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Flanged Brass Bushing

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What Is A Flanged Brass Bushing

A flanged brass bushing is commonly used to provide support for a shaft that runs perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. Shafts can create problems when high speeds or heavy loads create shaft flex, vibration and axial load or movement. This can be eased with the application of a flange bearing that is located in such a way that it supports the shaft.

The Types of Flanged Brass Bushings

  • Plain flange bushing
  • Flange Bushings with
  • Graphite Plugs
    Oil / Grease Grooved Flange Bushings
  • wrapped bronze flange bushings
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Flanged Brass Bushing Material Flanged brass bushing is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass composed of copper and zinc is called ordinary brass, and if it is a variety of alloys composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass. Flanged Brass has strong wear resistance. To improve the corrosiBushing on resistance, strength, hardness, and machinability of brass, etc., a small amount (generally 1% to 2%, a few up to 3% to 4%, very few up to 5% to 6%) of tin, aluminum, manganese, iron, silicon, nickel, lead and other elements are added to the copper-zinc alloy, which constitutes a ternary, quadruple, or even quintuple alloy, that is, complex brass, also called special brass.

flanged brass bushing, brass sleeve bushing
flanged brass bushing, bronze sleeve bearing

The Application Of Flanged Brass Bushing Bearing

Our Flanged brass bushing is used in many fields, such as construction machinery joint parts, such as excavators, mining scrapers, rotary drilling rigs, concrete pumps, rock drilling machinery, winches, port cranes, etc., as well as metallurgical machinery continuous casting machinery, water conservancy machinery, conveying machinery, rolling mills, bottle blowing machine film blowing machine, injection molding machine crosshead clamping differential, tire curing machine, trailer balance beam, vacuum switch, etc.

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Wear-resistant Parts | Flanged Brass Bushing

Brass bushings are cylindrical mechanical parts snapped onto a rotating shaft and are an integral part of a sliding bearing.

Brass Bushing
oilless bronze bushing, oilless bushing bearing

Graphite Brass Bushing | China Manufacturer

The high strength brass is widely used, made by casting into shingles and bushings, now mainly with high strength brass as the substrate for the production of solid lubrication oil-free bearings, is the use of high strength high strength brass as the substrate, and radially embedded in an orderly arrangement of cylindrical polymer filler for the friction material (generally graphite, molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, oil and other lubricants), its Its superiority mainly lies in its copper alloy and non-metallic wear reducing materials have their own complementary advantages, not only has a high load-bearing capacity, but also break through the general bearing rely on oil film grease lubrication boundary, to achieve oil-free lubrication, embedded solid lubrication easy to form a lubricating film, its friction and wear performance has played a great role in improving the stability and reliability of high cost.

Graphite Bronze Bushing

Flanged Brass Bushings VS Bronze Bearings

 1.Different meanings.

The ordinary flanged brass bushing is a copper-zinc binary alloy. Brass with an average copper content of 62% and 59% can also be cast, called casting brass.

Bronze originally refers to copper-tin alloy, but the industry used to call copper alloys containing aluminum, silicon, lead, beryllium, manganese, etc. also bronze, so bronze includes tin bronze, aluminum bronze, aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze, silicon bronze, lead bronze, etc. Bronze is also divided into two categories: pressure-processed bronze and cast bronze.

 2. the composition is different.

Tin bronze with tin as the main alloying element of copper-based alloys called tin bronze.
In order to obtain higher strength, corrosion resistance and good casting performance, special brasses are formed by adding aluminum, silicon, manganese, lead, tin and other elements to the copper-zinc alloy. Such as lead brass, tin brass, aluminum brass, silicon brass, manganese brass, etc.

solid lubricant cast bronze bearings

Pilot Bushing

A pilot bearing or pilot bushing is one of the most important parts of your clutch. Typically pressed at the end of a crankshaft or flywheel, they center and support the input shaft.


Double-cut Edge Center Flanged

Professional Double-cut Edge Center Flanged supplier, Applied to a wide range of low-speed high-load conditions like the rotating, swing, and straight-line reciprocating motion.


Oil Free Flange Bushes

Oil-free flange bushing, no need to add smooth oil JDB graphite copper sleeve bushing. Find the right size and price. Request A Quote Today!