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Die Guide Bushing & Bronze Guide Plate

Our bronze guide plates are widely used in mechanical parts such as stamping molds, preform molds, injection molds, etc.

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Bronze Guide Plate – China Manufacture

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A bronze guide plate is a flat, rectangular, or round component made from a bronze alloy that is used to guide, align, or support moving parts in various machines and equipment. Bronze guide plates offer several benefits, such as excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and self-lubricating properties, which make them an ideal choice for numerous industries.

For anyone who manufactures new metal stamping dies or maintains and repairs existing dies, die-casting dressing tools, or plastic injection molds, is the source for guide plate and die components and custom solutions.

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bronze guide plate
bronze guide plate

Choosing The Right Bronze Guide Plate

To select the right bronze guide plate for your needs, consider the following factors:

  • Material type, there are various types of bronze alloys available, such as aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, and tin bronze. Each type has its unique properties and applications, so it’s essential to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements.

  • Size and shape, Bronze guide plates come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different machines and equipment. Ensure you select the correct dimensions and shapes that match your application.
  • Choose a bronze guide plate with adequate load capacity and wear resistance to ensure it can handle the demands of your application without premature failure.

Guide & Die Components

Used mainly in metal stamping dies but occasionally in other applications (molds and special machines), Our guide components are extremely rugged. They are ideal for applications in which very high loads are likely to be encountered.

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bronze guide plate

V Blocks

bronze guide plate

V Type Wear Plate

bronze guide plate

Gib Blocks and Lids

bronze guide plate

L Type Wear Plate

bronze wear platebronze wear plate, slide bearing plate

Keeper Plates

Benefits Of Bronze Guide Plates

Bronze guide plates offer numerous benefits that make them a preferred choice in various industries.

  1. High Strength and Durability, They can withstand heavy loads, shocks, and vibrations without compromising performance, making them ideal for demanding applications.
  2. Excellent Wear Resistance, The self-lubricating properties of bronze guide plates reduce friction between moving parts, minimizing wear and extending the lifespan of the equipment.
  3. Self-Lubricating Properties
  4. The copper content in bronze guide plates provides excellent resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for applications in harsh environments or those involving exposure to moisture, chemicals, or extreme temperatures.
  5. Bronze guide plates are available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to accommodate different machinery designs and requirements.


slide bearing plate supplier, bronze guide plate
graphite wear plate, bronze guide plate

Mold Guide – Custom Bronze Guide Plate

Our wide range of products includes L Gibs, wear plates, slide plates, T Gib, V Gib, pins and bushings, stripper guides, and cam slide units, We distribute products from top manufacturers such as bronze oilless guide plates for stamping dies.

In addition to our large range of graphite guide bushings, our customer-bronze guide plate makes it possible to implement tailor-made solutions optimally, quickly, and economically – with maximum quality and extended lifetime guaranteed.

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Automotive Mold Standard Parts

We want to provide you with the best guide plates, gaskets, stampings, and other products for your automotive products.

Create the size and shape you need, and even produce die guides in different materials or quality levels to exactly meet your needs.

Using oilless guide bushes, the bushing lubricant is SI1 graphite, which has excellent chemical resistance and low friction, and the maximum temperature is 400 degrees Celsius, which can greatly reduce wear and make the operating system smoother.

Graphite Wear Pads
mold guide bronze guide plate
Plastic mold components

Injection Molding Machine Oilless Guide Bushing

Oilless guide bushings for Plastic Moulds – High Quality & Maintenance Free.

  • The matching clearance between each part is higher than the precision in the domestic market;
  • verticality and position of the pinhole are controlled at a relatively high precision;
  • repeatability of the product is high, which meets the requirements of interchangeability, thereby improving the efficiency of injection molding.

We have injection molded guide bushing with high quality and cost-effectiveness. provides mold guide services for customers who need good precision injection molded parts. We have abundant experience in manufacturing plastic mold components.

Guide Bushing

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