ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushings

Discover the Power of ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushings

When it comes to durability, precision, and performance, nothing beats the ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushing. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge metallurgy, these bushings are the ultimate choice for demanding applications.

At the heart of every successful mechanical system lies a robust bushing, and our ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushings are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Made from a unique alloy blend that includes copper, aluminum, manganese, iron, and nickel, these bushings are built to last.


ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushings
C95710 Aluminum Bronze Bushing: A High-Performance Alloy

In the world of engineering and manufacturing, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in determining the performance and longevity of components. One such material that has gained recognition for its outstanding properties is C95710 aluminum bronze. Also known as ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 in domestic grades, this alloy copper material offers a unique combination of chemical composition and mechanical characteristics that make it a top choice for various applications.

What is ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushing?

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s understand what ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze is. This alloy is primarily composed of copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), and nickel (Ni). It’s a type of bronze alloy that’s celebrated for its exceptional mechanical properties, which make it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as bushings.

Chemical Composition

C95710 aluminum bronze boasts a chemical composition that closely resembles the domestic grade ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2. Its primary constituents include:

Aluminum (Al): 7.0% – 8.5%
Iron (Fe): 2.0% – 3.5%
Manganese (Mn): 11.0% – 14.0%
Nickel (Ni): 1.5% – 3.0%
Copper (Cu): Balance
This alloy’s composition is carefully crafted to ensure it possesses the desired properties, making it suitable for various critical applications.

Copper (Cu): Provides the base material for the alloy.
Aluminum (Al): Enhances strength and corrosion resistance.
Manganese (Mn): Improves wear resistance and mechanical properties.
Iron (Fe): Enhances machinability and castability.
Nickel (Ni): Adds to the alloy’s strength and toughness.
This unique combination of elements results in a material that boasts several key advantages.

This unique combination of elements results in a material that boasts several key advantages.

  • High Strength and Durability
    One of the standout features of ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze is its impressive strength. It can withstand heavy loads and high-stress environments, making it a top choice for bushings in demanding applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Thanks to the aluminum content in this alloy, ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it suitable for use in marine environments, where exposure to saltwater and moisture is common.

ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze Bushings

Key Characteristics and Applications

C95710 aluminum bronze, or ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 in domestic terms, exhibits exceptional chemical properties. It displays excellent corrosion resistance in atmospheric, fresh, and saltwater environments, making it ideal for applications where exposure to moisture and corrosive elements is a concern. Additionally, its corrosion fatigue strength is high, and it boasts excellent casting properties. Its dense alloy structure ensures good air tightness and weldability while being less prone to brazing.

This versatile alloy finds applications in critical components that demand high strength and corrosion resistance, such as marine propellers, high-pressure valve bodies, pump bodies, and pressure-resistant, wear-resistant parts like worm gears, gears, flanges, and liners.

Mechanical Properties

C95710 aluminum bronze offers impressive mechanical properties, including:

Tensile Strength (σb): ≥ 670 MPa
Yield Strength (σ): ≥ 310 MPa (reference value)
Elongation (δ5): ≥ 18%
Hardness: ≥ 1665 HB
These properties make it an excellent choice for manufacturing components that require both strength and durability.

Casting Method

This alloy is typically processed using metal mold casting, a method that allows for precise shaping and the creation of intricate components.

Customization and Applications

Bronzeoilless.com can customize C95710 aluminum bronze to meet specific requirements, such as producing wear plates for applications that demand wear resistance and high strength. This adaptability makes it a sought-after material in various industries.


ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze bushings find applications in a wide range of industries due to their exceptional properties.

Marine Industry
In the maritime sector, where exposure to saltwater and harsh conditions is unavoidable, ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze bushings are preferred for their corrosion resistance and reliability.

Aerospace Sector
Aircraft and aerospace components require materials that can withstand extreme conditions. ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze is a preferred choice for bushings in these applications due to its strength and durability.

Industrial Machinery
In heavy machinery and equipment, where constant friction and wear are challenges, these bushings excel in reducing maintenance needs and extending equipment lifespans.

Comparison with Other Bushing Materials

To appreciate the value of ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze bushings, let’s compare them to other common materials.

Bronze vs. ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze
While traditional bronze bushings offer good performance, ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze excels in terms of strength and corrosion resistance, making it a superior choice for demanding applications.

ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 Aluminum Bronze vs. Steel
Compared to steel, ZCuAl8Mn13Fe3Ni2 aluminum bronze offers similar strength and durability but with the added benefit of corrosion resistance. It’s often a more cost-effective solution in the long run.



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