Split Bearings

Split bushings, also known as split bearings or split sleeve bearings, are a type of bushing that is split along the length of its bore. They are typically made of bronze, brass, or other materials with good wear resistance and lubrication properties. whose sliding surfaces are also can provide a certain percentage of solid lubricant plugs according to work conditions, high-strength copper alloy provides a high load-bearing capacity and the solid lubricant can be formed of low friction film.
Bronze split bearings have been revolutionizing the engineering landscape, offering unparalleled precision and longevity. Designed to withstand heavy loads and high temperatures, these bearings have become the preferred choice for countless industrial applications.


Split Bearings – Superior Durability for Long-lasting Performance

Introducing Our Bronze Split Bearings, The Epitome Of Durability And Reliability In The World Of Mechanical Bearings. Crafted With Precision And Expertise, These Bearings Are Engineered To Withstand The Test Of Time, Ensuring Your Machines And Equipment Operate Smoothly For Years To Come. The High-Quality Bronze Material Used In The Manufacturing Process Guarantees Exceptional Strength And Wear Resistance, Making These Bearings Perfect For Heavy-Duty Applications And High-Impact Environments.

Trust In The Longevity Of Our Bronze Split Bearings To Keep Your Machinery Running Efficiently And Minimize Downtime. Gain insights into the advantages of bronze split bearings, Count on our Bronze Split Bearings for dependable performance in critical operations.

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Split Bearings

Smooth and Silent Operation – Bronze Split Bushing

Say Goodbye to Friction

Experience the tranquility of seamless operation with our Bronze Split Bushing. Designed to reduce friction to the bare minimum, these bearings offer whisper-quiet performance, creating a peaceful working environment. The unique split design allows for easy installation and maintenance, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. Whether you’re running industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, or automotive components, the smooth and silent operation of our bearings will leave you amazed and your customers impressed.

Bronze Split Bushing

Boost Performance with Bronze Split Bearings – Get Yours Now!

Durable Split Bearings

Split bronze bushings play a vital role in various industrial applications, providing essential benefits such as shock absorption, noise reduction, and vibration damping. At bronzeoilless.com, we specialize in manufacturing custom split bronze bushings to meet the unique needs of our customers. Understanding the different types of split bronze bearings is crucial to ensure you receive a finished product that perfectly suits your requirements and enhances the overall efficiency of your machinery.

VS Traditional Bushing

Split bronze bushings offer several advantages over traditional solid bushings. They eliminate the need for additional lubrication methods, reducing maintenance requirements and costs. These bearings are especially beneficial in situations where quick assembly and easy installation are essential, as they can be easily separated and installed without the need for complex procedures.

Three Types of Split Bronze Bushings

Perfect halved split bushings are precisely divided into two halves of identical size and specifications. These halves are designed to be interchangeable with any other halves manufactured under the same specification. When it comes to perfect halved bushings, you can use any two halves together without concern for compatibility issues.

Perfect Halved Bushings

Matched halved bushings are split into two halves as well, but unlike perfect halves, these pairs are only compatible with their corresponding opposite halves. To ensure proper assembly during installation, manufacturers often mark the matching pairs with corresponding letters or numbers. This marking system makes it easy to identify and join the correct halves together.

Matched Halved Bushings

Split after machining bushings are created by machining a single piece of bar stock to the required dimensions, and then physically cutting it into two halves. As a result of the splitting process, each half will not form a complete 360-degree circle on its own. This type of split bushing is the most economical, as it requires minimal material, with the only additional operation being the cutting step.

Split After Machining Bushings

Long-Lasting Bronze Split Bearings Solution

Split bronze bushings are essential components that provide numerous benefits in industrial applications, including shock absorption, vibration reduction, and easy assembly. Selecting the right type of split bronze bearing is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your machinery. Whether you need perfect halved, matched halved, or split after machining bushings, bronzeoilless.com is here to provide high-quality custom solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch products make us the ideal choice for all your split bronze bushing needs.

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