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oilless guide bushing

What Are Guide Bushes?

It can replace rolling bearings and copper alloy bearings in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-accuracy applications. Structure: High strength casting bronze embedded with solid lubricants.Features:Cost-effective;Adaptable;Wear-resistant;Obvious advantages when used under high-load and oil-free conditions;Solve special needs in environments that generally cannot be met by copper bushings.

Precision Oil-free Guide Bushing

  • Standard sizes have a big stock and can send out on the same day. The customized type is available upon request.
  • Follow DIN, JIS, AISI Standard.

  • Metric or Inch guider bush sizes are available.
  • Precsion, Cost-effective.

  • Our standard products: – Guide bushes and thrust washers. By changing the metal-bearing material or lubricating the Oilless Bearing can be tuned to accommodate different levels of loading. Depending on the speed, load, mating surface, or lubrication the different self-lubricating materials fit your system, resulting in low wear and friction. The bronze oilless bearings, with their unique plugged graphite, can allow maintenance-free and lubricated parts, with high performance and reduce downtime. The right metal backing can be chosen for different temp. The thickness of bronze slide-bearing parts avoids higher wear rates.

oilless with grooves
graphite plugged bronze bushing

Guide Pins & Bushes – Mould & Die Solutions

Guide Bush is used in conjunction with the guide pin, playing a guiding role. Generally, the clearance is very small, within 0.05mm. Guide Bush is used in conjunction with the guide pin, playing a guiding role. Generally, the clearance is very small, within 0.05mm. The guide pin and guide bush are generally used in injection molds or some machinery to ensure the accuracy of movement.
Viiplus offer a full range of guide pin and guide bush, including precision type, oil-less type, etc. Welcome to contact us to get more info.

Why Use A Bronze Oilless Plain Bearing?

  • High Load Guide Bushing, Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, thin walled, bronze with solid lubricant

  • Wear & Low Friction, Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant

  • Standard guide bushes parts are used as standard size products in tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering. (Tool & Die Parts and more), Tolerance compensation

  • Corrosion resistance, Standard parts for Tool Construction, and Mould Making

  • Standard components for tool makers, mechanical

    engineering and mold makers, Low Noise & Vibration

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