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The cone crusher is important because it is located in the final stage of the ore crushing line, It is the key equipment of the ore processing plant. Fine crushing, comminution, and high energy efficiency have become the key development direction of crusher bearings.

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Cone Crusher Bushings & Sleeve Bearing | Bronze Parts

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Bronze Bushings & sleeve bearings are indispensable parts of cone crushers. They are usually used to protect eccentric shafts, sockets, and countershafts from wear caused by high-speed rotation. High-quality crusher bearings extend the life of the machine and reduce maintenance costs.

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cone crusher bushing
cone crusher bushing
cone crusher bushings

How Do Crusher Bearings Work?

The Working Principle Of The Crusher

The motor drives the pulley through the small pulley and v-belt, then the pulley drives the drive shaft, large and small bevel gears rotate, and the large bevel gears drive the eccentric sleeve rotates, Finally, The mantle rotates and swings under the forced movement of the eccentric shaft. The section of the mantle close to the concave becomes the crushing cavity. After being pressed and impacted by them, the material is broken and discharged from the bottom of the cone crusher due to gravity.

Cone Crushers Bushing Application

Cone crushers are widely used in many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries.

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Why Choose Cone Crusher Bushing At Bronzeoilless.Com?

  1. our crusher bearings are made from the highest quality lead or aluminum casting bronze bushing, they are precision machined to fit and perform flawlessly in your machine.
  2. Measuring and checking under OEM tolerance, make sure your parts are delivered with 100% availability.

Cone Crusher has the features of a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform product size. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of materials with medium and above hardness.

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cone crusher bushing
cone crusher bushings

How To Deal With The Failure Of Holding Shaft Burn Sleeve

When the temperature rise of the Cone Crusher Bushings is 50 ℃, the thermal expansion of the outer diameter is 0.31 mm. so the clearance between the copper sleeve and the eccentric sleeve should be not less than 0.31 mm, and the clearance between the bore of the Crusher Bushings and the main shaft should not be less than 0.35 mm, to ensure the design clearance between the copper sleeve and the main shaft, so as not to occur shaft burning failure.

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CuSn5Zn5Pb5 Cone Crusher Copper Sleeve

Cone Crusher Bushing because of its use of the environment, we generally choose a more wear-resistant, affordable, and appropriate copper material, which is more suitable for the CuSn5Zn5Pb5 material.

  • Material: CuSn5Zn5Pb5
  • Standard Grade: C83600

We can customize the material, such as brass, bronze, tin bronze and phosphor bronze, to ensure the wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the copper sleeve, and more in line with the high specifications of the cone crusher on the copper sleeve, so as to meet the smoother and longer service life of the cone crusher copper bushing.

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Bronze Bushing

PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings

PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings is made of high-strength casting bronze, with PTFE solid lubricant embedded in holes on the working surface of bearings, they can be used in jet, propeller, ship, boatyard, offshore platform, hydraulic turbine, etc.