Oil-free Flange Bushing

The significance of oil-free flange bushings in numerous industries cannot be overstated. They serve as vital components, offering low friction, exceptional durability, and unwavering performance. The ingenious design of these bushings renders traditional lubrication methods obsolete, presenting a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for maintenance. Experience the benefits of enhanced efficiency and reliability with our cutting-edge oil-free flange bushings.


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Oil-Free Bronze Flange Bushing

Oil-free flange bushings, alternatively referred to as self-lubricating flange bushings, are a remarkable type of bearings engineered to function without external lubrication. These exceptional components, such as our oil-free bronze flange bushings, have been meticulously developed for applications involving high loads and low speeds. They are crafted from rotational cast high-strength bronze, augmented with a specially shaped graphite plug that serves as a lubricant. This ingenious combination guarantees seamless motion and diminishes friction between the bearing surfaces, thereby resulting in heightened efficiency and a prolonged lifespan.

To cater to diverse needs, our flange bushings are offered in both metric and imperial sizes. Furthermore, our in-house machining service empowers us to manufacture non-standard sizes, tailored precisely to fulfill specific customer requirements. Embrace the advantages of our comprehensive range of oil-free flange bushings and unlock unparalleled performance and reliability.

Advantages of Oil-free Flange Bushings

Oil-free flange bushings offer several advantages over traditional lubricated bearings. These advantages include:

  • eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and lubrication tasks, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

  • excellent self-lubricating properties, reducing friction and wear between the mating surfaces.

  • reduced friction, minimize energy losses and improve overall energy efficiency.

  • Oil-free flange bushings are known for their excellent corrosion resistance. This makes them highly suitable for applications where exposure to harsh environments, chemicals, or humidity is a concern.

  • By minimizing friction and eliminating the need for additional lubricants, these bushings operate quietly and smoothly. This not only improves the working environment but also reduces the wear and tear on surrounding components, leading to increased equipment longevity.

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Application Of Self-Lubricating Bronze Flange Bushing

Introducing our exceptional range of flange bushings, meticulously crafted for a myriad of applications including die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy equipment of all types. Our bushings boast solid aluminum bronze construction, available with the option of self-lubricating graphite or without.

Experience the transformative power of self-lubricating bronze flange bushings as they revolutionize a multitude of industries. From automotive and manufacturing to aerospace and renewable energy, these remarkable bushings have become indispensable in enhancing performance and maximizing efficiency. Engineers and designers consistently place their trust in these bushings to optimize mechanical systems, ensuring unwavering reliability. With their unrivaled properties and adaptability, self-lubricating bronze flange bushings continue to reign as the ultimate choice in the realm of mechanical engineering.

Flange Bushing Size Chart

Flange bushings, also known as flanged bearings or sleeve bearings, are cylindrical components designed to provide support and reduce friction between rotating or moving parts. They consist of a cylindrical body with a flange at one end, which helps in proper alignment and prevents axial movement.

When selecting a flange bushing for a specific application, it is essential to consider its dimensions and specifications. This is where a flange bushing size chart becomes invaluable. we provide detailed information about the flange bushing sizes to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance in your machinery or equipment.

Refer to the form below, we will provide you with the flange bushing size chart effectively.

 Part NumberLDm6Thickness
Housing Da.Recommended Dimension
2142 9 +0.015
61012151016 10
20 12 +0.018
101012152025301422 14
101215202530183253 18
26 19 +0.021
151012152025302128 21
16121520253035402229 22
181520253035402432 24
152025303540305405 30
45 35 +0.025
302025303540504050 40
2025303540504560 45
402025303540505065 50
75 60 +0.030
Oil Graphite Impregnated self-lubricating, flange bushing size chart


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Oil-free power at your fingertips – Upgrade to our flange bushing for reliable, eco-friendly operations.


High-Quality Bronze Flange Bushing – Expert In Fast Delivery

Bronze flange bushing is commonly used to provide support for a shaft that runs perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. Shafts can create problems when high speeds or heavy loads create shaft flex, vibration, and axial load or movement. This can be eased with the application of a bronze flange bushing that is located in such a way that it supports the shaft.

Oil Free Bronze Bushing – Type Flange Bushing Material Bronze. The bronze construction ensures durability and wear resistance, making it suitable for various applications. The flange design further enhances stability and ease of installation. Upgrade your machinery and equipment with our dependable Oil-Free Bronze Flange Bushing for smooth operation and extended service life.

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Unleash the power of frictionless technology – Opt for our oil-free flange bushing and maximize performance.

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    Oil-Free Flange Bushing Material

    There are several materials that can be used for oil-free flange bushings. Here are a few commonly used materials:

    • Bronze flange bushings are often used for oil-free applications. They are made of a mixture of copper and tin, which provides good wear resistance and low friction properties. Bronze bushings are self-lubricating and can operate in dry or high-temperature conditions. such as: QSn6-6-3. QSn5-5-5, C83600,C93200 ,C54400 tin bronze material. QAl9-4,QAl10-3-1.5,QAl10-4-4,CuAl10Fe3,ZCuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn2,C95400,C61900,C95800 aluminum bronze material. QSn6-6-3. QSn5-5-5, C83600,C93200 ,C54400 bronze material.

    • Brass consisting of copper and zinc is called a plain brass bushing. Multiple alloys consisting of two or more elements are called special brass bushings.

      The brass flanged bushing is a wear-resistant part in machinery and equipment, with a traditional tin bronze bearing function, with electrolytic copper as raw material adding a variety of trace metal elements, by high-temperature sintering, through the air pressure centrifugal casting processing.

    Oil-free Flange Bushings VS Traditional Lubricated Bushings

    Oil-free flange bushings have revolutionized the field of bushing technology, offering a range of benefits that contribute to improved performance, reliability, and environmental sustainability. These self-lubricating bushings eliminate the need for external lubrication, resulting in maintenance-free operation and reduced downtime. The incorporation of solid lubricants ensures smooth movement, reduced friction, and increased wear resistance, extending the lifespan of the bushings and mating components.

    Compared to traditional lubricated bushings, oil-free flange bushings provide a more environmentally friendly solution by eliminating the use of hazardous lubricants and reducing the risk of pollution. They offer excellent load-bearing capabilities and are suitable for various applications, including heavy-duty industries.

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