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copper alloy with groove

Molten bronze meeting required customer specifications is poured from a furnace into a ladle. The metal is then poured into a spinning die. The size of the die determines the outer diameter of the casting. The amount of molten metal poured into the die determines the inner diameter of the casting. The casting is then removed from the die, scheduled for production and then machined and quality tested. Centrifugal castings are produced in accordance with ASTM B271, or to an applicable customer specification.

flange graphite bronze bushing

With continuous casting, molten bronze is poured into a fitted crucible from a furnace. The crucible has a fitted water cooling die. The metal then cools and is withdrawn from the die in small incremental steps using a roller system. The size of the die determines the diameter of the product produced. Shapes of continuous cast bar include hollow tubes, solid round bars, and rectangular or square flats. Continuous castings are produced in accordance with the ASTM B505 standard.

casting bronze bushings

With computer numerical controlled machines (CNC) and manual machines including turret lathes, vertical mills, and horizontal mills our capabilities are endless. These capabilities allow us to supply parts to our customers from 1″- 100″ in diameter and lengths up to 60″. Bushings, washers, spacers, seal rings, wear plates, liners, and gibs are economically cast from a fraction of an inch to several inches thick and are machined to specific shapes and sizes holding tolerances as close as .001″ of an inch.

bronze bushing with groove

Two common bronze bushing materials and their uses include:

Oilite: Oil impregnated bronze bushings formed using powder metallurgy. Applications depend on the type of oil used and may accommodate high and low-speed machinery, high and low-temperature machinery, and food-grade applications.
Copper: Most often an alloy of bronze with tin, aluminum, or silicon, these alloys have high corrosive resistance, making them ideal for marine applications.

SAE841 bronze bushing

Systematic and careful inspection procedures assure that the products shipped to meet the highest standards for material and workmanship. 

Our quality management system in place is in compliance with AS9100/ISO 9001 requirements. Complete chemical and physical analysis test reports can be furnished upon request. Capabilities to have full traceability for each batch of material, assigning unique heat numbers that are never repeated and metal verified using an optical emission spectrometer.

oilless guide bushing

What Are Oilless Guide Bushes?

Oilless Guide bushing bronze can replace rolling bearings and copper alloy bearings in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-accuracy applications. Structure: High-strength casting bronze embedded with solid lubricants.Features: Cost-effective; Adaptable; Wear-resistant; Obvious advantages when used under high-load and oil-free conditions; Solve special needs in environments that generally cannot be met by copper bushings.

Our high-precision, durable guide bushing bronze is designed for universal use in the fields of toolmaking, machine engineering, measuring device design, and apparatus engineering. In addition to our large range of standard guide bushings, our customer-specific guides bronze bushings make it possible to implement tailor-made solutions optimally, quickly, and economically – with maximum quality and extended lifetime guaranteed.

Precision Oil-free Guide Bushing

  • Standard sizes have a big stock and can send out on the same day. The customized type is available upon request.
  • Follow DIN, JIS, AISI Standard.

  • Metric or Inch guider bush sizes are available.
  • Precsion, Cost-effective.

  • Our standard products: – Oilless Guide bushes and thrust washers. By changing the metal-bearing material or lubricating the Oilless Bearing can be tuned to accommodate different levels of loading. Depending on the speed, load, mating surface, or lubrication the different self-lubricating materials fit your system, resulting in low wear and friction. The bronze oilless bearings, with their unique plugged graphite, can allow maintenance-free and lubricated parts, with high performance and reduce downtime. The right metal backing can be chosen for different temp. The thickness of bronze slide-bearing parts avoids higher wear rates.

oilless with grooves
graphite plugged bronze bushing

Graphite Guide Bushing & Bearing – Mould & Die Solutions

As we all know, the guide bushing is generally used with the guide pillar, playing a guiding role. The guide pin and guide bush are generally used in injection molds or some machinery to ensure the accuracy of movement.

Graphite guide bush is mainly based on the high-strength copper alloy. It is inlaid with a specially formulated solid lubricant as a lubricating medium to replace the traditional oil-grooved copper guide bush. It can be used in environments that are not easily oiled, chronically oil-starved, or oil-free, thus compensating for the lack of regular oiling of traditional copper bushings.

Our oilless guide bushing has high load capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and strong self-lubrication capability. It is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating motion, and other occasions where it is difficult to lubricate to form an oil film. Because of its high hardness, high strength, low cost, and twice the service life of ordinary copper bushings at low speed and heavy load, it is favored by customers. can customize different sizes and materials according to customers’ requirements.

Why Use A Bronze Guide Bushing?

  • High Load Guide Bushing, Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, thin walled, bronze with solid lubricant

  • Wear & Low Friction, Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant

  • Standard guide bushes parts are used as standard size products in tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering. (Tool & Die Parts and more), Tolerance compensation

  • Corrosion resistance, Standard parts for Tool Construction, and Mould Making

  • Standard components for tool makers, mechanical

    engineering and mold makers, Low Noise & Vibration

Why choose graphite guide bushing for mold guide bushing?

Mold guide bushing is used in combination with the components in the mold to ensure that the mold with accurate positioning to guide the activities of the mold stroke of the original guide.

The graphite guide bushing has a wide operating temperature, sufficient solid smooth material content, uniform release, outstanding self-smoothing function and bite, and can effectively protect the journal to achieve durable use.

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phosphorous bronze busing

Advantage Of Oilless Guide Bushing

Guide bushing bronze performance mainly includes the following three points:

1. Corrosion:

One of the characteristics of guide bushing bronze is the corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion performance. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, as the environment remains relatively good. In the process of using guide bushings, it is generally not easy to bite. The corrosion resistance of guide bushing is mainly reflected in some chemical elements. It functions relatively well. Even in the absence of lubricant and water lubricant, it can still operate normally and still maintain the sliding and self-lubricating function.

2.Wear resistance

The wear resistance of guide bushing is still very good compared with other materials. Equipment made of different materials has different characteristics. The internal organization of guide bushing bronze parts is still tight and not too loose. There are no pores or trachoma, so the guide bushing still has a bright appearance and an exceptional color. Importantly, it has relatively high hardness.

3. Compression rate

The compressive strength of guide bushing is also relatively good. It has a high surface pressure and can withstand the lateral pressure of the bearing well. Guide bushing bronze can also work under high load pressure and are suitable for low speed and heavy load applications.

Guide Bushing Bronze | Application

The role of guide bushing bronze in the machine is to reduce friction, reduce vibration, prevent corrosion, reduce noise, facilitate maintenance, and simplify the structure manufacturing process. In the moving parts, the long-term friction will cause the parts to wear out, this time using copper bushings can reduce the friction. If the guide bushing wears to a certain point, only the copper bushing needs to be replaced, thus saving the cost of replacing the shaft or seat.
Guide bushing bronze application areas: axial thrust bearing ring is a machine spare parts, applications supporting: diesel engines, automobiles, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, machine tools, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, mining, railroads, ships, petrochemical machinery, die-casting machines, metallurgical equipment; food packaging machinery, textiles, light industry machinery and aviation, weapons and other industries and departments of various machines, machinery.


Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings