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Graphite Dry bushings are parts commonly used to fill gaps between parts and to support rotating shafts. The part that supports the rotating shaft is bound to be subject to friction. To reduce this friction, self-lubricating dry bushing must be used to keep the rotating shaft in the correct position.

Self-lubricating dry bushings are graphite bronze bushings that do not require lubrication and do not need to be filled with oil to operate.

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Dry Brushing With Solid Lubricant –

Dry brushing with solid lubricant is in the casting bronze bushing, slider, and thrust bearing friction vice surface, through reasonable design, after drilling and slotting, will have a certain shape, and strength of solid lubricant embedded in the hole, and slot. It can achieve good lubrication with or without an external oil supply. the self-lubricating dry bushing can bear a large stable load and impact load. In high temperatures, acid, and alkali, it is the ideal dry bushing that can be selected.

  • It is a good substitute for some high-temperature rolling bearings. dry brushing with solid lubricant works smoothly and reliably, greatly reducing equipment costs.
  • Good performance, long life, wide range of applications
  • Excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Self-Lubricating Dry Bushing Material

Since the embedded solid lubricating material plays the role of friction reduction lubrication, so the self-lubricating dry bushing requires a metal matrix mechanical strength and good adaptability to the working conditions, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, and good wear resistance.

Select The Material Of Your Dry Bearing

The range of substrate materials is wide, such as tin bronze, manganese bronze, high-strength brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and lead-based alloys, etc.

The combination of dry brushing matrix and solid lubricant is selected in a targeted manner according to different working conditions.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Graphite Dry Bushing

Have you ever wondered what keeps the moving parts in machinery working smoothly and efficiently? A graphite dry bushing is a cylindrical-shaped, self-lubricating bearing that’s made from graphite materials embedded in the bronze bushing. Graphite is a type of carbon with a crystalline structure that has excellent lubricating properties. These bushings are designed to provide a low-friction surface between moving parts in a mechanical system, reducing wear and tear and improving efficiency.


There are several advantages to using graphite dry bushings. First, they offer excellent self-lubrication, eliminating the need for external lubricants, which can reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Second, they have a high load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. Third, they can withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments, making them ideal for use in demanding conditions.


While graphite dry bushings offer many benefits, they also have some drawbacks. For instance, they tend to have a higher initial cost than traditional bushings due to the specialized materials used in their construction. Additionally, they may not be suitable for certain applications where high-speed operation is required, as their self-lubricating properties can become less effective at very high velocities.

Flanged Graphite Dry Bushing - oilless Self-Lubricated Bushing For Elevator

Flanged Graphite Dry Bushing – Self-Lubricated Bushing For Elevator is a reliable manufacturer in the realm of urban mobility solutions. Our extensive catalog includes a diverse range of elevator components and escalator bronze parts that seamlessly integrate with various customer systems, ushering in an innovative era of interconnected vertical transportation solutions. This technological advancement enhances the efficiency and convenience of elevators and escalators in a multitude of settings, including both buildings and public spaces.

Our unwavering commitment to mobility solutions ensures the creation of safer and more efficient vertical transportation components, tailored to diverse applications. One such specialized component is the flanged graphite dry bushing, commonly referred to as a self-lubricated bushing. This component plays a vital role in elevator systems, engineered to deliver dependable and low-maintenance performance within elevator mechanisms. The inclusion of a flange further bolsters the bushing’s stability within the elevator assembly, ensuring seamless operation.

Ensure A Flange Shaft Bushing & Lange Bushing Size

Flange bushings are available in a range of sizes and measurements, including inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), as well as length or thickness. If applicable, the size of the flange itself must also be taken into account.

To determine the suitable flange bushing dimensions for your specific application, several factors come into play, such as the shaft diameter, housing or bore diameter, load and speed requirements, and any spatial limitations within the system.

It’s worth noting that flange bushings can be crafted from various materials, such as bronze, brass, steel, or plastic, contingent on the particular application and prevailing environmental conditions.

For precise sizing and specifications for your flange bushing, we recommend reaching out to us for expert guidance and assistance.

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