Oil Free Bushing Flanged Type

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Upgrade your machinery with our eco-friendly Flanged Oil-Free Bushings. Experience enhanced performance and reliability without the need for grease. Order now for sustainable solutions and versatile applications.

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Flanged Oil Free Bushing Manufacturer

Flanged oil-free bushing is specialized components crafted for applications where shaft support perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface is necessary, all without the need for lubrication. These bushings excel in scenarios with high loads and low speeds, prized for their capacity to operate in harsh conditions without upkeep.

What Is A Flanged Bearing?

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A flanged bearing is an industrial bearing with a distinct flanged design, featuring smooth, heavy-duty balls between inner and outer races, housed in a cage assembly. The outer race has a flange, providing a secure fit for stability and aiding in positioning the bearing.

Functionality: The flange locks the bearing in place, preventing axial movement or radial displacement, making it valuable in applications with high vibrations or requiring resistance to axial loads.

Applications: Commonly used in light-duty industrial applications such as food processing machinery, conveyors, HVAC belt drives, textile machines, and medical processing equipment.

Installation: Straightforward once determined necessary. Some flange types may be costly but are essential for precise positioning and resistance to axial forces.

Variants: Available in various sizes and designs to suit diverse application requirements, allowing customization based on specific needs.

JFB flange bearing bronze impregnated graphite oilless bush flange solid self lubricant embedded bearing
Flanged oil free bushing bronze flange bearing
C93200 Cast Bronze Style Flanged Bronze Bearing

C93200 Cast Bronze Style Flanged Bronze Bearing

Composition: C93200 bearing bronze, made from U.S. Mill certified SAE 660 bar stock, offers excellent anti-friction properties and machinability.

Characteristics: Self-lubrication with graphite enhances performance. Suitable for energy generation, pumps, machine tools, etc.

Applications: Ideal for medium to heavy loads in machinery, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, etc. Longevity due to high hardness and impact resistance.

Bronzeoilless.com offers customizable options for size and features. Continuous cast bronze ensures uniform structure and longevity.

Oil Free Bushing Flange Integrated Type Copper Alloy Center Flanged

Oil Free Bushing Flange Integrated Type Copper Alloy Center Flanged

Bronzeoilless.com offers oil-free bushings with integrated flanges, crafted from copper alloy, providing a maintenance-free solution where lubrication is impractical or undesired.

CAD Downloads: Access free CAD downloads on Bronzeoilless.com for seamless integration into projects.

Prompt Delivery: We ensure short lead times, facilitating efficient procurement and project planning.

Flange Integration: Enhances stability and ease of installation.
Copper Alloy Build: Known for durability, corrosion resistance, and suitable mechanical properties.

Readily available for purchase and integration into industrial machinery.
Design Variants: Choose from pilot flanged, center flanged, flat-head countersunk screw, and low head bolt configurations to match diverse application needs.

Unleash Durability and Efficiency with Our Flanged Oil Free Bushing

Our Flanged Oil Free Bushing is engineered to excel in high-friction environments, providing unparalleled durability and performance. Crafted with precision and utilizing cutting-edge materials, this bushing ensures smooth operation even under the most demanding conditions. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance and lubrication hassles – our bushing is designed to withstand wear and tear, delivering consistent performance over its extended lifespan.

flanged bronze bearing flanged sleeve bearing bronze
Flanged Oil Free Bushing flanged bronze bearing

Material and Design For Flanged Oil Free Bushing

Bronze Graphite Solid Oil-Free Bushings: These bushings are fashioned from robust bronze and feature graphite inserts as lubricants. This blend offers exceptional load-bearing prowess, corrosion resistance, and self-lubrication, making them ideal for high-temperature environments where they remain unaffected by load-induced softening or extrusion.

Materials: Typically, these bushings employ a special brass (SO#50SP2) or solid aluminum bronze as their base material, optionally incorporating self-lubricating graphite. These materials are selected for their endurance, resistance to corrosion, and inherent self-lubricating properties.


Oil Free Bushing’ Characteristics and Technical Data

Self-Lubrication: The graphite content within the bushing serves as a lubricant, diminishing friction and wear, thus eliminating the need for external lubrication.

Operating Conditions: Capable of withstanding surface pressures up to 100 N/mm², sliding speeds of up to 30 m/min, and PV values reaching up to 200 N/mm² x m/min. They function within temperatures ranging from -50°C to +200°C, with a maximum tolerance of 300°C.

Friction Coefficient: Typically exhibiting a friction coefficient around 0.07, indicating remarkably low friction conducive to enhanced efficiency and wear resistance.

Flanged Oil Free Bushing



Flange Bearings: Variety of Sizes: Available in sizes like 1/4″ x 3/8″ x 15/32″, 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 15/16″, and more, with varying flange thicknesses and diameters.

Material Composition: Typically made from sintered bronze or cast brass, providing durability and self-lubrication capabilities.

Oil Filled Flanged Bronze Bearings: Operating Temperatures: Can operate in temperatures ranging from 10°F to 220°F, suitable for various environments.

Oil Impregnation: Bushings are oil-impregnated for lubrication and corrosion resistance, enhancing performance and longevity.

Metric Sizes Available: Metric bronze bushings can be provided upon request for applications requiring non-standard dimensions.


Bronzeoilless.com offers a range of sizes to suit different shaft diameters, loads, and environmental conditions.

Unlock Efficiency with Flanged Oil Free Bushing | Long-lasting Performance, contact us now!

Applications Of Oil Free Bushing Flanged Plain Bearings

Flanged oil-free bushings find utility across various domains, including:

  • Automotive production lines
  • Mining machinery
  • Earthmoving and construction machinery
  • Cranes and transportation systems
  • High-temperature environments such as iron and manufacturing machinery.

Unlock endless possibilities with our Flanged Oil Free Bushing, designed for versatile applications across various industries. From heavy machinery to precision instruments, this bushing adapts seamlessly to diverse environments, ensuring optimal functionality and productivity. Its flanged design provides stability and support, making it suitable for critical components where precision and reliability are paramount. Invest in our bushing today and experience unmatched versatility and performance in your applications.

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