ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing

Why Choose ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing?

  • Exceptional Load-Bearing Capacity: This bronze bushing can withstand immense loads without showing signs of wear, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Say goodbye to rust and deterioration. Our bushings are built to resist corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • Low Friction: Experience reduced friction and increased efficiency, which translates to energy savings and improved performance.
  • Precision Machined: Every bushing is crafted with precision to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless operation.
  • Longevity Guaranteed: With the ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing, you’re making an investment in long-lasting reliability.


ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing: A Versatile Material for Superior Mechanical and Corrosion Resistance


ZCuSn10Zn2, a type of tin bronze, is a copper alloy material renowned for its exceptional mechanical properties and wear resistance. This alloy finds extensive use in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, and electrical engineering. It is available in various forms, including copper sheets, copper rods, and copper bushings.

ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing’ Composition and Properties

The primary components of ZCuSn10Zn2 are copper, tin, and zinc, with copper content exceeding 85%, tin content ranging from 9% to 11%, and zinc content between 1% and 3%. This precise composition grants the material outstanding corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, toughness, and exceptional wear resistance.

Applications Of ZCuSn10Zn2 cast bronze bushing

ZCuSn10Zn2 tin bronze bushings are employed in a wide range of applications, particularly in components subjected to medium to high loads and low sliding speeds. Some common applications include:

  1. Heavy-duty Pipe Fittings: ZCuSn10Zn2 bushings are crucial in pipe fittings that operate under moderate to high loads and sliding conditions.
  2. Valves and Seals: The material’s excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance make it ideal for use in valves and seals.
  3. Pump Components: ZCuSn10Zn2 is often used in pump bodies, impellers, and wear rings due to its superior wear resistance.
  4. Gears: Its high strength and durability make it suitable for manufacturing gears, ensuring reliable operation even under heavy loads.
  5. Aerospace Components: The material’s corrosion resistance and wear resistance are especially valuable in the aerospace industry, where it is used in critical components that must withstand harsh conditions.

ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing

The Ultimate Choice for Heavy-Duty Applications

In the world of industrial equipment and heavy machinery, the keyword is “reliability.” Our ZCuSn10Zn2 Tin Bronze Bushing is specifically engineered to excel in even the most demanding of conditions. Whether you’re operating in a rugged construction site or a high-temperature manufacturing facility, these bushings will perform flawlessly, ensuring your machinery runs smoothly, day in and day out.

Benefits of ZCuSn10Zn2 sleeve bushing

ZCuSn10Zn2 tin bronze offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice in various industries:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Its excellent corrosion resistance is ideal for applications in aggressive environments, such as the aerospace industry.
  2. Wear Resistance: The material’s remarkable wear resistance ensures longevity and reliability, making it suitable for components exposed to frequent friction and abrasion.
  3. High Strength and Toughness: ZCuSn10Zn2 can withstand high loads and vibrations, thanks to its high mechanical strength and toughness.
  4. Versatility: This material is versatile, suitable for manufacturing mechanical parts, bearings, hydraulic components, automotive parts, and electrical components.
  5. Cost-Effective: It offers a reasonable price point for its exceptional properties, making it a cost-effective choice for various applications.


In summary, ZCuSn10Zn2 tin bronze is a remarkable copper alloy material known for its outstanding mechanical properties and wear resistance. Its versatility makes it suitable for the production of a wide range of mechanical components, while its corrosion resistance and high strength make it an ideal choice for aerospace and other industries where stringent performance requirements must be met. With its excellent combination of properties and reasonable pricing, ZCuSn10Zn2 tin bronze bushings are sure to continue to be a popular choice among a diverse range of users. Whether you’re in need of corrosion-resistant, high-strength, or wear-resistant materials, ZCuSn10Zn2 tin bronze has you covered.


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