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Bronze Bushing

932 Bearing Bronze

Bearing Bronze alloy C932 has excellent machining properties, good hardness, strength and wear resistance with excellent anti-friction qualities.

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What Is A 932 Bearing Bronze?

C93200 (SAE 660) bearing bronze is considered the standard bearing material for light-duty applications. Although it is easy to machine, the bronze alloy is hard, strong, and wear-resistant, with good anti-friction properties and excellent machinability. It also adapts well to journal irregularities and is less dependent on lubrication than other alloy bushings. 932 bearing bronze has reasonable corrosion resistance to seawater and salt water.

Tin Bronze Bushing

Types Of 932 Bearing Bronze

932 bearing bronze is manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes. These include one-piece sleeve bearings, split bearing, flanged bearings, thrust washers, and wear plates. Custom oil grooves, threading, and drill holes are often utilized also. In addition to the various shape and style options, these products are available as plain cast bronze bearings and self-lubricating graphite plugged bronze bearings.

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932 Bearing Bronze Plate

932 bearing bronze plate for Light Duty Applications
932 bearing bronze plate is easily machined into several different custom bronze parts that can be cut to the exact width and length required. It is considered one of the standard bearing bronze alloys for light-duty applications and is less dependent on lubrication.
The corrosion resistance of SAE 660 bearing bronze makes it the choice for marine parts, but CDA 954 aluminum bronze and CDA 955 nickel-aluminum bronze are the strongest bronze alloys on the market for long-term non-corrosion of marine and military-grade bronze parts.
Precision CNC Machining Services for Custom 932 bearing bronze plate offers the following value-added precision casting services to turn high-volume bronze rods and tubes into custom bronze parts to your exact specifications

Bronze Wear Plate

Sleeve Bearing


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Thrust Washer


Bronze Thrust Washer
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C93200 High Leaded Tin Bronze / SAE 660 Bearing Bronze | Application

Applications for C93200 High Leaded Tin Bronze / SAE 660 Bearing Bronze:

Automotive: Automotive Fittings
Fasteners: Washers
Industrial: Thrust Washers, Pumps, Bushings, Machine Parts, Main Spindle Bearings, Machine Tool Bearings, Bearings for Cranes, Trunnion Bearings, Roll Neck Bearings, Rolling Mill Bearings, Linkage Bushings for Presses, Fuel Pump Bushings, Water Pump Bushings, Diesel Engine Wrist Pin Bushings, Forging Press Toggle Lever Bearings, Hydraulic Press Stuffing Box, Hydraulic Press Main Lining, Pump Impellers, General Purpose Bushings, Fittings, Pump Fixtures, Insert Bearings, Bearing

Custom 932 Bearing Bronze

VIIPLUS can produce virtually any bushing, bearing, or related part to your specification. If you don’t have a drawing, we will work with you to reproduce your part from a sample. We are specialists in cutting lubrication grooves in virtually any pattern. Other common groove patterns available are figure eight, double figure eight, loop, double loop, circular, wick, or straight. Any of these grooves can be contained within the length of the part of breaking out the ends. Call us for assistance in determining which pattern is most appropriate for your application. Additional capabilities include milling, drilling, grinding, honing, broaching, and de-burring.
Send us a drawing or sample. Generally, we’ll have a price back to you within 24 hours.

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  • bronze thrust washer

    For many decades, VIIPLUS has been supplying prepackaged thrust and journal bearing systems with significant advantages for pump applications. Pumps are vital to the industrial process and are designed to operate for many years, yet they consistently come out of service due to product leakage from mechanical seal failure. Mechanical seals can fail as a result of axial movement and shaft deflection caused by bearing damage. Protect against bearing damage to significantly increase pump reliability.

  • phosphorous bronze busing, brass sleeve bushing

    Phosphor bronze has higher corrosion resistance, is resistant to wear and tear, and does not spark on impact. For medium speed, heavy load bearings, working at a maximum temperature of 250 ℃. With self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, shaft bearing force uniform high bearing capacity, can be subject to radial load at the same time, self-lubrication without maintenance and other characteristics. Tin-phosphor bronze is an alloy copper, with good electrical conductivity, not easy to heat, to ensure the safety of the same time with a strong fatigue resistance.


  • bronze bushing with groove,SAE 841 bearing

    SAE 841 bearings have higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and do not spark when impacted. It is used for medium-speed and heavy-load bearings, and the maximum working temperature is 230~280℃. It has the characteristics of self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, uniform bearing capacity, high bearing capacity, radial load at the same time, self-lubricating and maintenance-free.