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Oilless Guide Bars

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oilless guide bars

What Is A Oilless Guide Bars?

The oilless guide bars are made of metal base material and solid lubricant compound, it uses the complementary performance of two materials to achieve oil-free self-lubrication under heavy load, high temperature, not easy to form lubricating oil film or oil film failure, to slow down the wear and improve the life of the purpose. oilless guide bars can be divided into powder metallurgy integral sintered type and inlay type according to the manufacturing method. The inlay type self-lubricating bearing consists of a metal substrate and a solid lubricant embedded in its hole. During the grinding process, most of the load is borne by the metal substrate. By friction, the solid lubricant in the hole is transferred to the friction surface, which forms a well-lubricated, firmly attached, evenly covered solid transfer film on the friction surface, thus playing a role in reducing the effect of friction

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Customizable Graphite Guide Bars

Solid inlay self-lubricating bearing is in the ordinary sliding bearing (sleeve), shaft tile and slider, guide bars, and other parts of the friction surface of the relative mechanical movement, through a reasonable cloth hole, slot, and in its hole slot embedded with a certain shape and strength of the solid lubricant and made products. The embedded lubricant includes graphite, sulfide (molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, etc.), calcium fluoride, synthetic resin, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. The thermal expansion coefficient of the embedded solid lubricant is greater than the expansion coefficient of the embedded substrate, and the type of embedded solid lubricant is selected according to the working condition.

graphite guide bars
graphite slide plates,oilless guide plate

Where Are The Guide Bars Used

The oilless guide bar combines the wear resistance and high load-bearing property of copper alloy and the self-lubricating environmental performance of solid lubricant and can be machined with various oil grooves and oil holes on the friction surface. After inlaying solid lubricant, it can adapt to different environmental conditions. So that it does not need oiling and maintenance in the process of use.
It is widely used in high load, intermittent or reciprocating motion, such as steam locomotive production line, home appliances, automobile, and other stamping dies, large metal extrusion equipment, hydraulic turbine, etc. also provides you with an L-shaped oilless slide plate, V type wear plate, bronze slide plate, cam plate…

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Bronze Wear Plate

We Create Individual Guide Bars Tailored To Your Needs

Cast Bronze Wear Plate

Our Casting Bronze Wear Plate is produced by a method known as “continuous” casting. The fine grain structure obtained through continuous casting virtually eliminates casting defects associated with static casting methods. This dense structure is free from porosity which in turn prolongs the life of your tooling.

Finished Machined Bronze Wear Plates

For a truly complete wear plate solution, we offer fully machined wear plates. This is a completely machined product to your individual specifications. Common configurations include custom hole patterns, grease grooves, and mounting holes.

Oilless Bronze Wear Plate

Many of the fully machined bronze wear plates that we manufacture are self-lubricating. This is achieved by a process of plugging the bronze plate with plugs of graphite. We offer a full line of plug graphite bearings. More information on our graphite plugged parts can be found here.