ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing

Unveiling the ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing

Discover the unrivaled longevity your machinery deserves with our ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing. Crafted with precision and care, this bushing is engineered to provide exceptional durability and performance, ensuring your equipment functions seamlessly, even under the harshest conditions.

  • Superior Material: We utilize a unique blend of lead and bronze alloy to create a bushing that stands the test of time. Our engineers have carefully designed this product to resist wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Precision Fit: The ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing is expertly machined to offer a perfect fit, minimizing friction and vibration. This means your machinery operates smoothly, with reduced noise and enhanced efficiency.
  • Extreme Versatility: Whether you’re in the automotive, industrial, or agricultural sector, our bushing is engineered to excel in a variety of applications. Its adaptability is unmatched, making it a versatile choice for your equipment needs.
  • Increased Load-Bearing Capacity: With a high load-bearing capacity, our bushing can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. This means less wear and tear on your equipment and prolonged service life.


ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing: Exceptional Self-Lubrication

When it comes to versatile and high-performance materials in various industries, ZCuPb20Sn5 alloy, also known as 20-5 cast lead-tin bronze, stands out as an excellent choice. This unique copper alloy possesses a range of remarkable properties that make it indispensable in fields such as automotive, aerospace, and more. Material Characteristics:

Exceptional Self-Lubrication Of  ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing:

One of the standout features of ZCuPb20Sn5 alloy is its remarkable self-lubricating properties. This quality becomes even more pronounced in applications with limited or no lubrication, and it contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption.

Corrosion Resistance:

ZCuPb20Sn5 bronze demonstrates excellent resistance to sulfuric acid corrosion, making it suitable for applications where exposure to corrosive environments is a concern.

ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing manufacturer

Applications Of ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Lead Bronze Bushing

ZCuPb20Sn5 cast lead bronze finds widespread use in various applications:

Sliding Components:

Thanks to its outstanding self-lubrication, ZCuPb20Sn5 alloy is ideal for manufacturing sliding components such as bearings, bushings, and sliders. This property helps minimize frictional wear and extend the lifespan of these critical parts.

Self-Lubricating Mechanisms:

In situations where lubrication is impractical or challenging, ZCuPb20Sn5’s exceptional self-lubrication comes to the forefront. This makes it suitable for mechanisms that require automatic lubrication even in the absence of traditional lubricants.

Corrosion-Resistant Environments:

Due to its resistance to sulfuric acid corrosion, ZCuPb20Sn5 bronze finds application in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern, such as in chemical processing equipment.

Comparison with ZCuPb15Sn8:

Compared to its predecessor, ZCuPb15Sn8 (15-8) cast lead-tin bronze, ZCuPb20Sn5 has a higher lead content and lower tin content. This composition enhances its performance in terms of sliding and self-lubrication, making it particularly suitable for applications demanding superior self-lubricating capabilities. However, it’s essential to note that ZCuPb20Sn5 may have relatively poorer casting properties, which could necessitate more complex manufacturing processes.

In summary, ZCuPb20Sn5 cast lead bronze bushings offer exceptional self-lubrication, making them well-suited for high-speed bearing applications, crushers, water pumps, and cold-rolling mill bearings. They excel in environments with up to 70MPa loads and are highly corrosion-resistant, making them a valuable choice in demanding industrial scenarios.

ZCuPb20Sn5 Cast Bronze Bushing Chemical Composition:

  • Copper (Cu): Balance
  • Tin (Sn): 4.0-6.0%
  • Zinc (Zn): ≤ 2.0% (excluding impurities)
  • Lead (Pb): 18.0-23.0%
  • Phosphorus (P): ≤ 1.5%
  • Nickel (Ni): ≤ 2.5%
  • Aluminum (Al): ≤ 0.01%
  • Iron (Fe): ≤ 0.25%
  • Manganese (Mn): ≤ 0.2%
  • Silicon (Si): ≤ 0.01%
  • Antimony (Sb): ≤ 0.75%
  • Sulfur (S): ≤ 0.10%

(Note: Total impurities ≤ 1.0%)

Mechanical Properties:

  • Tensile Strength (σb): ≥ 180 MPa
  • Yield Strength (σ): ≥ 80 MPa
  • Elongation (δ5): ≥ 7%
  • Hardness: ≥ 540 HB

Heat Treatment Specifications:

  • Heating Temperature: 1200-1250°C
  • Pouring Temperature: 1150-1200°C

ZCuPb20Sn5 Bronze Bushing Casting Method:

Continuous casting

In conclusion, ZCuPb20Sn5 cast lead bronze bushings are highly valued for their exceptional self-lubrication and corrosion resistance. They find applications in a wide range of industries, contributing to smoother operations and extended component lifespan in critical machinery and equipment. When it comes to choosing reliable materials for demanding applications, ZCuPb20Sn5 alloy is undoubtedly a top contender.


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