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Explore our range of custom CNC Custom Bronze Bushings and Custom-made Products tailored to meet your unique specifications. With precision machining and high-quality materials, our custom bushings ensure reliable performance in various applications. Whether you need specific dimensions, shapes, or materials, we can create the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from top-quality custom-made products.

Custom-Made Products – CNC Custom Bronze Bushings

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Custom precision components manufacturer in China, We offer a wide range of high-performance precision custom bronze bushings made to customer specifications. ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Custom-made parts.

Custom bronze bushings have become increasingly popular in various industries due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These bushings are essential components in many machinery and equipment, providing a low-friction, wear-resistant solution that enhances performance and extends the lifespan of the moving parts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of custom bronze parts, discussing their properties, benefits, and applications in different sectors. We’ll also explore how to choose the right bushings for your specific needs and provide some tips for their maintenance.

Die Parts, Bronze Bushing
Die Parts Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings

Making Small Parts. Making A Big Difference

We can produce virtually any bushing, bearing, or related part to your specification. If you don’t have a drawing, we will work with you to reproduce your part from a sample. We are specialists in cutting lubrication grooves in virtually any pattern.

guide bushes Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings

Special Dimension Bearings & Custom Bronze Bushings

We offer a broad range of customized bronze bushing types, from sleeve and flange to plate and thrust, solid and cast bronze bearing. Our bearings can be oil-impregnated, dry, or graphite-filled to meet a broad range of application requirements. Solid bronze plain bearings for heavy-duty applications.

Online CNC Machining Services for Custom-made products

Viiplus can also supply special dimension bearings and bronze custom bearings of all types including those with integral shafts that help reduce the tolerance buildup of mating components. Our engineers have designed custom bronze bushings in a variety of configurations, special geometry, advanced lubrication, and high-tech materials.

Need Assistance Selecting The Proper Custom Bronze Bushings?

There is a growing demand for bronze custom bearings with non-standard specifications. VIIPLUS always works with its customer to find a solution. We can supply plain bearings in a wide variety of materials, sizes, tolerances, and designs.

Custom Bronze Bushings Material

Bearing Bronze Grades, We offer a broad range of bronze alloy materials beyond our core powdered metal (SAE 841) and cast bronze (CA932 / SAE 660) products. A few of the other bronze alloys offered include high-leaded tin bronze (CA 936 and 937), aluminum bronze (CA 614, 630, and 954), and manganese bronze (CA 863). Solid bronze bearings are made of CuSn7Zn4Pb7 continuously cast bronze. This material is 85% copper and has very good sliding characteristics.

flange graphite plugged bronze bushing Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings

Cast Bronze Bushings, Thrust Washers And Wear Plates

graphite plugged bronzew bushing, self lubricating bronze bushing

Design Of Non-Standard Customized Bronze Bushings

When the demand for multi-custom bearings is put forward, there is a lack of careful analysis, resulting in problems such as poor bearing performance, many failures, and short service life. To avoid similar situations, refer to the following four-step requirement process:

Two basic performance requirements determine the role that bearings play in practical applications. Therefore, the proposal of bearing requirements must include: providing rotational degrees of freedom within the specified range. Provides position control within a specified range (from basic free motion to high-frequency motion or vibration). Determining the actual limits of these requirements is important because bearing life is a statistical prediction within these limits.

Many application parameters determine product performance. Although only a few parameters may be important in a particular application, careful analysis of all parameters is necessary to ensure that no important parameters are missed.
Performance application parameters can be divided into the following 4 categories:
1. Physical parameters. Including the available space of the bearing or bearing system, The bearing or bearing system can bear the load, the shape, material, dimension, and tolerance control of the shaft and housing is integrated into the bearing to simplify the installation structure
2. The higher the working temperature, the greater the available space and the bearing load of the bearing system, and the higher the precision and reliability. However, the cost of adding additional bearing loads is high, so there is no need to add them unless necessary. The design of the shaft and housing has a large impact on the final bearing performance. The shaft should be a solid cylinder and the material used should be fully compatible with the thermal expansion coefficient of the bearing. The cross-section of the housing should be uniform to provide full circumferential support for the bearing. To ensure precise alignment, the shaft and housing should also feature precision machined shoulders or races.
3. Operating parameters. include:
3.1 Speed ​​determines the number of load cycles that the bearing can withstand, and thus affects the service life of the bearing. Speed ​​is usually expressed in terms of the relevant guide parameter “dN”, which also affects other aspects of bearing operation, including oil flow profile, oil film thickness, centrifugal load on rolling elements, displacement, overheating, and lubrication method.
3.2 Load can be decomposed into three directions radial, axial, and bending moment and the loads in these three directions will correspondingly generate constant load, alternating load, vibration load, or shock load. The combined effects of these loads should be carefully considered to ensure maximum bearing life and optimum performance.
3.3. Environmental parameters, the environment is a fixed factor for the final product, but whether the bearing is to be protected or exposed to a certain environment is an optional design factor. Either ambient temperature or internally generated temperature should be considered as the main consideration. The nature of the surrounding medium (liquid or gas) may place certain requirements on tightness, special anti-corrosion treatments, or relubrication. In addition, any special environment (such as a magnetic field or radiation environment) is also a necessary factor that should be considered in the design.
3.4. In Economic parameters, the total system cost should be carefully weighed, not only the bearing cost but also the total cost of bearing installation and replacement should be considered.
Many parameters are fixed in a specific application, but some are variable and can be modified or controlled if necessary. The designer makes the final choice after weighing these parameters.

If the performance is so significantly reduced that the bearing no longer meets the original requirements, the design life of the bearing in a particular application will be reduced. There are 15 common injury modes:
foreign object wear
Etching Assistant
Insufficient lubrication
Fatigue peeling
Transitional preload or overload
The shaft end clearance is too large
Inaccurate and misaligned seat washer and shoulder
Damage during transportation and installation
Damage to bearing cage or fixings
Raised locations and damage during assembly
Improper mounting of housing or shaft
Brinell indentation damage and impact damage
False Brinell indentation
electrical burn
to calculate the service life. Other factors are empirical factors related to a particular application, such as temperature, lubrication, overloa,ding or contamination, which may reduce service life.

The above factors must be carefully considered before selecting a specific bearing. For more demanding application fields, specific design schemes or control methods can be formulated according to the following contents:
Lubrication type, method, cycle
Use of dust caps or seals
Cage configuration, material, and clearance
Basic tolerances and corrections
Radial clearance or contact angle
material change
Geometry Correction for Contact Areas
Special balls or ball accessories
Complete special design

Choose Your Custom Bronze Bushings Material

Our processes include boring (minimum .0937″) to turning (maximum 75″) to finished machined lengths up to 50″. We also provide milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, and centerless grinding, as well as special oils and dry and re-lubrication services.

C93200 (SAE 660) bearing bronze is considered the standard bearing material for light-duty applications. Although it is easy to machine, the bronze alloy is hard, strong, and wear-resistant, with good anti-friction properties and excellent machinability.

C93700 (SAE 64)C93700 SAE 64 Bearing Bronze is also referred to as 80-10-10 bronze. This is due to its chemical composition of 80% Copper, 10% Tin, and 10% Lead. This is an excellent general-purpose bearing material. C93700 has unique anti-corrosive properties to mildly acid mine water and papermill sulfide liquors

Aluminum bronzes are most valued for their higher strength and corrosion resistance as compared to other bronze alloys. These alloys are tarnish-resistant and show low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions, low oxidation rates at high temperatures, and low reactivity with sulfurous compounds and other exhaust products of combustion. They are also resistant to corrosion in seawater.


Alloy C954 is the most popular general-purpose Aluminum Bronze. It is also commonly referred to as Write 411. It is recommended in jobs requiring maximum metal-to-metal wear resistance. This tough, hard alloy resists wear, abrasion and deformation under high compressive loads and when mating with dissimilar metals. It prolongs part’s life, cuts maintenance costs, and reduces friction, galling, and seizing even under temporary lubrication failure. It is ranked among the strongest and best axid-reducing alloys with good machine and weldability.


C959 Aluminum Bronze is a tougher alternative to C954. This material is also referred to as Aluminum Bronze 21 or Wear rite 413. This material is considerably harder than C954. CA 959 Aluminum Bronze is used in applications requiring excellent wear properties because of increased hardness. This alloy is used in forming, bending, and drawing uses, especially when working with stainless steel. It is also used extensively as wear strips in stamping presses, as well as in forming rolls, draw dies, die inserts, and rings. It is used as high-strength bushings and machine parts not subject to impact or shock. This alloy is very popular in the die, mold, and roll forming industries.


C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is an extruded aluminum bronze that contains nickel and is alloyed for exceptional strength and toughness. It’s used where higher mechanical properties are required. It’s used in equipment for the energy markets, in aircraft, marine, and a host of other industrial applications. It finds use as valve stems, high-strength bushings, valve guides and seats, gears, cams, ship propellers, as well as propeller nuts and shafts.

C63020 AMS 4590 Nickel Aluminum Bronze is an extra high strength nickel aluminum bronze alloy. This alloy is heat-treated and martensitic. C63020 is the strongest in the Nickel Aluminum Bronze family and sometimes can be a substitute for Beryllium Copper.

C95510 AMS 4880 is a continuous cast heat-treated Nickel Aluminum Bronze. This alloy is known for its exceptional strength and toughness. It has high mechanical strength and is utilized in numerous applications including landing gear bushings, valve components, and other wear applications.

C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is a wrought bronze alloy. This improves its general size consistency compared to similar cast products. C642 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is used in various applications including marine hardware and power line equipment.

Manganese bronze alloys can operate under very high loads and speeds. However, bearing applications require reliable lubrication. Besides excellent mechanical qualities, these alloys have good corrosion resistance. Manganese is added to the bronze alloy for several reasons. Manganese is stronger than other bronzes, which makes it a tough metal that is great for industrial uses.

C86300 (SAE 430B)
SAE 430B bronze can operate at low speeds under heavy loads, but require high shaft hardnesses and nonabrasive operating conditions. It is used in industrial applications such as gears and cams, wear plates, bushings, seal rings, piston heads, and many more. Typical applications include slow-speed heavy-duty load bearings, gears, cams, and hydraulic cylinder parts.

C67300 (SAE J463)

Also referred to as manganese brass due to the use of zinc as the alloying element. C673 has excellent wear and tear characteristics. Combined with the ease of machining and ability to be hot forged, C67300 is often used as an alternative for phosphor bronze in several demanding applications. C67300 is a corrosion-resistant alloy that can be soldered. Shapes

A family of different bronze alloys that account for most of the nonferrous gear materials, mainly because of their “wear resistance” characteristics for withstanding a high sliding velocity with a steel worm gear. High Tin bronze alloys are typically found in gear, high strength bushing, and bearing applications where high strength and low speeds, and heavy loads are present. Other high-strength applications for these alloys are pump impellers, piston rings, steam fittings, and valve bodies. High tin bronze castings are utilized in movable bridge components, turntables for bridges, and other structures for fixed and expansion bearings with slow or intermittent movement with heavy loads.

C90700 (SAE 65)
Hard, strong alloy with good corrosion resistance, especially against seawater. As bearings, they are wear-resistant and resist pounding well. They possess excellent rubbing characteristics and wear resistance which permits use in gears and worm wheels for severe wear applications.

C90300 (NAVY G)

Offers good mechanical and corrosion resistance; it’s often used in castings for liquid and gas, not to mention valves and pumps. In addition to the many qualities C903 possesses, it offers a high wear resistance making it an ideal candidate for many jobs.

C90500 (SAE 62)

Hard strong alloy with good corrosion-resistant properties. Ideal for applications with heavy loads and low speeds. Material is wear and impact resistant. It is difficult to broach but can be reamed or bored.

Free Cutting Brass has become the standard by which all other alloys are rated. Easily machined, with a minimum of tool wear and breakage. This multi-purpose alloy is readily soldered and brazed.


Also known as free-machining brass, alloy C360 is the machining standard by which all other metals are compared. It is the most commonly used alloy for screw machine stock in applications requiring drilling, turning, milling, thread rolling, and tapping because of its 100% machinability rating. The lead content provides machinability while preventing welding. This alloy is excellent for high-speed machining. It has good corrosion resistance, a smooth finish, and readily accepts plating. Yellow brass cannot be heat treated. Typical applications include plumbing fitting, hydraulic base fitting, adapters, and valve adapters

Beryllium is a silver gray metallic element that occurs naturally in about 30 minerals. It is lighter than Aluminum yet stiffer than steel. Beryllium gives Copper the strength of steel with the conductivity of a Copper Alloy.

Because of the excellent fatigue resistance, beryllium copper is widely used for springs, pressure-responsive diaphragms, flexible bellows, connectors, contacts, and relays, which are all subject to cyclic loading. The anti-galling, strength, and good corrosion resistance led to the widespread use of beryllium copper for downhole drilling tools for the oil and gas industry.

This alloy was developed specifically to provide hardness, high strength, and superior thermal properties. C172 Beryllium Copper is used in a large range of various applications. C172 is extensively used in the aerospace and oil and gas industries.
This alloy offers good strength and hardness characteristics coupled with conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with ultimate tensile and hardness properties approaching 140 ksi and RB 100 respectively.

Open oil-free linear bearing guide sleeve, Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings

Request A Graphite Custom Bronze Bushing Prototype!

  • Custom-made products – Price and delivery time on request

  • Beside to the big variety of standard products, we offer custom-made rotation- and milled-parts.

  • Get standard products with modifications.

  • Maintenance and lubrication.

  • Custom Parts – The Online Manufacturer. Bronze oilless flat plates have to be drilled from the backside and countersink on the sliding surface if it´s necessary to drill through a solid-lubricant depot.
  • Providing custom-designed components including cutting, bending, punching, turning, etc. All your custom parts from one source at – The Online Manufacturer. Oilless Bronze Parts Custom Engineering, focused on improving quality parts. Worldwide express shipping, short delivery times, and constantly free capacities. Large material selection. Free quote. Quick offers.
  • We supply high volume international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with our customized capabilities.
  • We have worked with these popular materials (other materials available upon request).

    C36000 Free Cutting Brass
    C63000 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
    C67300 Silicon-Manganese Brass
    C86300 Manganese Bronze
    C92700 Tin Bronze
    C93200 Tin Bronze
    C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Custom Bronze Parts – Bronze Bushing With Groove

 Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings - bronze bushing with groove

Grooved bronze busing is a high force brass bearing with oil groove surge oil as lubrication. This product has the function of traditional tin bronze bearing, and because its HB hardness is doubled after adopting high force brass, the life of this product can be doubled compared with general bronze bushing when using this product on low-speed occasions, and its load-bearing pressure is large, so it can adapt to the use of heavy load occasions. At present, the product is mainly used in the stressed joint parts of excavators and large gearboxes.

Common groove patterns available are figure eight, double figure eight, loop, double loop, circular, wick or straight. Any of these grooves can be contained within the length of the part or breaking out the ends. Call us for assistance in determining which pattern is most appropriate for your application. There are industry standard groove patterns that are available for different applications.

Bronze Flanged Bushing

bronze shoulder bushings, c90500 tin bronze bushing

Many cast bronze bearings have flanges or shoulders as options. The flange is designed to aid in mounting and positioning. Flanges are also used with bearings on external housings. Flanged bearings are designed to handle both radial and thrust loads.

Flange Bronze bushings are ideal for heavy-duty industrial operations because they are durable and require little maintenance, even under pressure. Our flanged bronze bearings are lead-free and repeated tests have shown that it outperforms other lead-free products with amazing impact and compression strength. It is a sustainable option for companies looking for a more green approach.

Bronze Flanged Bushing Size Chart

ID (Inner Diameter)OD (Outer Diameter)Flange ODFlange ThicknessBushing Length

Bronze Wear Plate Supplier

bronze wear plate

Self-Lubricating | Ear Strip / Wear Strips | Graphite Impregnated Plugs | Self-Lubricating Bronze | U&V Blocks | Aluminum Bronze Wear Plate | Gib Assemblies | L Gibs | V Gibs |Steel with Graphite Plugs | Base Plate | Bronze with Graphite Plugs | Special Wear Plate |Custom Wear Plates | Automotive Wear Plates | Keeper Block Wear Plates | Aerial Cam | Die Mount Cam | Cam Unit | Guide Post | Guide Post Set | Sintered Wear Plate | Die Components | Bushings | Pins | Mold Components | Blank Die | Die Ace |
Available in:
C83600 | CDA 836 (Leaded Tin Bronze)
C95400 | CDA 954 (Aluminum Bronze)
C86300 | CDA 863 (Manganese Bronze)
C93200 | CDA 932 (Bearing Bronze)
C95900 | CDA 959 (Aluminum Bronze)

Graphite Bronze Bushing

Oilless Bushes VS Traditional Lubricated Bearings, graphite bronze bushing

Graphite plugged bronze bushing is a kind of novel lubricating bearing that has the characteristics of both metal bearing and oil-free lubricating bearing, the load is borne by the metal matrix and the special formula of solid lubricating material plays the role of lubrication. It has a high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, self-lubricating ability, etc. It is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating, and other difficult-to-lubricate and form oil film occasions, also not afraid of water and other acid corrosion and scouring. The products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling rigid equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbine, hydraulic turbine, injection molding machines, and equipment production lines.

Bronze Thrust Bearing

Die Parts, Bronze thrust washer supplier

Our Bronze Thrust Washers are available in (3) types: Plain Thrust Washers, Graphite Plugged Thrust Washers, and Oil / Grease Grooved Thrust Washer.

Thrust washers can be found in almost every appliance, machine, transportation conveyance, power tool, and recreational device that has moving parts, axles, bolts, pins, bearings, and rotating components. In their simplest form, thrust washers are long-wearing flat bearings in the shape of a washer that transmit and resolve axial forces in rotating mechanisms to keep components aligned along a shaft. Thrust washers are an economical alternative to rolling thrust bearings whenever forces velocities are moderate.

They are manufactured from a variety of Bronze Alloys, including C95400 Aluminum Bronze, C93200 Bearing Bronze, and C86300 Manganese Bronze. We provide your desired Thrust Washers according to the specifications you require.

precision bronze guide blocks, CDA 954 Aluminum Bronze Bars and Tubing

The Benefits of Custom Bronze Bushings

While off-the-shelf bronze bushings are readily available, custom bronze bushings offer many advantages over their standard counterparts. For one, custom bronze bushings are tailored to meet the specific needs of your machinery, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum performance. They can be designed to accommodate different sizes, shapes, and materials, depending on the application.

Custom bronze bushings are also made with precision and accuracy, using advanced manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining. This means that they are more durable, reliable, and efficient compared to standard bushings. Additionally, custom bronze bushings can be designed with special features such as lubrication grooves, flanges, and chamfers to enhance their performance and longevity.

Custom Bronze Bushings Solutions For Automotive Brands

Beautifully crafted leather products.

As a custom bronze bushing supplier, is aspiring to make breakthroughs in advanced wheel end, engine, drivetrain, suspension products, and EV solutions for electric vehicles in the automotive sector, in addition to general purpose wheel bearing units and self-lubricating products. The future of automotive custom bronze bushing through the bearing structure and function of the expansion of the overall structural performance and life optimization, but also improve the performance and life of automotive components or assemblies, including bearings, while simplifying automotive design, assembly, maintenance, and reduce the cost of automotive components.

Automotive Bushing cars parts, engine bearings
metal bearing bush, Bushing Vs Bearing
Electric Vehicle custom bronze bushing
Self Lubricating Bushes, oilless bearings

Electric Vehicle Evs Parts – Custom Made Products

Beautifully crafted leather products.

We also offer a range of custom bronze bushings and solutions to optimize the performance of electric vehicle EVs, designed to help EV manufacturers improve the energy efficiency of their vehicle subsystems, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve the driving experience by helping to extend the driving range and reduce noise and vibration. Automotive custom bronze bushing is increasingly small and lightweight, high-speed and high-efficiency, the use of increasingly demanding conditions, and requires a long life, high reliability, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and low-cost requirements at high speeds, heavy loads, high temperatures, and other conditions.

We Have Extensive Expertise In Grooving And Offer A Full Range Of Groove Styles

From simple straight and circular grooves to double loops and double-figure eights. Plain or graphite-filled grooves are available in a minimum I.D. of .190″ and a minimum length of .09375″.

Please contact us to learn more about how our bearings can benefit your business.

Precision CNC

High Quality

Factory Price

Fast Delivery


Specialists In Cutting Oil Grooves, And Lubrication Grooves In Virtually Any Pattern.

Common Groove Patterns Available Are Figure Eight, Double Figure Eight, Loop, Double Loop, Circular, Wick, Or Straight. Custom Bronze Bushing Double Loop Grooving Oil Grooves in Cast Bronze Bearings, Any Of These Grooves Can Be Contained Within The Length Of The Part Of Breaking Out The Ends. Call Us For Assistance In Determining Which Pattern Is Most Appropriate For Your Application.

Groove Circular


Groove Straight


Groove Style1 Single Loop

Team training

Groove Style2 Dble Loop

Double Loop

Groove Style3 Strght Single

Straight & Circular

Groove Style4 Fig Eight

Figure 8

Groove Style5 Dble Fig Eight

Double Figure 8

Groove Style11 Half Fig Eight

Style 11

Graphite Loop


Graphite Multi Loop 3to4

Multiple Loop

Graphite Multi Circular

Multiple Circular

Graphite Multi Loop 7to8

Multiple Loop

Custom Bronze Bushing Supplier

Graphit Custom Bronze Bushing Manufacturers – High Degree Of Automation

Discover the precision with our graphite custom bronze bushings. Our manufacturing process boasts a high degree of automation, ensuring consistent quality and performance. With meticulous attention to detail and advanced technology, we produce custom bronze bushings tailored to your exact specifications. Experience reliability and efficiency like never before. Contact us today to explore our range of high-quality custom bronze bushings.

Upgrade your machinery with custom bronze bushings for unbeatable durability and performance.

Custom-Made Bearings – Advanced Precision Machining

We can carry OEM production, either bearing or its components. Viiplus is a supplier of custom bronze bushings with full technical services to support the most extreme environments. Whether it is modifying a standard product or a completely bespoke proposal, Viiplus can rely on decades of proven solutions with access to cutting-edge technology.

Custom CNC Parts for Specialty Applications

VIIPLUS manufactures a variety of bronze bearings, cast bronze bushings, bronze bushings, washers, wear plates, and other custom bronze bushings parts from a wide range of copper-based alloy castings and extrusions. Our machined bronze parts are used in: Bruck and automotive aftermarket parts, Pumps and compressors, Hydraulic cylinders, Agricultural, and construction equipment, Injecting molding machines, Winches, and hoists, Industrial equipment, and Valves

slide guide v shaped type, Custom-Made Products CNC Custom Bronze Bushings
graphite slide plate

Standard Bushing VS Bronze Custom Bearings

Custom Bronze Bushings Let Engineers Design And Use Components Tailor-Made For Their Specific Applications. Such Bearings Can Have Longer Working Lives Or Better Resist Corrosion, Thanks To Bearing Material Chosen To Resist Contaminants In An Application’S Working Environment. Bronze Bushing Material. This Reduces Replacement And Maintenance Costs. Graphite Custom Bearings Can Be Produced With Greater Load Ratings Than ‘Standard’ Selections. They Can Also Be Made Smaller Or Lighter To Make Installation Easier. And From A Market Perspective, They Can Capture The Aftermarket Replacement Business For The OEM.

Additional Capabilities Include Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Honing, Broaching, And De-Burring. Send Us A Drawing Or Sample. Generally, We’Ll Have A Price Back To You Within 24 Hours

Casting Method Of Copper Bushing

1. Sand casting bronze parts

It has the advantages of wide adaptability and relatively simple production preparation. However, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and internal quality of castings produced by this method are far from meeting the requirements of mechanical parts, and the production process is more complicated, and the realization of mechanized and automated production requires huge investment. In the production of some special parts and special technical requirements When casting, the technical and economic indicators are low, therefore, the application of sand casting in foundry production
subject to certain restrictions.

2. Special casting bronze bushings

Extrusion and liquid stamping casting. It is a comprehensive processing method of casting and forging.
Metal mold casting. It is a method of using a metal mold to increase the cooling rate of the casting, achieve one-type multi-casting, and obtain a casting with a dense crystalline structure.
Continuous casting. It is an efficient production method for casting tubes and ingots under the conditions of continuous casting, solidification and cooling through a rapid cooling mold.
Centrifugal cast copper sleeve. It is a method of casting special castings such as rings, tubes, cylinders, and sleeves by changing the filling mold and solidification conditions of liquid alloys and using centrifugal force.
Investment casting. It is a method of casting no-cut or less-cut castings with higher dimensional accuracy and lower surface roughness values using fusible models and high-performance shells (molds).
Die casting. It is a method of obtaining precision castings by changing the filling and crystallization and solidification conditions of the liquid alloy, so that the liquid alloy fills the mold under high pressure and high speed, and is formed and crystallized under high pressure.
Lost foam casting. It is to bond and combines foamed plastic models similar in size and shape to castings into a model family. After brushing a refractory coating and drying, it is buried in quartz sand for vibration modeling, and then liquid metal is poured under certain conditions to vaporize the model. The method of making the molten metal occupy the position of the model, and forming the required casting after the molten metal solidifies and cools.

casting bronze bushes

Choose your Application

China Custom Bronze Bushings, Bronze Oilless Bearings for off-highway equipment. No Need for Complex Greasing System.

Finishing Parts Main Base Alloy

& Chemical Compositions
High Brass
Special Brass
Tin Bronze
aluminium bronze
Tin bronze
Cast Iron HT250
g/cm 3
Tensile Strength>750>550>200>500>360>250
Coeicient of
linear expansion
1.9·10 -5 /℃1.9·10 -5 /℃1.8·10 -5 /℃1.6·10 -5 /℃1.8·10 -5 /℃1.0·10 -5 /℃
Limit Temp.300~400300~400400400400400
Max. Load N/mm 21008060507010
Max. Speed m/min151510201015
Max. PV N/mm2·m/min20020020020020040

Friction of coe. Oil 0.03; Dry 0.16

Alloy International Code

Custom Size Options, machining bronze bushings and a supplier of solid bronze oilless bushes and plate delivered on time and on budget.

Oilless Bushing Alloy International Code

Chinese Code
International counterpartsApplications
ISO 1338
High-load, low speed, general use
Super high load, low-speed, high
Medium load, medium-speed,
general use
Medium load, medium-speed
low-load, low-speed

Material That You Can Choose, Bearing Bronze Composition

  • SAE 841
  • SAE 850
  • SAE 863
  • CA 220
  • CA 954 H.T.
  • CA 836
  • CA 932 (SAE 660)
  • CA 955 (and H.T.)
  • CA 863
  • CA 936 (Modified SAE 64)
  • CA 613
  • CA 903
  • CA 937 (SAE 64)
  • CA 614
  • CA 905
  • CA 464
  • CA 624
  • CA 907
  • CA 510
  • CA 630
  • CA 927
  • CA 544
  • CA 655
  • CA 954

Solid Lubricant bronze bushing

Solid LubricantFeaturesTypical application
SSL1(PTFE etc + Add)Excellent resistance against chemical attacks
and low friction. Temp limit 400℃
Suite for general machines and under
SL2(PTFE etc + Add2)Lowest in friction and good of water
lubrication,Temp.limit 300℃
Ship, hydraulic turbine, gas turbine etc.

Do You Have A Tricky Engineering Challenge And Need A Bespoke Solution For Custom Bronze Bushings?

When customers face tough self-lubricating custom bushing engineering challenges, they turn to us for materials science, design support, and manufacturing expertise early in the project. The result: rapid feedback, multiple solutions, and continued project success. With our science-based approach to problem-solving, we specialize in the design and manufacture of self-lubricating bearings and cast bronze bushings to exacting tolerances, while meeting standards such as ISO 9001. Learn more now!