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Buchse made of VIIPLUS high-performance copper alloys ensure optimum running properties, long service life, and lowest coefficient of friction without additional lubrication. Whether in dirt and dust, in a clean room laboratory, or the sea.

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copper alloy bearing with groove

Alternative To Buchse With Lube Grooves

Lubrication grooves fulfill an important task in metallic bushes. Through them, the lubricant gets directly into the bearing point between the buchse and the shaft. The lubricant thus protects the shaft and bushing from dirt and moisture and ensures low coefficients of friction.

The disadvantages: On the one hand, a buchse with a lubrication groove is quite complex to produce, since the groove represents an additional machining step and the inner diameter, depending on the dimensions of the buchse, is difficult to achieve with cutting tools. On the other hand, the permanent supply of lubricants can only be guaranteed through seamless maintenance.

Either the lubricant has to be replenished by hand using a grease gun or something similar, or it has to be automatically replenished using an expensive central lubrication unit. Last but not least, the lubricants end up in the environment. The lubrication grooves guide the lubricant through the bearing point to the outside. An aspect that has become increasingly important in recent years. It has long since ceased to matter where the lubricants end up.

So it makes sense to look for alternatives. What could you do without oil grooves? And maybe design the lubrication differently?

Grease The Groove

Sinterbuchsen – Oil Impregnation Bushing

Sinterbuchsen approaches the problem of lubricant distribution in a similar but slightly different way than solid bushings with a lubrication groove. The powdered metallurgy process is a mass production process that can reduce costs to a level that can be startlingly low when compared to CNC machining. An added benefit of the sintered metal bushing is the unique pores that are formed in the structure of the metal. These pores can serve as a reservoir for lubricant, providing a passage to the bearing surface. This unique feature adds the benefit of self-lubrication to many powdered metal bearings.


  • If the bearing point is designed and designed correctly, the buchse is maintenance-free.
  • The lubricant is released during movement and “stored” again when it is stationary.
  • In addition, sinteredbuchse are robust and pressure-resistant.


  • Due to the production, the shape is limited and limited to thicker walls.
  • Oil is only released when the operating temperature is sufficient. If this is not the case, the sinterbuchse metal runs directly and without lubrication on the shaft
  • If the volatile oil cannot be kept in the buchse point, the bearings dry out and lose their good sliding properties.
Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings
sinter buchse
sinter bronze bushing

Sinter Bronze Bushing

oilite bushing

Bundbuchsen Sinterbronze

bronze bar

Round Bar

buchse with graphite

Buchse Move The World

With innovative high-tech products and technical know-how, we develop tailor-made solutions for your individual applications and industries.

Oilless Buchse materials consist of highly wear-resistant copper and brass alloys, whose sliding surfaces are evenly provided with solid lubricant depots in a so-called “macro distribution”. It should be noted here that, depending on the movement sequence, the sliding plugs are sufficiently painted over in order to achieve the build-up of a transfer film for a stable operating condition of the plain bearings. The high density of the bronze ensures high resilience with good embedding properties of any dirt particles in the lubricant depots. Two graphite-based plugs and one PTFE-based plug variant are available.

Already during the first sliding movements, solid lubricant is released from the sliding material due to micro abrasion. In this way, smooth surfaces with a firmly adhering film of solid lubricant form on the sliding partners. The lubricant remains in the contact zone even under high loads. This achieves extensive separation of the sliding surfaces and enables a permanently low coefficient of friction with minimal wear.

Oilless Bushing

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Flange Bushing


Wear Plate


Spherical Bearing


Thrust Washer

Maintenance-free, Self-lubricating Sliding Bearings