slides if the spring breaks, ensuring the safety and proper functioning of the cam mechanism.

1. May work without any oil for long period.
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear and low
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load.
4. Suitable for reciprocating, oscillation or intermittent
motion where oil film is hard to be formed.
5. Good chemical resistant and anti-corrosion
6. Can be used in wide range of temp.

oil free wear plate with holes, oil-free slide plate
cast bronze wear plate


Cam Positive Plate | Bronzeoilless.com Online Shop

The cam positive return plate is an integral part of ensuring the reliable and safe operation of cam mechanisms in industrial settings.

1. Use for high load low speed and self-lub. like dam gate and
water gate bushes, hydraulic turbine bushes etc.
2. Use for high temp. such as iron and steel factory machines
and so on.
3. Automobile production, like assembly lines, press lines,
conveyor lines and so on.
4. Heavy duty machineries like steel rolling mills, injection
machines, press dies etc.
5. And any others like chemical machines, food processing
machines, paper mills, textile machines etc.

Cam Positive Plate Catalog size

MaterialStandard No.WLW1W2W3L1
Oilless Cam Positive Plate100X7575100105904050

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    Designs, develops and distributes innovative solutions that reduce the cost, improve the time, Solid lubricated bearings are made of high strength brass with special formula as the matrix, which has high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with a special formula of solid lubricant at a certain Angle and density, which is made by precision machining. Products are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and so on.