SAE841 Bearing

SAE 841 bearings have higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and do not spark when impacted. It is used for medium-speed and heavy-load bearings, and the maximum working temperature is 230~280℃. It has the characteristics of self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, uniform bearing capacity, high bearing capacity, radial load at the same time, self-lubricating and maintenance-free.


Smooth Operation: SAE841 Bearings

SAE841 material is used to make parts subject to friction under moderate load and moderate sliding speed, such as anti-wear washers, bearings, bushings, turbines, etc.

Bronze SAE 841 is particularly noteworthy because it is a powdered metal. These are a special class of materials designed to be used in bearings. Where most of our materials are cast or wrought, powdered metals are first cast, then ground down into a powder.

SAE 841: Chemical Composition

Cu: 88.2, Sn: 10.2, Fe: 0.09,Zn: 0.35
Pb: 0.36,Ni: 0.84,P: 0.18

Sintered Bronze Products (SAE 841)

Rigid, temperature resistant and high strength parts formed through the process of sintering, or powder metallurgy, sintered bronze parts are available in a number of different types.

These include:

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze parts are available as:

Sintered Bronze Solid Bar (SAE 841)
Sintered Bronze Cored Bar (SAE 841)
Sintered Bronze Flange Bushings (SAE 841)
Sintered Bronze Thrust Washer (SAE 841)
Sintered Bronze Plate (SAE 841)

VIIPLUS self-lubricating SAE 841 Bronze Bushing are manufactured of pressed copper and tin powders by sintered technology and impregnated with lubricating oil and high porosity.

The oil contained in the porosity provides a constant lubrication between bearing and shaft, the system does not need any additional external lubricant, allowing this type of SAE 841 Bronze Bushing to work under hydrodynamic conditions. which resulting in a very low friction coefficient and maintenance-free for general engineering applications

Oilite Bronze Bearings

SAE841 Bronze Bushing Advantage:

With no moving parts, SAE 841 Bronze Bushings are the simplest type of bearing. Compared to ball and roller bearings, they generally handle higher temperatures and perform better in dirty environments. They are also intended by design to be self-lubricating, maintenance free and low cost.


●Dynamic loads from 6 to 75 MPa
●Linear speeds up to 8 m/s
●Operating temperatures from – 180°C to + 300°C
●Reduce design and ownership costs
●Maintenance-free operation
●Lower cost compared to cast metal and machined bearings
●Complex designs and forms possible
●High dimensional accuracy
●Excellent surface finish
●Reduced weight compared to similar non-porous components

SAE841 Bearing Application:

●General assembly machinery, industrial vehicles, automation, farm machinery, sewing machines,
●bottling machines, key duplicating machines, electrical switchgears, mobility, toys, etc.
●Home appliances
●Lawnmowers, roller shutters, office swivel chairs, locks, garage doors, awnings, sliding windows,
●Hinges, furniture, gardening, etc.

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