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Metric Bronze Bushing

Choose from our metric bronze bushings, including oil-impregnated sleeves, graphite bronze bearings, and cast bronze bearings that are strong, wear-resistant, and offer excellent performance.

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Waht Is A Metric Bronze Bushing?

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Metric bronze bushings for calculating bearings in millimeters。 British bronze bearings are calculated in inches for size. 1 inch = 25.4 mm
We have a wide selection of standard metric sleeve bearings, flange bearings, and thrust washers available. We can also make any custom metric bearing designed in our Bearing Calculator.
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Why Use Metric Bronze Bushing?

As the industry becomes more global, the demand for metric bronze bushings is growing. Just like in the U.S., overseas manufacturers are developing parts around metric systems. As we began using these machines and components from overseas, the demand for metric bronze bushings grew. To meet this demand, we offer a range of solutions.

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The Role Of Metric Bronze Bushings

Metric Bronze Bushing Is The Role Of Bearing, Belongs To The Sliding Bearing Category, And Is In The Sliding Friction Under The Work Of The Bearing

The role of metric bronze bushings in machines is to reduce friction, reduce vibration, prevent corrosion, reduce noise, facilitate maintenance, and simplify the structural manufacturing process. In the moving parts, the long-term friction will cause the parts to wear out, this is the time to use the metric bronze bushing, which can reduce the friction. If our metric bronze bushings wear to a certain point, only the bronze bushings need to be replaced, thus saving the cost of replacing the shaft or seat。

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Self-lubricating Metric Bronze Buhsing

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Metric bronze bearing has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil-free self-lubrication and long service life. Its application can reduce cost, reduce noise, avoid sticking and sliding.

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Application Fields Of Metric Bronze Bushing

Metric bronze bushings are used in diesel engines, automobiles, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, machine tools, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, mining, railroads, ships, petrochemical machinery, die-casting machines, metallurgical equipment; food packaging machinery, textiles, light industry machinery, aviation, weaponry, and other industries and sectors. The articulated parts consisting of metric bronze bushings are commonly used in excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, boom concrete pumps, aerial work trucks, and other construction machinery

Material Of  Metric Bronze Bushings

As a basic accessory, metric bronze bushings are used in a wide range of applications, from large industrial machinery to the smallest clocks and watches around us. We are surrounded by ubiquitous metric bronze bushing applications. How can we make high-quality bronze bushings, the first selection of material is an important factor?
If the load is large, the speed is low usually choose aluminum bronze material, the load is general, the speed is generally usually used tin bronze material, the speed is fast and the load is not much can be lead bronze

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Cam Unit

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut, and form sheets and plates. It Change vertical movement into horizontal or inclined movement by the use of inclined wedges and sliding blocks.


Brass Bearing

Brass bearing, bronze bushing, slide plate, and thrust washers in various sizes. they may be resized, oil-grooved, or plugged graphite.


Machined Bronze Bushing

Bronzeoilless.Com Has Extensive Experience In Machining Bronze Bushings And Other Custom Bronze Parts And Components. Learn More And Email Us Now!