T Shaped Graphite Plate

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T shaped graphite plates consist of highly wear-resistance copper cast alloy whose sliding surfaces are evenly provided with a certain percentage of solid lubricant plugs according to work condition, high-strength copper alloy provides a high load-bearing capacity and the solid lubricant can be formation of low friction film.


Viiplus T-shaped graphite plates Combined with the wear resistance of copper alloy and solid self-lubricating properties of the lubricant to use in the process of maintaining without refueling. Products are widely used in high-contained, intermittent, or swing movement, such as steam locomotive production lines, turbine and reservoirs work/accident doors, and plastic machinery. According to the conditions, can provide various types of copper alloy.

bronze oilless bearing bushing

■ Guide to T-Shaped Graphite Plate

T Shaped Graphite plates are produced by embedding a special solid lubricant at appropriate locations.
Sintered alloy is a special alloy with even distribution of solid lubricants and lubrication grease filled in pores.
The metal base material supports the load while the embedded solid lubricant provides lubrication, resulting in superior oil-free durability even under harsh conditions.

■ T Shaped Graphite Plate Features

① These products are most effective at locations that require a constant supply of lubricant, reciprocating motion or frequent start and stop occurs and oil film is difficult to form.
② Because these products are used under oil-free conditions, no lubrication equipment is needed. This shortens the assembly time and results in a cleaner environment by preventing oil pollution and other problems.
③ These products have excellent seizure resistance.
If the grinding surfaces are too rough, excellent wear resistance will not be guaranteed.
Applying grease during the initial break-in can guarantee better performance

Slide Plate Structures

① Solid lubricant film
② Solid lubricant plug
③ Bronze backing

The Features And Advantages Of Graphite Wear Plate

1. Insensitive to a dirty environment
2. Resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds
3. Enable operation with a poor shaft surface finish
4. Good resistance to corrosive conditions

Technical Data

Technical Data
Yield point/mm2>450>90>260>150>100
Tensile strength N/mm2>750>200>600>260>210
Elongation %>12>15>10>8>8
Hardness HB>210>70>150>95>75

VIIPLUS All standard sizes of wear plates are available. Special L-shapes, T-shapes, or other custom shapes can be made according to customer requirements. We also manufacture standard high-strength brass or other materials to meet your requirements.



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