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ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 casting bronze bushing

C83600 Bearing Bronze

C83600 Bearing Bronze – SAE40 ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 casting bronze bushing, 85-5-5-5 Brass, is the most commonly used Red Brass bushing.

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C83600 Bearing Bronze
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Bronze Bushing UNS C83600 SAE 40 Casting Alloy CDA 836

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C83600 is a type of brass material that is commonly used in a variety of applications, particularly in the production of plumbing fixtures and fittings. Also known as red brass,85 metal, SAE40.

C83600 bearing bronze is a versatile material that offers a number of benefits, including high corrosion resistance, good machinability, and excellent strength.

  • C83600 Solid Lubricant bushing stock per ASTM B505, the most common red brass, is also called 85 metal or 85-5-5-5

  • Standard sizes and special Made orders bearing bronze depending on the total quantity that your project requires.

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The Benefit Of C83600 Material

One of the main advantages of C83600 bearing bronze material is its high corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for use in environments where it will be exposed to moisture or other corrosive substances.

  • excellent machinability allows it to be easily customized to form a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • good strength allows it to withstand a variety of stresses and strains. This makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications, such as the production of valves, pumps, and other mechanical components.
  • The alloy has good thermal conductivity, which makes it a good choice for use in heat exchangers and other applications where efficient heat transfer is important.

C83600 Chemical Composition:

Cu (1)AlSbFePbNi (2)P (3)SiSSnZn
C83600 SAE 40 Bearing Bronze

Self Lubricating Technical Support

We Manufacture Bronze Bushing Depending On Your Needs

We manufacture C83600 bearing bronze, both large and small sizes, also take into account the specific application requirements and optimize for load capacity, lubrication, size and shape, tolerance and fit, and corrosion resistance.

spring bush used in vehicle, c83600 flanged bearing bronze

Brass Flanges Supplier

Brass, Flanged from Bronzeoilless.com. we offer free shipping, free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing

graphite plugged bronze bushings wear plates, C83600 bearing bronze wear plate

Bronze Wear Plate

High-Quality Wear resistant slide plate, Competitive Price, Just select a shape and tell us your desired dimensions, and Custom Made-To-Order Experts.

oilless thrust washer supplier, bronze thrust washer

Thrust Washer Bearing

We have a large inventory of plain sleeve thrust washers available for purchase. Bearing materials include C83600, C95400, C93200, and more. Graphite plugs or no plugs available.

graphite impregnated bronze bushings, C83600 bearing bronze

Graphite Bronze Bushing

We offer standard graphite bronze bushing, thrust washer, grooved bronze bushing, High strength brass bearings, Or Custom size and inch-size bronze bearings.

RG5 LG2 C83600 Tin Bronze BC6 CuSn5ZN5PB5 SAE40

RG5 casting Tin bronze copper alloy is used for wear and corrosion resistant parts that work under high loads and medium sliding speeds, such as shafts, bushings, cylinder liners, piston clutches, pump glands, and worm gears.

What Are The Types Of Oilless Bushing?2023-04-13T05:32:39+00:00

Discover the Types of Oilless Bushings for Optimal Performance

Our types of oilless bushings are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, and friction. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Our bushings offer reliable and long-lasting performance, ensuring your machinery operates at optimal efficiency.

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types of oilless bushings, right bearing selection, bearing bronze

What Is Oilless Bushing?

In the world of mechanical engineering, bushings are essential components that reduce friction between moving parts. With the increasing demand for maintenance-free and eco-friendly solutions, oilless bushings have gained popularity in various industries.

An oilless bushing, also known as a self-lubricating bushing, is a type of bearing that does not require external lubrication. they are also known for their low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance, and long service life.

What Are Oilless Bushings

Materials For Oilless Bushings

Oilless bushings are typically made from three types of materials:

  1. Metal-polymer composites
  2. Solid polymer
  3. Metal (e.g., bronze, iron)

These materials possess self-lubricating properties, which help reduce friction and wear without the need for additional lubrication.

Bronze Bushing Material
types of oilless bushings, bearing material
C83600 bearing bronze

Types of Oilless Bushings

  • Metal-polymer composite bushings consist of a metal backing with a layer of polymer on the sliding surface. The polymer contains solid lubricant particles, which provide a low friction coefficient and wear resistance. These bushings are lightweight, compact, and suitable for applications with high loads and low speeds.
  • Solid polymer bushings are made entirely of a self-lubricating polymer material. They offer excellent wear resistance, low friction, and are resistant to chemicals and corrosion. These bushings are ideal for applications that require minimal maintenance and operate in harsh environments.
  • Bi-metal bushings have a steel or bronze backing and a sintered layer of a low-friction alloy, such as lead-bronze or aluminum-tin. These bushings offer high load capacity and excellent wear resistance. They are suitable for applications with moderate to high speeds and loads.
  • Wrapped bronze bushings are made of a bronze strip with diamond-shaped lubrication pockets or holes filled with solid lubricant. These bushings are known for their high load capacity, good wear resistance, and low maintenance requirements. They are often used in agricultural and construction equipment.

Key Applications Of Oilless Bushings

Oilless bushings are commonly used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive Industry: Suspension systems, steering systems, and transmissions
  • Aerospace Industry: Landing gear components, actuators, and flight control systems
  • Industrial Machinery: Pumps, compressors, and textile machinery

“We offer sleeve, flanged, thrust, and linear bushings. Each type is designed to meet specific performance requirements and is suitable for different loads and speeds.”

oilless bearings and bushings, vehicle bushings, self lubricating bushings

Want to extend the lifespan of your equipment? Oilless bushings can help.

Say Goodbye To Messy Oil And Grease With Oilless Bushings

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The Difference Between Oilless Bushes And Traditional Lubricated Bearings2023-08-16T01:33:11+00:00

Revolutionize Your Bearings with Oilless Bushes

Upgrade to the future of bearing technology with our Oilless Bushes. Experience the unparalleled performance, reduced maintenance, and a cleaner, more efficient solution for your bearings needs.

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C83600 bearing bronze

Unparalleled Performance with Oilless Bushes

Upgrade Your Bearings

And Reduce Maintenance

Say goodbye to the hassle of lubrication and welcome the convenience of our advanced Oilless Bushes. Traditional lubricated bearings can be a headache to maintain, with the constant need for re-lubrication and the risk of leakage causing damage to surrounding components. Our Oilless Bushes offer a reliable, low-maintenance alternative, saving you both time and money in the long run. Upgrade your bearings today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a maintenance-free, high-performance solution.

Ditch Traditional Bearings for Our Advanced Oilless Bushes

Save time and money with a low-maintenance, high-performance alternative.

Oilless Bearing
Oilless Bushes VS Traditional Lubricated Bearings
Oilless Bushes VS Traditional Lubricated Bearings, graphite bronze bushing

the difference between oilless bushes and Traditional Lubricated Bearing

Oilless Bushes

VS Traditional Lubricated Bearings

Oilless bushes: They are made from materials with built-in lubricants or solid polymer composites, which provide a low friction coefficient and reduce wear even without the presence of liquid lubricants. This makes them suitable for applications where it is difficult to maintain regular lubrication.

Traditional lubricated bearings: These bearings require a constant supply of lubricants, such as oil or grease, to minimize friction and wear. Inadequate lubrication can lead to higher friction, wear, and potentially bearing failure.

Upgrade your bearings for a smoother, more efficient experience.

durable bearing components, self-lubricating bushes, contamination-free operation, clean bearing technology

Self Lube Bushings

Comparing Oilless Bushings to Traditional Lubricated Bearings

An Array of Oilless Bushing Types

Oilless bushings serve both static and dynamic applications, offering friction reduction, shock absorption, wear protection, and load support. Diverse forms of oilless bushings cater to distinct needs. These include Bronze Bushings, Self-Lubricating Bushings, Steel Bushings, PTFE (Teflon) Bushings, and Graphite-Filled Plastic Bushings.

  • Bronze bushings consist of a bronze alloy infused with graphite plugs, providing self-lubrication and finding use in automotive and agricultural machinery. Self-Lubricating Bushings use metal materials coated with polymers for high-load scenarios. Steel Bushings feature anti-corrosion coatings and find use in harsh environments. PTFE Bushings, with their abrasion-resistant properties, are fit for electronic and aerospace systems. Graphite-Filled Plastic Bushings excel in heavy-load applications and vibration reduction.

Bushing VS Bearing
Manganese Bronze Bushing supplier, Comparing Oilless Bushings to Traditional Lubricated Bearings

Oilless Bushes VS Traditional Lubricated Bearings, oilless bearing manufacturer

The Difference Between Oilless Bushes And Traditional Bearings, Which Is Better?:

Oilless bushes: They are well-suited for use in harsh environments, such as in the presence of dirt, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. They can also function effectively in applications with oscillating or reciprocating motion, where traditional bearings might face challenges.
Traditional lubricated bearings: They perform better in high-speed and high-load applications, as their liquid lubricants can dissipate heat more effectively. However, they are more vulnerable to contamination, which can affect their performance.

Oilless bushes may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional bearings, as they are made from specialized materials and may involve more complex manufacturing processes.
Traditional lubricated bearings are typically less expensive initially, as they use more common materials and simpler manufacturing processes.

Due to their self-lubricating properties, oilless bushes generally require less maintenance than traditional bearings, making them ideal for applications where maintenance access is limited or costly.
Traditional lubricated bearings need Regular maintenance, such as lubrication and cleaning, necessary to ensure optimal performance and extend their service life.

Oilless bearings tend to have lower operating and maintenance costs, as they do not require regular lubrication or maintenance interventions. Additionally, their long service life can lead to cost savings in the long run.
The traditional bearings: They usually have higher operating and maintenance costs, as they require regular lubrication and maintenance, and may need more frequent replacement due to wear or contamination.

Experience Unparalleled Performance With Our Advanced Oilless Bushes

What Are Bushings On The Vehicle?2023-03-10T07:04:29+00:00

Part Of The Suspension And Steering Systems

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements about what kind of vehicle bushings you are looking for. We will try to get back to you soon with the details of the auto spare parts you want to purchase.

  • Brass Bushing
  • Phosphor Bronze Bushing
  • Leaded Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Manganese Bronze Bushing
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Spring Bush In The Suspension System

A spring bush is a type of bushing or bearing used in the suspension system of a vehicle. It is typically made of rubber, plastic, or metal, and is designed to absorb shock and reduce friction between moving parts.

  • the spring bushing is located between the spring and the suspension arm, even with bumps and uneven surfaces, the spring bush would directly reduce wear and noise, and improve the overall ride quality.

  • Spring bushings can wear out over time due to constant use and exposure to heat and weather conditions. It is important to have wear resistance spring bushings to maintain safety and performance.

Casting Bronze Bushing →

King Pin Bush In The Steering System

A king pin bush is a type of bushing or bearing used in the steering system of some vehicles. It is typically made of metal and is designed to provide a low-friction interface between the king pin and the steering knuckle, allowing the steering to operate smoothly and accurately.

In vehicles with a solid front axle, the king pin is a large vertical pin that connects the axle to the steering knuckle. The king pin bushings are located at the top and bottom of the king pin, and allow the steering knuckle to pivot smoothly on the king pin as the vehicle turns.

solid lubricant bearings, solid lubricant cast bronze bearings, King Pin Bush

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vehicle bushings

Vehicle Bushings Manufacturers

At Bronzeoilless.com, we produce vehicle bushings with precise dimensions using the appropriate materials.

Our high-quality bushings are composed of graded materials that meet international standards and possess desirable properties.

Through machining and grinding, we achieve smooth surface finishes on our bushings, resulting in outstanding bearing properties. Our products are manufactured to last longer and perform exceptionally well thanks to the combination of perfect materials and precise manufacturing.

Benefit Of Vehicle Bushings

Vehicle Bushings are an important component in vehicles for several reasons:

  • they help to improve the ride quality of the vehicle by reducing the impact of shock and vibration on the body.
  • bushings help to reduce wear and tear on other components in the vehicle. By reducing the impact of shock and vibration, bushings can help to extend the life of other components in the vehicle, such as suspension systems and engine mounts.
  • Finally, Vehicle bushings can provide a layer of cushioning between two metal components TO reduce the energy that is lost through friction.
vehicle bushings supplier

Find out how upgrading to high-performance bushings can improve your engine's efficiency and power output.


Are you looking to take your guitar's tone to the next level? The material of your guitar nut is a crucial factor that can significantly influence your instrument's sound. While there are various materials to choose from, we're here to make a compelling case for the exceptional qualities of brass as the ideal material for your guitar nut.


Bronze Spider Bushings, also known as Eccentric Bushings, might not steal the spotlight, but they are the unsung heroes of machinery. These small cylindrical components, often made of bronze or similar materials, might not look like much, but they play a critical role in various machines and equipment, especially in industries where precision and durability are paramount.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your machinery's performance and longevity. Watch now and unlock the full potential of Bronze Liner bushing technology!


The Future of Engineering: Thrust Plate Uncovered! Unlocking the


Get ready to unlock the full potential of your engineering projects with C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bushing.


Gear Bronze Bushing Manufacturer Upgrade your equipment's performance and


Thin Wall Bushing: Enhancing Precision And Efficiency In Engineering


Wear Sleeve: Your Must-Have Tool for Heavy-Duty Success! Breathtaking


Bronze Eccentric Bushing A bronze eccentric bushing, also known


Manganese Bronze Bushing Supplier Discover the secret to enhanced


Discover the benefits and process of bronze bush centrifugal casting. Learn how this technique produces high-quality bushings for various applications.

It All Starts With a consultation!

We are a manufacturer of vehicle bushings. Our team produces these products in-house, ensuring high-quality standards and efficient production processes.

For any kind of queries, Please email us!

I am available and ready to provide prompt and accurate pricing information to help facilitate your decision-making process.

oilless bearings and bushings


    What Are Oilless Bushings2023-08-09T05:53:42+00:00

    Cyber Week

    What Are Oilless Bushings? How Do They Work?

    Oilless bushings, also known as self-lubricating bushings, are a type of plain bearing that does not require any external lubrication to operate smoothly. Instead, they are designed to work using a variety of other materials and mechanisms to minimize friction and wear.

    Understanding Oilless Bushings

    Beautifully crafted leather products.

    When it comes to reducing friction and enabling smooth movement between two parts of a machine, bearings play a pivotal role. Oilless bushings take this concept to the next level by operating without the need for continuous external lubrication, making them a preferred choice in scenarios where conventional lubrication methods are impractical or undesirable.

    Oilless bushings are mechanical components designed to provide low-friction movement between two surfaces. Unlike traditional bearings that require a constant supply of lubricating oils or greases to prevent wear and tear, oilless bushings incorporate specialized materials and designs that offer inherent self-lubricating properties.

    Copper Bushing →
    wholesale oiless bushing bearing
    wholesale oiless bushing bearing

    High-Strength Brass-Based Oilless Bushing

    types of oilless bushings, bearing materialOilless bushings, also known as self-lubricating bushings, are a type of high-strength brass bearing that utilizes oil pockets for lubrication. These innovative components combine the functions of traditional bronze bushings with the advantages of high-strength brass (ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn4), resulting in increased hardness and extended operational lifespan. Oilless bushings offer remarkable load-bearing capabilities, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

    Features of Oilless Bushings:

    • Low Maintenance Frequency: Oilless bushings require minimal maintenance due to their self-lubricating design, reducing downtime and operational costs.
    • Ideal for Low-Speed Heavy Loads: Unlike ball-type linear bearings, oilless bushings excel in low-speed, high-load conditions, making them a preferred choice for various industrial scenarios.
    • High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Suitability: Oilless bushings can operate effectively under extreme temperature conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments.
    • Space-Saving Design: With thinner wall thickness compared to linear bearings, oilless bushings conserve space while delivering robust functionality.
      Suitable for Linear and Rotary Motion: Oilless bushings are versatile components that can be utilized for both linear and rotary motion applications.

    Materials for Oilless Bushings:

    Oilless bushings come in five different materials, each tailored for specific requirements:

    • Copper Alloy: Resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, suitable for heavy loads and low-speed operations.
    • Bronze Castings: Excellent sintering resistance, suitable for small-scale operations, low loads, and high-speed applications.
    • Dry Type (Composite Layer): Suitable for heavy loads and low-speed applications, featuring a compact and thin-walled design.
    • Resin: Heat and chemical-resistant (such as PTFE resin), compliant with food safety regulations, suitable for low loads and low-speed operations.
      Castings: Suitable for medium loads and low-speed operations.

    Types of Oilless Bushings:

    • Straight Column Type
    • Shoulder Type
    • Thrust Type
    • Flange Integral Type
    • Flange Type Fixed Seat Assembly (Copper Alloy Bushing Embedded)
    • Threaded Bushing Type (Copper Alloy Bushing Embedded)

    Flange Integral Copper Alloy Standard Inner Diameter Type

    Category: Flange Type
    Metal: Brass
    Operating Environment: Standard / Oil-Containing
    Lubrication: Self-lubricating / Periodic Lubrication
    Maximum Surface Pressure: 29 N/mm²
    Maximum Speed: 0.5 m/s
    Maximum PV Value (Range): 1.1~2.0 N/mm²·m/s
    Maximum PV Value: 1.65 N/mm²·m/s

    How To Use Oilless Bushing?

    Here are some general steps to follow when using oilless bushings:

    1. Ensure the bushing is compatible with the application: Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the bushing is suitable for the specific application, including load capacity, temperature range, and other environmental factors.
    2. Proper installation: Ensure that the bushing is installed properly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Improper installation can lead to premature failure or poor performance.
    3. Avoid contamination: Oilless bushings are sensitive to contamination, which can affect their performance. Keep the bushings clean and free of dust, dirt, and debris.
    4. Maintenance: Oilless bushings require less maintenance than traditional bushings, but they still need a periodic inspection to ensure they are performing properly. Check for signs of wear or damage and replace the bushing if necessary.

    Types Of Oilless Bushing

    There are several types of oilless bushings:

    • graphite plugged bronze bushing: the solid lubricant bushing, which uses a solid material, such as graphite, to provide lubrication between the bushing and the shaft. The solid lubricant slowly releases during use, providing a constant supply of lubrication without the need for oil or grease.
    • polymer bushing, which is made from self-lubricating plastic material. These bushings have small pockets or channels built into the surface, which trap and distribute the lubricant evenly across the surface of the bushing.
    • composite bushing, which uses a combination of materials, such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and bronze, to create a low-friction surface. The PTFE acts as a lubricant, while the bronze provides strength and support.
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    oilless bearings and bushings
    wholesale oiless bushing bearing

    Advantages of Oilless Bushings

    • Maintenance-Free Operation: Oilless bushings eliminate the need for frequent lubrication, reducing maintenance efforts and downtime.
    • Extended Lifespan: The self-lubricating mechanism enhances durability, leading to longer-lasting components.
    • Reduced Friction and Noise: These bushings provide smoother movement and quieter operation compared to traditional bearings.
    • Cost-Effective: While initial costs may be higher, the long-term savings from reduced maintenance and longer lifespan make them cost-effective solutions.
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    Applications in Various Industries

    Oilless bushings find applications across diverse industries, including:

    • Automotive: Suspension systems, steering columns, and engine components.
    • Manufacturing: Conveyor systems, robotics, and industrial machinery.
    • Aerospace: Landing gear, control systems, and flight control surfaces.
    • Medical: Diagnostic equipment, patient handling systems, and laboratory instruments.
    • Consumer Electronics: They find a place in electronics like computers and appliances due to their vibration-dampening capabilities and durability.

    we can offer a wide range of oilless bushing options tailored to different industries’ requirements.

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    oilless bushing

    Bronze & Brass Material

    PN-EN 1982

    Bronzeoilless.com employs the sophisticated technique of centrifugal casting to produce a wide range of high-quality bushes, thrust washers, and sleeves. These products are crafted using various copper alloys that adhere to global standards such as PN-EN 1982, DIN 1705, 1709, 1714, PN 91/H-87026, ASTM B271, and BS 1400. Moreover, they are not limited to standard alloys; special alloys are also employed to meet unique requirements.

    GROUPPN-EN 1982DIN 1705, 1709, 1714PN 91/H-87026ASTM B271BS 1400
    TIN BRONZESCUSN10 (CC480K)CUSN10B10C52400 
    TIN BRONZESCUSN11PB2 (CC482K) B101  
    TIN BRONZESCUSN12 (CC483K)CUSN12 C90800 
    LEADED BRONZESCUSN10PB10 (CC495K) B1010C93700 
    BRASS ALLOYS(CC750S)    
    BRASS ALLOYS(CC754S)    
    BRASS ALLOYSCUZN32AL2MN2F31 (CC763S)  C86400 

    DIN 1705, 1709, 1714

    GROUPPN-EN 1982DIN 1705, 1709, 1714PN 91/H-87026ASTM B271BS 1400
    TIN BRONZESCUSN10 (CC480K)CUSN10B10C52400 
    TIN BRONZESCUSN12 (CC483K)CUSN12 C90800 

    PN 91/H-87026

    GROUPPN-EN 1982DIN 1705, 1709, 1714PN 91/H-87026ASTM B271BS 1400
    TIN BRONZESCUSN10 (CC480K)CUSN10B10C52400 
    TIN BRONZESCUSN11PB2 (CC482K) B101  
    LEADED BRONZESCUSN10PB10(CC495K) B1010C93700 
    BRASS ALLOYS  M059  
    BRASS ALLOYS  M060  


    vehicle bushings RG5 SAE40 C83600 Brass
    C83600 bearing bronze
    Best solutions

    C83600 Bearing Bronze Manufactured for Clients’ Designs

    Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

    C83600 bearing bronze bushing is a type of bearing for sliding applications. our bronze bushings range which is designed and manufactured to operate with external lubrication.
    We can custom bronze bushing with the highest precision to meet your exacting tolerances and specifications, they are manufactured to offer a longer service life for your machine component.

    • Plain Bronze Bushings

    • Flanged Bronze Bushing

    • Thrust Washer Bearing

    • Split Dry Run Bushing

    • Solid Lubricant Sleeve

    Low Friction Bearings

    Custom service – Always Self-lubricating

    We generate results for our customers

    “Our Experts Are Ready To Help You Find The Right Bearing Bronze Solution For Your Specific Application.”

    C83600 RG5 casting tin bronze bushing


    “Tin bronze bushing provides good wear resistance, high load-carrying capacity, and corrosion resistance.”

    “Leaded bronze bushings provide excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Good machinability and long service life.”

    “Aluminum bronze bushing provides a combination of high strength and hardness with wear and corrosion resistance. c95400 aluminum bronze is the most popular, all-purpose aluminum bronze alloy.”

    “Brass consisting of copper and zinc is called a plain brass bushing. Multiple alloys consisting of two or more elements are called special brass bushings.”

    “C90500 (Sae62, Cusn10zn2) Performs The Gb/T 1176-1987 Standard. Tin Bronze Is Relatively Hard And Has High Ductility. The Main Function Of Tin Is To Enhance The Strength Of These Bronze Alloys.”

    “Phosphor Bronze Bushing such as C91000 are typically found in high-strength bushing and bearing applications where high strength, low speeds, and heavy loads are present.”

    Self Lubricating Mold And Die Products

    Professional Bearing Bronze Manufacturer

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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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    • High hardness, wear-resistance, and fully comply with EU ROHS standards. Can provide spectrometer composition test, strength test.


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