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Extend The Life Of Your Machine With An Construction bearing

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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

The Construction Bearing Choice For Reliability

Heavy equipment is a necessity for every construction project. Construction bearings endure harsh conditions and keep running, and we offer maintenance-free, high-quality self-lubricating bearings to pave the way for progress and performance in the construction industry.

Costing Saving & Maintenance-Free Construction Bearing Construction Bearing has been served on each member’s walking mechanism chassis, body parts, and hydraulic components. These bearings have material under high load conditions excellent wear resistance and anti-dust performance, while self-lubricating bearing technology enables greatly extended maintenance cycles, improves equipment utilization, and reduces maintenance costs.

Construction bearing


Unlock the full potential of your construction equipment

All types of machinery, from wheel loaders to road rollers, must continue to work effectively under harsh operating conditions.
Our expertise can help you achieve this. Components such as bearings, seals, and lubricants play a key role in improving rotating equipment performance. Meanwhile, our smart lubrication systems help automate the maintenance process, and reduce costs, while condition monitoring spots early signs of component damage to prevent downtime.

Construction Bearing Application

We are trusted to provide a diverse product line of high-quality bearing products for construction equipment including cranes, hydraulic excavators, asphalt pavers, motor graders, wheel loaders, and off-highway trucks, as well as many other types of heavy equipment used in building projects.

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Construction Machinery Bearing | Resisting wear from quick reversals

One of the main challenges in wheel loader operation is the occurrence of quick reversals. Abrupt changes in direction can have a detrimental effect on the lubrication of the drivetrain system and its components. Other conditions, such as frequent stopping and starting, contaminated environments, and constant vibration demand robust products designed to withstand those challenges.

Long Life Construction Machinery Bearings- Quick and Easy Ordering

We can supply a broad range of bearings and seals, with enhanced features to protect against excessive wear. In addition, our expertise in lubrication can help extend bearing service life and maintenance intervals.

Wheel loaders oilless bearing


Controlling undercarriage cost

Dozers are workhorses within the construction machinery. They frequently carry out critical construction operations, such as shifting the earth to prepare for road laying. As a result of being continuously exposed to harsh operating conditions, the greatest ongoing expense of operating a dozer is its undercarriage. Therefore, anything that protects the undercarriage can help to reduce component wear, which in turn cuts maintenance costs and improves performance.

Reliable & Quality Bronze Bushing For Dozers

Viiplus’s Trackstar seals are specifically designed for oil-lubricated track chain pins to provide efficient sealing, with consequently enhanced protection and improved reliability.

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Bronze Oilless Bearings for off-highway equipment.

No Need for Complex Greasing System.

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Most popular bronze material worldwide, High wear resistance. Cost-effective. Designed to be self-lubricating, buy oilless bronze sleeve bearings directly from today!

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General Bronze Oilless Bearing & Technical Information Material Data. Our bearings meet a broad range of application requirements. We offer a broad range of bronze alloy materials …

Maintenance and lubrication

Designed to be self-lubricating, Maintenance-free, Bronze Oilless Sleeve bearing with flange, mm · High wear resistance on (almost) all shafts · Low wear against different shaft materials ·

Custom-made Bronze Parts

Custom Size Options, machining bronze bushings and a supplier of solid bronze oilless bushes and plate delivered on time and on budget.

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    Designs, develops and distributes innovative solutions that reduce the cost, improve the time, Solid lubricated bearings are made of high strength brass with special formula as the matrix, which has high mechanical properties, good casting performance and good corrosion resistance. The surface is inlaid with a special formula of solid lubricant at a certain Angle and density, which is made by precision machining. Products are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and so on.