Steel Bushing

Bronzeoilless.com Steel Bushing. It is based on steel GCr15 / HT250 and embedded with solid lubricant. It is of high compress strength and particularly suitable for supporting position in hosting machines,e.g. support or stand of the windlass and the crane. However it should not be applied to water or in acid/alkali circumstances. Can be used under low, middle, and high loads. Due to its superb high hardness, when under high load, it overperforms other graphite-plugged bronze bearings.


Long-lasting Steel Bushing

Steel (iron) based self-lubricating bearings and slideways are self-lubricating bearings or slideways with high-quality alloy steel or ductile iron as matrix and drilled holes on the base and solid lubricants embedded in the holes. When the components work, the solid lubricants form a thin and smooth lubricating film on the surface of the working pair to realize the self-lubrication of the components. After the shutdown, the direct contact between the friction pairs can be reduced and the restarting resistance can be reduced. It can be used as a substitute for copper base inlaid self-lubricating material in a situation where the mechanical properties are not high. This material can be made into a bearing, slideway, thrust washer, inner ring of the joint bearing, and so on.

Material Structure

HT250 + graphite.

GCr15 + graphite

A graphite-plugged steel bushing is a type of mechanical component used in various industrial applications. It is a cylindrical type of steel bushing with a graphite plug inserted. The graphite plug serves as a self-lubricating element, reducing friction and wear between the bushing and the rotating shaft it is installed on.

The steel bushing provides structural support and durability, while the graphite plug allows for smooth rotation and reduces the need for external lubrication. This makes graphite-plugged steel bushings ideal for use in high-load, high-speed applications where frequent maintenance or lubrication is difficult or impossible.

Graphite-plugged steel bushings are commonly used in automotive, industrial machinery, and aerospace applications, among others. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different needs and can be custom-made to meet specific requirements.

GCr15 + Solid LubricantCuSn
SL1 High purity graphite + additivesGood wear resistance and chemical stability, the use of temperature <400°CUsed in general machinery, used in the atmosphere
SL4 PTFE + additivesVery low coefficient of friction and good moisture, the use of temperature <300°CUsed in water, and seawater lubrication, such as ships, hydraulic arc gates, turbines, and pharmaceutical beverage machinery.
Technical Data
Performance index/TypeOilless BearingGraphite Plugged BushingOil-free BearingHT250 Steel BushingGCr15 Steel Bushing
Max Move Load Capacity100607025060
Max Sliding Speeddry0.4 oil0.5220.10.5
Max PV Value Limit3.
Tensile Strength>600>250>500>1500>250
Max Working Temperature300350300350400
Friction coefficientOil Lubrication:0.03
Dry Friction:0.16
Alloy Material
Corresponding Brands/TypeOilless BearingGraphite plugged BushingOil-free BearingSteel BushingSteel Bushing
China Brands GB1776-87ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3(steel)+ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3GCr15HT250
International ISO1338GCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3GCusn6Zn6Pb3(steel)+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Fe3Ni5B1
Germany DING-CuZn25Al5GB-CuSn5Zn5Pb5(steel)+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Ni100Cr6
America ASTMUNSC86300C83600C8360052100Class40
England StandardHTB2LG2LG2


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