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bushing type

graphite Bronze Bushing Design | Size & Material

The graphite bronze bushing design may be simple or complex. It may amount to picking a bearing from a catalog on the basis of PV factor or may require a sophisticated analysis of lubricant flow.

Most slow-moving or self-lubricated bearings are boundary lubricated. These are generally simple cylinders or flat washers. Grooves may be added to feed lubricant to load-bearing surfaces in boundary-lubricated bearings. Design variables are material, lubricant, and bearing size. Lubricant and material determine the load limit. Size is based on keeping within the lubricant/material limitations.

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How oil-free Graphite bronze bushings work

Due to the heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, large dust or acidic corrosive gases CO, sulfur dioxide, etc. in the air, it brings many problems to the lubrication of equipment. For this reason, the research on self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing composite materials has With its characteristics, it is composed of a metal substrate and a solid lubricant paste embedded in the holes or grooves of the substrate.

Embedded Solid Lubricant – Self-Lubricating

During the friction process, the graphite bronze bushing metal substrate bears most of the load. After friction, the solid lubricant in the hole or groove is transferred or reversely transferred to the friction surface, and a solid transfer film, with good lubrication, firm adhesion, and uniform coverage is formed on the friction surface, which greatly reduces friction and wears. As the friction progresses, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously supplied to the friction surface, ensuring good lubrication during long-term operation.

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Excavators graphite bronze bushing

Application of Oilless Graphite Bronze Bushing

Oilless graphite bronze bushing is widely used in a metallurgical continuous casting machine, train support, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, and steam turbines, such as high temperature, high load, low-speed heavy load occasion use; in low load, high temperature, medium speed and other occasions, such as fireplace door, oven raceway, rubber machinery, light industry machinery, machine tool industry; its end face can be used with the substrate welding installation, so it is suitable for metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, oil transmission Machinery and other areas that can not be refueled; in the lifting machinery support parts are particularly adapted, such as winch support, crane support, excavator support.

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Select Your Graphite Bronze Bearing Material

Material requirements

Graphite bronze bushing Metal matrix: 1. Good mechanical strength and adaptability to working conditions; 2. Good thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient; 3. Good wear resistance

Solid lubricant

1. low surface shear stress of graphite bronze bushing lubricant, easy to form a laminar slip between the moving friction pairs 2. high surface adhesion ability, the lubricating film is not destroyed under higher contact pressure 3. low friction coefficient 4. good chemical stability, not easy to deteriorate, also not easy to react with environmental media 5. can adapt to high temperature and low temperature 6. chemical corrosion and galvanic corrosion resistance

Choose Your Bronze Bushing Material
graphite bronze bushing material
Self Lubricating Bushes,graphite bronze bushing

Design considerations | Self Lubricating Graphite Bronze Bushing

  • 1. Determination of PV value of graphite bronze bearings

Insert graphite bronze bushingraphite Bearing use load conditions are determined by the product of surface load p and allowable speed v and PV value

  • 2. Inner diameter and width

Increasing the width of graphite bronze bushing can increase the load carrying capacity and reduce the bearing surface load. However, when the width is increased to a certain value, it may reduce the anti-bias load capacity and cooling effect, and damage the bearing prematurely.

  • 3. The thickness of self-lubricating graphite bronze bushings

Considering the thermal expansion, heat conduction, and mechanical strength of the bearing, its thickness only needs to meet the requirements of the machining process.

  • 4. Oilless graphite bronze Bushing clearance

In the design of the graphite plugged bronze bushing fit clearance, due to the influence of some factors on the change of the inner diameter shrinkage

Advantages Of Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing

  • The shape of graphite bronze bushings can vary greatly, with characteristics such as flange, ball, and plate being customized to enhance the overall performance of the application.

  • The structural feature of self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing is the use of a certain combination of metal base material and solid lubricant, the performance of the two materials complements each other, which can more comprehensively meet the requirements of graphite bronze bearings for construction machinery.

  • Maintenance free and self-lubricating, friction coefficient is low enough to work under heavy loads.

  • Sizing and reaming capability

  • Space saving and weight reduction of the whole parts

graphite bushes

bronze bushing with grooves

Lubrication grooves perform an important task in graphite bronze bushings. The lubricant reaches the bearing point between the bearing and the shaft directly through them. The lubricant protects the shaft and bearing against dirt and moisture and ensures low coefficients of friction.

bronze bushing with grooves

Key is proper channeling of oil through various shaped grooves or supply holes. Bearings under steady load, such as a horizontal bearing supporting a rotor as dead weight, can be fed by a supply hole or an axial groove in the unloaded portion. Holes or grooves typically locate in the top half of a bearing which is characterized by large annular clearances and low internal oil pressures.

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Bronze Oilless Bearings for off-highway equipment. No Need for Complex Greasing System.

Finishing Parts Main Base Alloy

& Chemical Compositions
High Brass
Special Brass
Tin Bronze
aluminium bronze
Tin bronze
Cast Iron HT250
g/cm 3
Tensile Strength>750>550>200>500>360>250
Coeicient of
linear expansion
1.9·10 -5 /℃1.9·10 -5 /℃1.8·10 -5 /℃1.6·10 -5 /℃1.8·10 -5 /℃1.0·10 -5 /℃
Limit Temp.300~400300~400400400400400
Max. Load N/mm 21008060507010
Max. Speed m/min151510201015
Max. PV N/mm2·m/min20020020020020040

Friction of coe. Oil 0.03; Dry 0.16

Alloy International Code

Custom Size Options, machining bronze bushings and a supplier of solid bronze oilless bushes and plate delivered on time and on budget.

Oilless Bushing Alloy International Code

Chinese Code
International counterpartsApplications
ISO 1338
High-load, low speed, general use
Super high load, low-speed, high
Medium load, medium-speed,
general use
Medium load, medium-speed
low-load, low-speed

Solid Lubricant

Solid LubricantFeaturesTypical application
SSL1(PTFE etc + Add)Excellent resistance against chemical attacks
and low friction. Temp limit 400℃
Suite for general machines and under
SL2(PTFE etc + Add2)Lowest in friction and good of water
lubrication,Temp.limit 300℃
Ship, hydraulic turbine, gas turbine etc.


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