Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings working in heavy construction equipment must be strong enough not only to help hydraulic cylinders lift huge parts but also to be able to extend and retract freely.

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Hydraulic cylinder bushings are a common part of a variety of machines from excavators to bulldozers to cranes, trucks, and more. While the engine, the transmission, and the tires and tracks are designed to move the machine itself, the hydraulic cylinders are designed to move their parts. When a boom extends, a blade lifts or a bucket tilts that motion was likely controlled by a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings
Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings
hydraulic cylinder pins and bushings

Bronze Components for the Hydraulic Industry

Hydraulic cylinder bushing is one of the key components of the hydraulic transmission system, and its action reliability directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic cylinder sleeve is the most important executive element in the hydraulic system. The main advantages of hydraulic transmission are small size, lightweight and large capacity; and large speed range.

  • Stepless speed adjustment can be easily realized.
  • Can be an easily and flexibly arranged transmission device.
  • Use of microelectronics technology, easy to achieve automatic control.
  • Overload protection can be realized.
  • It meets the characteristics of construction machinery such as a large workload and harsh working conditions.

How Do Hydraulic Cylinder Pin Bushing Work?

Hydraulic cylinders are powered by hydraulic pumps and they convert pressure into movement by controlling the amount of hydraulic oil in chambers that are exerting a force in a direction. as fluid enters a chamber more force is applied to push or pull the piston rod in or out of the cylinder and, in turn, pivot, push, or pull the component the cylinder is connected to.

Self-lubricating & Costing Save Hydraulic Bearing

In the long time compression movement process, because of the long time friction wear caused, at this time often need to use self-lubricating bronze bushings. Because it can help reduce friction, not easy to heat, if there is debris in the hydraulic oil will not damage the cylinder’s inner wall, and copper and iron friction, will not damage the iron.

hydraulic cylinder pin bushing

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hydraulic Cylinder Pin Bushing Bronze Sleeve Bearing

Our hydraulic cylinder bushings are generally made of tin bronze, tin bronze 663 is suitable for hydraulic cylinder bushings, tin bronze 663 contains not only tin but also zinc, lead, and other reinforcing elements. We can also customize the material and size you need.

Advantages Of Tin Bronze Bushings

Tin bronze bushing, can reduce the crystallization temperature interval of the alloy, improve the casting performance of the alloy, reduce the wall thickness effect of tin bronze castings, and improve the water pressure resistance of castings, tin bronze with lead, can improve the water pressure resistance of castings, in addition, in the copper alloy matrix in the presence of granular soft points of lead, in the sliding process can also play a good self-lubricating effect, reduce the wear of the alloy.

Where Are Hydraulic Bushings Used For?

Hydraulic bearings have very specific functions, as they are designed explicitly for use in hydraulic systems. Some components of hydraulic systems that use hydraulic bushings are the following:

While the types of systems that hydraulic bushings can be used in are very limited, the uses for the systems themselves are very broad. Hydraulics is a very important modern technological development, and the strength and stability of hydraulic systems are invaluable in many applications.

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Complete Guide To Selecting The Best Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

How To Maintain Your Hydraulic Cylinder Bronze Bushings?

Heavy equipment such as your excavator is a major investment. You’ll want to get the best performance and longer life from it. The key to keeping any excavator in good working order is regular preventative and periodic maintenance such as Regular inspection and maintenance of hydraulic bushings.

Hydraulic system

A simple two-section assembly usually has three hydraulic cylinders on it, located between the main boom, the upper boom (rod), and the upper boom and bucket (or other attachment). To keep your equipment running better, Look for leaks around or under the cylinders.

What to look for when choosing a high-performance hydraulic bushing.

  • Quality and reliability

  • Acquisition costs, cost save

  • Equipment size and performance

  • Compatibility and availability of replacement parts

hydraulic cylinder bushings in excavator
Hydraulic Bronze Bushing For Lift Arms Application

Hydraulic Bronze Bushing For Lift Arms Application

Bronze bushings are widely used in lift arm applications, particularly in mining excavators. They ensure smooth operation, minimize friction, and prolong the lifespan of various heavy equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, hydraulic cylinders, dump trucks, and cranes. These bushings offer crucial support, reduce friction in pivotal joints, enable seamless component movements, and boost digging efficiency and productivity.

Hydraulic cylinder bushings, including those made from bronze, steel, or plastic, are vital components in hydraulic systems. Bronze bushings stand out for their self-lubricating properties, which help minimize friction during prolonged compression movements.

When selecting bronze bushings for lift arm applications, factors such as load-bearing capacity, wear resistance, self-lubrication, and maintenance needs should be taken into account. Bronze bushings are renowned for their durability and cost-effectiveness, especially in demanding environments like mining.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Want to improve your equipment’s performance? Our hydraulic cylinder bushings can help.

Bronze bushings are highly durable and have excellent wear resistance, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. They provide good load-carrying capacity and can handle a wide range of temperatures. They are available in various alloys, such as tin bronze, aluminum bronze, and manganese bronze.

C90500 tin bronze bushing, Hydraulic cylinder bushings

Bronze Bushings

Bimetal bushings consist of two layers of different metals, usually with a steel backing and a sintered bronze or lead alloy lining. These bushings provide excellent wear resistance and load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for high-speed and high-load applications.

types of hydraulic cylinder bushings

Bimetal Bushings

Solid lubricant bronze bushing is unique in that it has graphite plugs inserted into these holes and grooves, which serve as an outstanding lubricant for the bearing and the shaft. The graphite inserts are remarkable, providing a constant and reliable slipperiness that ensures ongoing, seamless lubrication between the surfaces.

PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings Bronze Bushing Material

Solid Lubricant Bronze Bushing

Composite bushings are made by combining two or more materials, such as metal, plastic, or ceramic. This combination results in a bushing with improved properties, such as increased wear resistance, load-carrying capacity, or reduced friction. Common examples include metal-backed polymer bushings and ceramic-coated metal bushings.

types of hydraulic cylinder bushings

Composite Bushings

Spherical bushings are designed with a spherical inner surface that allows for self-aligning and accommodation of angular misalignments. These bushings are typically used in applications with high oscillating or pivoting movements, such as hydraulic cylinder rod ends.

spherical plain bearing

Spherical Bushings

Bronze flanged bushings have an integrated flange at one end, which helps to distribute loads over a larger surface area and prevent the bushing from moving axially. This design is suitable for applications where axial movement must be minimized or where the bushing is subjected to heavy thrust loads.

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Flange Bronze Bushings

hydraulic cylinder rod bushings

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

When choosing the right hydraulic cylinder bushings, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Hydraulic cylinder bushings can be made from a variety of materials, including bronze, steel, and plastic. The material you choose will depend on the specific application and the requirements of the hydraulic system.
  • choose a bushing that fits the hydraulic cylinder properly to ensure optimal performance.
  • You’ll need to choose a bushing that can handle the load and pressure of the hydraulic system.
  • Need to choose the bushing that can withstand the temperature range of the system.
  • Consider Lubrication and Cost, and ensure optimal performance and longevity of your hydraulic system.

Common Problems With Hydraulic Cylinder Brass Bushings

There are several common problems that can occur with hydraulic cylinder bushings. Here are some of the most common issues:

  • Wear and tear: Over time, hydraulic cylinder bushings can wear down due to the constant movement and pressure of the hydraulic system. This can cause the bushings to become loose or damaged, which can affect the performance of the system.
  • Corrosion: If the hydraulic system is exposed to moisture or other corrosive substances, the bushings can become corroded. This can cause the bushings to weaken or become damaged, which can lead to leaks or other issues.
  • If the hydraulic cylinder bushings are not installed correctly, they may not fit properly or may become misaligned. This can cause the system to malfunction or fail altogether.
  • Overloading, Lack of lubrication, and Improper material selection
hydraulic cylinder brass bushings

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