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Graphite plugged bushing is one of the self-lubricating bearings, that can replace the traditional oil lubrication, commonly used in the harsh working environment or can not use on oil lubrication occasions.

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What Is Graphite Plugged Bushing?

Graphite plugged bushing is in the metal substrate by a certain arrangement of pre-processed holes or grooves, the graphite embedded in it, in the process of friction the metal substrate bears the majority of the load; due to friction heat or the role of the ambient temperature, graphite material in the sliding surface slightly convex, in the metal substrate and the counterpart surface to form a well-lubricated, firmly attached and uniformly covered solid transfer film. Significantly reduce the friction wear; with the entry of friction, the embedded solid lubricating material is constantly provided on the friction surface to ensure long-term operation of the friction vice good lubrication.

Currently, the commonly used substrate materials are ZQSn6-6-3, HT250, Cr15, and CuZn25Al6Mn4, etc., which can meet the performance requirements under different working conditions. Metal matrix available solid material casting molding or powder metallurgy formation method.
Solid lubrication material embedding solid embedding, direct injection, casting method, etc. Can be selected according to the different working environments.

Application Of Graphite Plugged Bushing Bearings

Graphite plugged bronze bushings are especially suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, as well as in water or vacuum solution wetting and simply can not add lubricating oil film under special working conditions.

graphite bronze bushing is widely used in metallurgical rolling equipment, filling equipment, water turbines, gas turbines, instruments and mining machinery, marine machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace navigation, etc. At the same time, Graphite plugged bushings are also more and more widely used in other industrial and agricultural machinery.

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GCr15 Graphite Bearing

GCr15 is a commonly used high carbon chromium bearing steel, renowned for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and contact fatigue strength.

Steel oilless bearing, a reinforced product, has high compressive performance.

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Steel & Copper Inlaid Bearing

Steel and copper inlaid bearings are a type of bearing that combines the strength and durability of steel with the excellent bearing properties of copper. This combination results in a bearing that is highly resistant to wear and capable of withstanding high loads, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

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Why Use Graphite As A Solid Lubricant?

Graphite is a crystalline form of carbon, with hexagonal lattice, the atoms are arranged in layers, the distance between carbon atoms in the same layer is 0.142nm, which are covalently bonded to each other; the distance between layers is 0.34nm, which are molecularly bonded to each other. The layer-to-layer force is very small, so it is easy for relative sliding to occur between the layers. Because of these structural characteristics, its strength and hardness are very low, and its plasticity is also very poor, but it can play a good role in reducing wear, and is a good solid lubricant.
Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings are often used as a lubricant in the machinery industry. Lubricating oil often can not be used in high speed, high temperature, high pressure conditions, while graphite wear-resistant materials can be in a 200 ℃ a 2000 ℃ temperature and at a very high sliding speed (loom / S) without lubricant work.

The Material Of Graphite Plugged Bushings

There are different types of bronze materials used in the manufacture of graphite plugged bushings, including :

  • SAE 841 Bronze: SAE 841 is a powdered metal bronze material that is often used to make self-lubricating bearings and bushings. It is a porous material that is impregnated with oil, which provides excellent lubrication and reduces friction.
  • C86300 Manganese Bronze: C86300 is a high-strength manganese bronze material that is often used in heavy-duty applications where high load capacity and wear resistance are required.
  • C93200 Bronze: C93200 is a high-strength bearing bronze material that is often used in applications where high wear resistance is required. It has excellent machining properties and can be easily machined into complex shapes.
  • C95400 Aluminum Bronze: C95400 is a high-strength aluminum bronze material that is often used in applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are required. It is commonly used in marine applications due to its excellent resistance to saltwater corrosion.

The choice of bronze material depends on the specific application requirements such as load capacity, speed, temperature, and environment. It is important to select the appropriate bronze material to ensure optimal performance and long service life.

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Plug Graphite Bearing – Factory Price

Graphite plugged bushings are an excellent option for applications where low maintenance, extended service life, and high load-carrying capacity are required. They offer excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, and chemical attack, and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. If you are looking for a reliable, low-maintenance bearing solution for your equipment, Send email to us.