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Discover the secret to enhanced machinery performance with our Manganese Bronze Bushings. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, these bushings are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The unique composition of manganese and bronze ensures exceptional wear resistance, reducing friction and increasing the lifespan of your equipment. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, or any industry that demands heavy-duty machinery, our bushings will provide the reliability you need for years to come.

Manganese Bronze Bushing supplier, Comparing Oilless Bushings to Traditional Lubricated Bearings
Manganese Bronze Bushing

Understanding Manganese Bronze Bushings

Manganese bronze bushings are a type of plain bearing that comprises a blend of copper, manganese, and sometimes other elements like zinc and aluminum. The combination of these materials results in a robust, wear-resistant alloy that offers remarkable mechanical properties.

Composition and Properties

Manganese bronze typically consists of around 60-70% copper, 20-30% zinc, and 2-5% manganese, with the addition of small amounts of other elements for enhanced performance. This composition gives the bushings excellent corrosion resistance, high load-bearing capacity, and remarkable durability, making them suitable for various demanding applications.

Properties Of Manganese Bronze Bushing

Physical properties of Manganese Bronze Bushing include:

  • Density: Typically ranges from 8.0 to 8.5 g/cm³, depending on the specific composition of the alloy.
  • Melting Point: Lower than pure copper, generally between 900°C and 1100°C.
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient: Relatively low, making it suitable for environments with temperature fluctuations.
  • Thermal Conductivity: While not as high as pure copper, it still possesses good thermal conductivity.

The mechanical properties of manganese bronze are key to its widespread use in mechanical components and bearings:

  • Tensile Strength: With the addition of manganese, manganese bronze has high tensile strength, capable of withstanding significant workloads.
  • Hardness: It is harder than pure copper and other copper alloys, making it more suitable for wear-resistant applications.
  • Ductility: Good ductility allows for both cold and hot working of manganese bronze.
  • Impact Toughness: Manganese bronze has excellent impact toughness, maintaining high resilience even at low temperatures.
  • Fatigue Strength: It demonstrates excellent fatigue life under repeated loads due to its robust mechanical properties.
flanged Manganese Bronze Bushing

The Confidence of Uninterrupted Productivity

Manganese is the secret ingredient that elevates these bronze alloys to their remarkable levels of strength and performance. In both C86300 and C67300 alloys, manganese content ranges from 2.50% to 5.00%, contributing significantly to their unique mechanical properties.

Downtime can be a costly setback for any business. With our Manganese Bronze Bushings, you can bid farewell to unexpected disruptions. The exceptional wear resistance and robust construction guarantee uninterrupted productivity, allowing your equipment to function at its best without frequent replacements. Invest in our bushings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable performance, reduced maintenance, and consistent output.

Manganese Bronze Bushing
Manganese Bronze Bushing with graphite

Manganese Bronze Alloys with Graphite

The adaptability of manganese bronze alloys, now infused with the prowess of graphite, extends its influence across a myriad of industries. From the intricate domain of marine engineering to the high-flying demands of aerospace, these alloys rise to the occasion in scenarios where both strength and lubrication play pivotal roles. Their capacity to endure substantial loads, ward off corrosive forces, and uphold unwavering performance renders them invaluable assets within the realm of high-stress environments.

Yet, the true marvel lies in the incorporation of graphite into manganese bronze alloys, delivering a substantial boost to their performance. The reduction of friction and the mitigation of wear among components contribute harmoniously to the efficiency of machinery and mechanical systems alike. This intricate interplay leads to a reduction in energy consumption, a decrease in maintenance expenditures, and a marked enhancement in the overall panorama of productivity.

custom Manganese Bronze Bushing

Crafting A Manganese Bronze Bushing Project

Secure your premium-grade Manganese Bronze Bushing without delay! Discover the realm of Cast Manganese Bronze Bushings, meticulously designed to extend service life and ensure unwavering reliability!

Material: Manganese Bronze – C86300 (CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3, CuZn25Al5) stands renowned for its elevated strength and hardness, attributed to manganese’s alloying prowess and zinc’s substantial presence. Beyond its exceptional mechanical attributes, C86300 boasts commendable resistance against corrosion. Delve into the realm of High-Strength C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings with Oil Grooves at Our offerings encompass an array of manganese bronze bushing groove configurations meticulously aligned with our patrons’ precise stipulations. Among these, you shall encounter single loops, figure eights, double loops, double figure eights, half figure eights, straight lines, and circular groove patterns.