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Bearing Selection Process

Whatever your purpose in choosing your bearings, what you ultimately need is the performance level your equipment requires at the lowest possible cost. Bearing stability is also very important because you may not know exactly the status of equipment installation, operation, and maintenance, and in fact, this may change over time.

In addition to bearing rating life, other key factors should be considered when considering whether bearing specifications are suitable for an application. include:

Lubricants and Lubrication Methods

Shaft and housing tolerance fit

Bearing clearance group

Dimensional stability

Accuracy requirements

Bearing seal

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The first step in the bearing selection process is to understand and document:

  • desired performance
  • Operating conditions and their assumptions
  • Preconditions for any other application

An application can place different requirements on the bearing solution. Common factors include:

  • Bearing life
  • Speed ​​capability and ability to withstand applied acceleration levels
  • Accuracy of the radial and axial position of the shaft
  • Ability to cope with low, high, or temperature rises
  • Generated noise and vibration levels
  • These performance factors are important and may affect the nature of the path you take to complete the steps in your bearing selection and application analysis process.

You should assess working conditions as thoroughly as possible. Important run parameters are:

  • load
  • Rotating speed
  • temperature
  • Lubricants and Lubricant
  • Cleanliness
  • Often these factors can be determined from the physics and mechanics of the application, or derived from experience with similar applications. Make sure that any assumptions made are documented.

Operating conditions often change over time, such as in variable speed applications, or with seasonal temperature changes or increased power output. The range of variation is important. In some cases, both the upper and lower limits of the range are important, while in other cases only the lower or upper limit is important.

To optimize your design, you may need to complete the various steps in the bearing selection process in sequence. Review and prioritize all prerequisites applied, such as:

Available radial or axial space
Shaft diameter is determined by the strength requirements of the shaft
Lubricant selection based on other components in the application
In trying to obtain a robust and cost-effective solution, you may also need to consider other factors and interrelationships, such as cost and availability.

Each bearing type has unique properties that make it suitable for certain specific applications.
Factors to consider when selecting a bearing arrangement and its bearing type. Guidance is also provided on the selection of bearings that meet application-specific requirements, such as suitable space for accommodation, loads, and misalignment.
Bearings must be sized to ensure that they are strong enough to provide the required or expected service life under defined operating conditions.
Bearings can be viewed as a system of components, the performance of each component contributes to determining bearing performance and service life, considering these aspects:

1. Contact fatigue – this is the main factor determining bearing life in most applications
2. The permanent deformation of the bearing is caused by the heavy object acting on it when it is stationary or slowly swinging, or the permanent deformation of the bearing is caused by the impact load acting on it when the bearing rotates.
3. Lubricant Life – When the solid lubricant ages, the resulting poor relubrication conditions can rapidly shorten bearing life
4. The operating conditions of the equipment determine that these factors have the most serious impact on the bearing performance and life.

The effect of contact fatigue or permanent deformation on oilless bearings is directly related to bearing size. The effect of cage type and material is independent of bearing size.
Therefore, the two main criteria that can be used to determine the proper bearing size are:

  • Size selection based on rating life: This standard is based on the required bearing life, considers the possible effects of contact fatigue, and needs to calculate the basic life, or rating life, of the bearing.
  • Size selection according to static load: This standard is based on the static load level that the bearing can bear, considers the possible impact of permanent deformation, and requires the calculation of the bearing load safety factor.

The selection criteria you should use depend on the operating conditions of the bearing:

For applications where the bearing will operate under typical operating conditions – i.e. normal speed, well-lubricated, and not subject to heavy or shock loads – use Select Size Based on Rating Life.
For applications where the bearing is running at very low speeds, or when operating under stationary conditions, poor lubrication, or occasional shock loads, use Size by Static Load.
Note that there are applications where both selection criteria must be considered, such as in the case of occasional shock loads during operating cycles. Additionally, for applications where the bearings are lightly loaded, the minimum required load requirements must also be considered.

After bearing sizing, make a bearing sizing checklist before proceeding to the next step.

Other attributes of bearing components, such as strength and fit, are discussed elsewhere in the bearing selection process, including in the Lubrication and Bearing Setup and Products chapters. Considering the above properties in addition to size ensures that you can achieve excellent bearing performance.

Lubricants are necessary to reduce friction, inhibit wear, protect bearing surfaces from corrosion, and provide cooling. Lubrication selection and lubricant properties have a huge impact on operating temperature.

In an application, there is a complex relationship between component temperature and power loss, and accordingly, these coefficients are interdependent on many factors such as bearing size, load, and lubrication conditions.

They affect many performance characteristics of the application and its components, and when steady-state conditions are reached, are dependent on the operating state in various ways, such as during startup and normal operation.

Estimating operating temperature and verifying limiting speed are critical steps in application analysis.

Bearing operating temperature and heat flow

The temperature has a significant impact on many performance characteristics of an application. Heat flow from or within an application determines the temperature of its components.

  • The steady-state temperature at which thermal equilibrium is reached.
  • The heat generated by frictional power loss between bearings and seals
  • The heat generated by the application is transferred to the bearing through the shaft, housing, base, and other surrounding components
    The heat dissipated by the bearing is carried away through the shaft, housing, base, lubrication cooling system (if used), and other cooling devices
  • The operating temperature of a bearing depends not only on the friction generated by the bearing but also on the design of the application. Therefore, the bearing, its adjacent components, and its application should be thermally analyzed.

Bearing size, operating temperature, and lubrication conditions

  • For a given bearing type, there is an interdependence of bearing size, operating temperature, and lubrication conditions
  • Select bearing size based on bearing load, speed, and lubrication conditions.
  • Operating temperature is a function of bearing load, size, speed, and lubrication conditions.
  • Lubrication conditions depend on operating temperature, lubricant viscosity, and speed.
  • These interdependencies can be analyzed iteratively to achieve an optimal bearing arrangement design and select suitable components for it.
The bearing positions on the shaft and in the housing and the components that axially locate the bearing have a huge impact on bearing performance. To take full advantage of the bearing capacity. The manufacture of bearing positions must meet the required dimensional tolerances and geometrical tolerances.

Since bearings are usually machined to ISO standard tolerances (tolerances), the choice of bearing position tolerance class determines its fit. Tolerances for each dimension vary over the full range of actual dimensions. Therefore, you should select the appropriate tolerance class for the bearing position according to the actual bearing size of your application.

  • External seal
  • Mounting and dismounting – preparation and instructions for mounting and dismounting bearings
  • Inspection and Monitoring – Inspect and monitor various bearing conditions during operation to prevent problems and introduce troubleshooting methods.

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