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Graphite dry bushing is most commonly found in the food, beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. learn more and email us now!

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Quality self lube bronze bushings. Inch, metric, and custom sizes.

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Metric bronze bushings in machines is to reduce friction, reduce vibration

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Self Lubricating Graphite Dry Bushing Supplier

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Graphite Dry bushings are parts commonly used to fill gaps between parts and to support rotating shafts. The part that supports the rotating shaft is bound to be subject to friction. To reduce this friction, self-lubricating dry bushing must be used to keep the rotating shaft in the correct position.

Self-lubricating dry bushings are graphite bronze bushings that do not require lubrication and do not need to be filled with oil to operate.

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Dry Brushing With Solid Lubricant –

Dry brushing with solid lubricant is in the casting bronze bushing, slider, and thrust bearing friction vice surface, through reasonable design, after drilling and slotting, will have a certain shape, and strength of solid lubricant embedded in the hole, and slot. It can achieve good lubrication with or without an external oil supply. the self-lubricating dry bushing can bear a large stable load and impact load. In high temperatures, acid, and alkali, it is the ideal dry bushing that can be selected.

  • It is a good substitute for some high-temperature rolling bearings. dry brushing with solid lubricant works smoothly and reliably, greatly reducing equipment costs.
  • Good performance, long life, wide range of applications
  • Excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance
Graphite Slide Plate

Self-Lubricating Dry Bushing Material

Since the embedded solid lubricating material plays the role of friction reduction lubrication, so the self-lubricating dry bushing requires a metal matrix mechanical strength and good adaptability to the working conditions, good thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, and good wear resistance.

Select The Material Of Your Dry Bearing

The range of substrate materials is wide, such as tin bronze, manganese bronze, high-strength brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and lead-based alloys, etc.

The combination of dry brushing matrix and solid lubricant is selected in a targeted manner according to different working conditions.

Common Bearing Material
graphite bearing, graphite dry bushing

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