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Metal Bushing

A metal bushing is a type of bearing that is used to reduce friction between two moving parts. It is a cylindrical-shaped component that fits into a hole or a bore in one part and provides a smooth surface for the other part to rotate or slide against.

Metal bushings can be made of a variety of metals, including brass, bronze, steel, or stainless steel. The choice of material depends on the specific application and the operating conditions, such as the load, speed, and temperature.

Metal bushings are commonly used in machinery, vehicles, and other mechanical systems to support shafts, axles, or other rotating or sliding components. They are typically designed to be press-fitted into the housing or the bore of the component and can be lubricated to further reduce friction and wear.

Metal Bushing Catalog

Hardened Steel Bushing

hardened steel bushings
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Steel & Copper Inlaid Bearing

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HT250 Graphite bearing

steel oilless bearing
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Sinter bronze bushing

flange sinter bronze bush
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Oilless Bearing

phosphorous bronze busing
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Cast Bronze Bushing

casting bronze bushing
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sinter buchse

Metal Bushing

& Sleeve Bushing Bearing Provider

Our metal bushings offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of industrial applications, providing long-lasting and low-maintenance performance under heavy loads and harsh conditions.

Metal Bushing operates with sliding motion between the moving surfaces. Bushings are selected based on the velocity and the applied load. Maintenance-free bushings do not require additional lubrication to operate.

Our metal bushings offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of industrial applications, providing long-lasting and low-maintenance performance under heavy loads and harsh conditions. is a sleeve and plan bushing bearing provider that offers different high-quality bushing models made from a variety of materials.

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Metal Bushing Sleeve – China Supplier

Heavy equipment applications require materials that can withstand extremely demanding conditions. metal bushing is used in challenging, harsh environments, including surface and underground mining, forestry, construction, and manufacturing equipment.

With their unique combination of properties, metal bushing last longer, carry more load, require less maintenance, and eliminates unplanned equipment repairs. They offer high strength, low friction, and resistance to galling, corrosion, and wear.

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sinter buchse

Want To Reduce Wear And Tear On Your Machines? Our Metal Bushing Application Is The Answer


Cam Unit

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut, and form sheets and plates. It Change vertical movement into horizontal or inclined movement by the use of inclined wedges and sliding blocks.


Get Your Machine Running

As a component of mechanical equipment, bearings play an important role in the operation of equipment. Welcome to VIIPLUS to buy the bearing parts you need.

copper sleeve bushings, Oilless Bearing Supplier

Properties And Applications Of Metal Bushing

According to the main criteria of bearing working capacity, the material of metal-bearing should have a certain load-carrying capacity, embedment, thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, smooth surface, anti-wear, anti-fatigue, and anti-corrosion

Bronze bearings are suitable for low-speed heavy-duty applications with good shaft and bearing alignment, and can be made from a variety of alloy compositions to obtain a variety of different physical properties.

Bearing alloys (Babbitt) are widely used. They are generally of two types: tin-based bearing alloys and lead-based bearing alloys, which have fast running-in characteristics and can easily make the surface very smooth, and they are usually used as bearing linings on a steel bearing pad base. Babbitt bearings are adaptable and self-adjusting for minor misalignments or defective shafts. This embeddability makes them an excellent bearing material because moderate amounts of dust or foreign debris entering the lubricant can be absorbed by the soft material, preventing the shaft from gluing failure. The journal material can be mild steel, hard steel, or cast iron.

Cast iron bearing materials are widely used in applications with less stringent requirements. The hardness of the journal must be higher than the hardness of the bearing shell. The work surface should be carefully run-in with a mixture of graphite and oil. Requires good alignment between journal and bearing.

The bearing capacity of this kind of bearing is higher than that of the bearing alloy, and its adaptability is poor, so it is used in occasions with good shaft rigidity and good neutrality.

Metal powders are first sintered and then dipped in oil to create so-called “self-lubricating” or “porous” bearings. Bronze of various compositions is widely used in porous bearings, while iron is less used. Because of the self-lubricating properties of porous bearings, they are mainly used in situations where it is difficult or impossible to obtain reliable lubrication when using general lubrication methods.

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Metal Bushing VS Plastic Bearings

For plastic materials, metal bearings are more convenient to process, have strong impact resistance, and have a variety of materials, which can be used in most equipment. Moreover, the self-lubricating bearing of Viiplus does not require additional oil, which saves the cost of oil.

Compared with metal bearings, plastic bearings have low density and light weight, which can reduce the energy consumption caused by rotation during operation. They are suitable for light equipment, have low production costs, can be mass-produced, save production costs, wear resistance, and cooperate with equipment. flexibility. Disadvantages: not resistant to high temperature, poor mechanical properties, low speed, etc.

oil-free bearing
China Metal Bushings – Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Metal Bushings

Several Types Of Metal Bushings

Sleeve Bushings

Sleeve Bushings are cylindrical bushings with a through-hole in the center. They are often used in applications that require high load-carrying capacity and low friction.

Flanged Bushings

Flanged bronze bushings are similar to sleeve bushings, but with a flange at one end. The flange helps to keep the bushing in place and provides additional support.

Tapered Bushings

Tapered Bushings have a conical shape, which allows them to be easily inserted and removed from a tapered bore.

Spherical Bushings

These bushings have a spherical shape, which allows them to accommodate misalignment and compensate for angular movement.

Thrust Bushings

Bronze thrust washers are designed to handle axial loads and are often used in applications such as automotive transmissions and heavy-duty equipment.

Linear Bearings

These are bushings that have been designed to provide smooth and precise linear motion. They are often used in applications such as CNC machines and 3D printers.

Self-Lubricating Bushings

Self-Lubricating Bronze bushings have a special coating or embedded lubricant that eliminates the need for external lubrication. They are often used in applications where regular maintenance is difficult or impossible.

Stainless Steel Bushings

These bushings are made from stainless steel and are often used in food processing, medical, and other industries where hygiene is important. They are resistant to corrosion and can handle high temperatures.

Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings are made from bronze and are often used in high-load, low-speed applications. They are resistant to corrosion and can handle high temperatures.

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