Why Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings Do Not Require Oiling?

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Without Oiling – This product consists of a copper alloy matrix inlaid as a solid lubricant graphite composition. The graphite acts as the lubricator. These are used in high-temperature applications or applications with a heavy load-bearing requirement.


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How Do Self Lubricating Bronze Bearings Work?

From life to industry, look around the machines you see. Every machine in a building, consisting of any level of moving parts, may need to utilize some type of bearing. Bearings allow for rotation or movement while eliminating as much stress and friction as possible. There are countless different types of bearings in terms of style and function. Today, we will introduce you to self-lubricating bronze bearings. Let’s find out what these bearings are, how they work, and why you should use them.

Plugged Graphite

In dry friction conditions we inlay graphite on the bearing surface to transfer solid lubricant to the counterpart and create an effective solid lubricating film.

Copper Alloy Based

High-strength copper alloy has high load-bearing capacity combined with solid lubricant can form a low friction pair.

Where To Use

Plug graphite bearing is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating, etc. where it is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and it is not afraid of water and other acid leaching and scouring.

Why Use Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings?

In industrial applications, one of the most consistent sources of bearing failure is improper lubrication. This means that the bearing is not properly lubricated, which results in constant forces and friction that create stress. This force and friction lead to bearing failures that can range from a minimum of neck pain to a maximum of a productivity killer for your business. Self-lubricating bronze bearings, on the other hand, automatically form a lubricating film during use. Manual lubrication is not necessary for these types of bearings, so it reduces both failure rates and saves costs.

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Without Oiling
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Oil Embedded Bronze Sleeve Bearing VS Plug Graphite Bearing

Oil Embedded Bronze Sleeve Bearing

Oil Embedded Bronze Sleeve Bearings are bronze bushing manufactured through the powdered metallurgy process. In the final stages the bushings are impregnated with oil. They are also referred to as sintered bronze bushings or by a designation of SAE 841 Oil Impregnated Bushings.

Plug Graphite Bearing

Plug Graphite Bearing is a cast bronze bushing that has been milled and plugged with graphite plugs. That provides continuous lubrication throughout the life of the machine parts.

Self Lubricating Bronze Bearing

They are both “self-lubricating bushings” – eliminating the need for any further additional lubrication. Just differ in how they are manufactured and what they are used for. If you are not sure which product type is right for your specific application, please contact our sales department by email.


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