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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

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Graphite slide plate is incorporate high quality copper alloy based metals with engineered solid lubricant plugs. These bearings are designed to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements demanded by today’s equipment. Precise tolerances utilizing strategic plug location and plug compounds ensure performance delivery and lubrication free service. This bearing style is available in standard inch, metric and made to order sizes. Oilless bearings provide extreme temperature limits and high load capacity performance. Available in journal style bearings and flat wear plate.

bronze oilles self lubricating mold die parts graphite
oilless wear plate


Oilless Slide Bearing Plate For Sale | China Supplier

Oilless Slide Bearing plate also called cast sliding plate, oilless wear plate, slide plate, die guide components, oilless bronze pad, graphite plugged wear plates, Mould die component, slide pad, wear plates, slide component, cast bronze plates, etc.  ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer for High-Quality Graphite. Quote Now! Competitive Price. Leading Graphite Supplier. Top Quality Assured.


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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Oil-Free Slide Plate | Mold Parts | Viiplus

VIIPLUS manufactures machined bronze wear plates that meet the exacting requirements and specifications supplied by our clients. All our wear plates are manufactured bespoke to clients’ designs using the highest quality bronzes.

Oil Free Slide Plate for universal use in many dry application such as die/mold, machinery, automation, construction, automobile. Oil Free is self lubrication and work without grease.

oil-free slide plate
oil-free slide plates


Oilless Slide Plate | Viiplus Online Shop

Self-lubricating bronze plates. They are used in applications where the plates are required to continually operate in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas where it is difficult to apply manual lubrication.

They are also used in a range of applications where it is not possible or desirable to use oil or grease as a lubricant. The plates are totally maintenance-free, offer a long service life, and decrease the maintenance time required by plates requiring external lubrication.

maglev train oilless sliding plate

Application of graphite sliding plate in maglev train

The graphite-copper slider is an important part of the maglev train, and it is a key component for the maglev train to introduce the current on the third rail into the maglev train body to provide electricity when the maglev train is running at low speed (<100km/h). The working environment of the graphite copper slider has problems such as high speed, impact, and poor lubrication. It is one of the most frequently replaced and most consumed components in maglev trains. Poor sliders will affect the life of the conductive system, and have a great impact on the safety and operating costs of maglev trains.

In recent decades, a lot of research on slider materials has been carried out at home and abroad, mainly through the development process of metal, pure carbon, powder metallurgy, immersion metal and carbon fiber composite materials. Copper-based powder metallurgy slider material is still considered to be the best choice for rail transit due to its good mechanical strength, moderate surface hardness and low production cost. Graphite has been widely used in copper-based powder metallurgy composite materials. The copper/graphite composite material is uniformly mixed with graphite particles on the copper matrix by the powder composite method. In addition to retaining the good electrical and thermal conductivity of copper, it also has graphite particles. Solid self-lubricating properties and anti-welding effect. However, this type of material has pore defects, which will affect the mechanical properties of the material. The physical properties of the material can be improved by properly controlling the sintering process, compact density, alloying element formulation combination, powder particle size and other measures.

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    Designs, develops and distributes innovative solutions that reduce the cost, improve the time, Solid lubricated bearings are made of high strength brass with special formula as the matrix, which has high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with a special formula of solid lubricant at a certain Angle and density, which is made by precision machining. Products are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and so on.