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Precision machined bronze bushings with Competitive Prices, Find the right size and material。 Design your bronze machining now.

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CNC Machined Bronze Bushing – China Bushing Supplier

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Whether you have a sketch, a prototype, or just an idea floating around in your head, we can help you from design to production. We use AutoCAD and GibbsCAM to provide a complete engineering service from start to finish, using our 3D expertise to drive the project forward. We can also take an existing design and integrate it into our self-lubricating technology. Our machined bronze bushing machining service uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a high level of accuracy and precision – meaning your CNC machined bearing parts are manufactured to your specified tolerances and exact requirements.

CNC Machined Bronze Bushing
CNC Machined Bronze Bushing

Types Of Materials Used To Bronze Machining

At we work with a variety of bronze materials such as UNS/CDA C54400, C63000, C84100, C93200, C86300 & C95400. Some materials are easy to work with such as C93200, also known as SAE660, high lead-tin bronze, while others are more difficult to work with such as C95400, also known as aluminum bronze.

Our team has extensive experience in machining bronze and working with every grade of bronze material. Whether you need cylindrical bushings or flanged bushings, thrust bearings, or slides and guides, trust our oil-free technology and let us take care of your next bronze machining requirement.

CNC Machined Bronze Bushing flange bearing

Advanced CNC Machining Technology

Advanced CNC bronze Machining offers a full range of services for operations requiring drilling, boring, 3D milling, turning, engineering, threading, and more. We use advanced digital systems to control production equipment and optimize the machined bronze bushing manufacturing process from a holistic perspective to improve the productivity and production accuracy of your parts, reduce tooling production times and enhance the economic efficiency of your business.

Whether you are looking for a single prototype or fulfilling a large order, we ensure that our products and services are delivered on time and within budget. You can rely on our team to deliver the results you need.

CNC Machined Bronze Bushing

Critical Equipment Components And Metal Sealing Solutions

With our advanced materials expertise, many industrial and agricultural apparatus companies, from diversified global leaders to medium-sized specialist manufacturers, have started working with

Bronze Bushings Manufactured to Clients’ Designs

Bronze Machining Design – Supply Machined Bronze Bushing Parts has extensive experience in machining bronze bushings and other custom bronze parts and components. learn more and email us now!

CNC Machined Bronze Bushing

Why Use Bronze As The Ideal Material For Bearings?

Advantages of bronze material for industrial applications As a material, bronze has tremendous qualities that make it ideal for bearings and bushings.

It would be difficult to find a better material for applications in corrosive environments, including salt, dust, or any type of harsh environment. As a material, bronze generates less friction and heat, which helps to increase the life of the part. For example, a steel part on a steel component will eventually fail sooner than a bronze part on a steel component. Bronze has very good lubricity and bronze bushings can be self-lubricating by inlaying graphite to provide continuous lubrication throughout the life of the bearing or other equipment fitting.

The main disadvantage of bronze material is the cost. As its basic element is copper, this makes it relatively more expensive than other materials. However, when combined with factors such as the life and performance of bronze bearings and bushings, the upfront cost investment is quickly recouped over the operational life of the part.

Custom Machined Aluminum Bronze Bushing With Groove

Custom Machined Aluminium Bronze Bushing With Groove has some grease groove processing inside or outside the bronze bushing. Depending on the type of groove used, they are generally machined directly on a lathe, milling machine, or CNC lathe.

The general arrangement of the Aluminum bronze Bushing With Groove: The oil groove enables the lubricant to be evenly distributed on the working surface of the Aluminum bronze Bushing. Grease the groove should be opened in the non-load area as far as possible so that the edges of the groove should be rounded. When grease lubrication oil groove can be spread throughout the tile surface. Not enough oil supply bearings commonly used oil groove arrangement, oil groove form, and its application occasion according to the working conditions to adjust.

Custom Machined Aluminum Bronze Bushing With Groove