Pump Bearing

For many decades, VIIPLUS has been supplying prepackaged thrust and journal bearing systems with significant advantages for pump applications.
Pumps are vital to the industrial process and are designed to operate for many years, yet they consistently come out of service due to product leakage from mechanical seal failure. Mechanical seals can fail as a result of axial movement and shaft deflection caused by bearing damage.
Protect against bearing damage to significantly increase pump reliability.


Pump bearings are components that enable rotation within pumps under load. Therefore, a good bearing is essential for the pump to function correctly. However, ‘pump bearing’ is a broad term, encompassing different types of bearings that we use today. In addition, pump bearings are also classified based on the kind of load they can support.

The gear pump body plays a very important role in the realization of the gear pump lubrication process. It is the pump-bearing matrix of the entire lubrication system. The manufacturing accuracy of the pump body bushing has a great influence on the entire lubrication system.
The main function of the pump body is to support the drive shafts, ensure the center distance and parallelism between the shafts, and ensure the correct installation of the pump body components and the base. Therefore, the processing quality of the pump bearing not only directly affects the assembly accuracy of the gear pump body but also affects the working accuracy, service performance, and life of the gear pump.

pump bearing

A Permanent Sealing Solution

Viiplus Bearing has been increasing pump reliability through oilless bearing protection.

In a bid to reduce energy consumption and operate as efficiently as possible, pump manufacturers are looking at designing pumps with increased power density. However, parasitic losses which take energy from the system need to be taken into consideration. Parasitic losses in a bearing system are mainly down to friction torque generated by the friction in the bearing. They can be reduced by downsizing the bearing, which also increases the speed ability of the bearing, and thus the pump may be able to run faster or more efficiently.



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