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Oil-free bushings, also known as self-lubricating or dry bushings, are an innovative solution for reducing friction in various applications without the need for oil or grease. These specialized bushings are designed with materials that have inherent self-lubricating properties, making them an excellent choice for maintenance-free operation.

Low Friction

improving the overall efficiency of your machinery and reducing energy consumption.

High Load Capacity

The combination of bronze and graphite provides a high load-carrying capacity

Long Service Life

The self-lubricating and wear-resistant properties of graphite plugged bronze bushings contribute to their extended service life

Bearing Design – Shapes and Geometries

Oil-Free Bushing, Straight

  • Low maintenance frequency.

  • Available in metric and imperial sizes from stock

  • Produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

Discover the cutting-edge technology of our Oil-Free Bushing that guarantees optimal performance and durability for your machinery. Say goodbye to traditional lubrication problems and welcome a frictionless future. Our bushing eliminates the need for oil, providing smooth and uninterrupted operations that significantly reduce wear and tear. Whether it’s heavy-duty industrial equipment or precision machinery, this advanced bushing is designed to exceed your expectations. Embrace the future of frictionless motion and revolutionize your machinery with our Oil-Free Bushing.

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Oil-Free bush straight type for universal use in many dry applications such as die/mold, machinery, automation, construction, automobile. The Oil Free bush is self-lubrication and works without grease.

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Types of Oil-Free Bushings

  • Solid polymer bushings are made from high-performance plastic materials, such as PTFE, which has excellent self-lubricating properties. These bushings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and can operate in a wide temperature range.
  • Sintered bronze bushings are made from porous bronze material, which is impregnated with lubricant during the manufacturing process. The lubricant is released slowly during operation, providing a low-friction surface for the mating parts.
  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushings: made by combining a metal backing with a polymer-based self-lubricating layer.
  • Bi-Metal Bushings: consist of two layers: a steel backing and a self-lubricating layer made from materials like aluminum or bronze.

Oil-Free Bearing – Oilless Self-Lubricating Tech

Oil-free plain bearing. It can replace rolling bearings and copper alloy bearings in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-accuracy applications. Structure: High strength casting bronze embedded with solid lubricants.Features: Cost-effective; Adaptable; Wear-resistant; Obvious advantages when used under high-load and oil-free conditions; Solve special needs in environments that generally cannot be met by copper bushings.

Factory highlights: Produce with high-end equipment; Use digital application technology; High product accuracy; Small geometric tolerance; International-level solid lubrication performance.

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Application For Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing

Oil-free bushings are versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries due to their self-lubricating properties, low friction, and maintenance-free operation. Here are some common applications of oil-free bushings:

Used on consecutive casting and rolling machines,mine-exploiting equipment, ships, steam engine, injection molders, auto molds,anti-abrasion, and anti-erosion parts, light industrial machines, tools, moving belt in the drying machine, the door of the fireplace, for instance, on no oil parts on the building, metallurgy and transportation machines, machine tools, agricultural machinery, crane electromotor, spring pin, steering shaft, and transmission, etc

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Why Use Oil-Free Bushings?

Graphite plugged bushings are beneficial anytime an application needs ongoing lubrication but also needs to perform for long periods without maintenance. These bearings are self-lubricating, so additional oil and grease are not needed.

Because graphite plugged bearings self-lubricate, money is saved on maintenance and replacement—both in materials and labor costs. Additionally, less downtime is needed to add more lubricant or perform other everyday maintenance tasks. Graphite plugged bushings have better wear resistance than other types of bearings. This is because when graphite plugged bushings are in use, there are very minimal friction thanks to the lubricant film they produce. Friction is what wears parts down and causes them to need eventual replacement, so limiting this is the key to durability.

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Can Oil-Free Bushings Be Used In High-Load Applications?

Yes, oil-free bushings can be used in high-load applications, but it depends on the specific type of bushing and the nature of the load.

Oil-free bushings are designed to operate without the need for external lubrication, which can make them a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for certain applications. They are typically made from self-lubricating materials such as polymers or composites that have a low coefficient of friction and can withstand wear and tear.

However, the load capacity of oil-free bushings can vary depending on the material, design, and operating conditions. Some oil-free bushings may not be suitable for very high loads, especially if they are subjected to frequent or sudden impact or high-speed rotation.

It’s important to consult with our qualified engineer or bushing supplier to determine the best type of bushing for your specific application and load requirements. We can help you select a bushing material and design that can withstand the demands of your application while also providing reliable, low-maintenance performance.

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