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Oilless bushing, or “sliding bearings,” are oil-free and wear-free products used to reduce friction in the system. Graphite with bronze is a material with a very low coefficient of friction that reduces wear on both the shaft and the body of the rod.
It has been developed for high-load, low-speed applications and is made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Oilless Bronze Bushing Widely Used In:

automobiles / motorbikes / machine tools / molds / textiles / printing tobacco/pharmaceutical/food machinery/instruments/oil pumps/cylinders / hydraulic parts/valves / pneumatic components/engines / internal combustion engine spindle and connecting rod bearings / micro motors/power tools/lifts/cranes/construction/metallurgy/mining/engineering machinery / lifting equipment / forging machine tools/marine/petroleum/shipbuilding industry machinery / Bridge engineering/water conservancy/hydropower/steel industry, etc.


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Oilless Bushing Bearing Technology Self – Lubricating

Oilless Bushing Bearing Technology is a type of bearing technology that operates without the need for oil or lubrication. It is designed to reduce friction and wear, improve efficiency, and reduce maintenance requirements. The technology is commonly used in various industries, including industrial machinery, automotive, and consumer products, due to its advantages over traditional oil-based bearings.

JEGB oilless bushing

Introduction to Oilless Bushing

Oilless bushings, crafted from high-quality copper alloy-based metals infused with engineered solid lubricant plugs, are tailored to meet the diverse application demands of modern equipment. Their precise tolerances, strategically located plug placements, and specialized plug compounds ensure consistent performance and maintenance-free operation. Available in standard inch, metric, and customizable sizes, these bushings offer exceptional temperature resistance and high load capacity, available in both journal-style and flat wear plate configurations.

Experience frictionless motion and corrosion resistance with our precision-engineered oilless bushings. Maximize efficiency and reliability for your industrial needs.

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Bid Farewell to Friction with Our Oilless Bushing

Are you weary of the constant upkeep and lubrication hassles associated with traditional bushings? Our oilless bushings are the solution you’ve been seeking. Engineered with innovative designs, our bushings eliminate the need for lubrication, simplifying maintenance tasks. Moreover, crafted from premium materials, they minimize friction and wear, guaranteeing prolonged durability.

Don’t allow friction to impede your progress. Upgrade to our oilless bushings for seamless operations and reduced downtime. With their straightforward installation process, you’ll be back in action swiftly.

Oilless Bushing Material Features

Enhancing Performance and Longevity with Oilless Bearings!

Oilless bearings, also known as self-lubricating bearings, operate smoothly without needing lubricating oil. Their design and material selection are vital for performance. Typically made from bronze alloys for excellent wear and corrosion resistance, CDA 932 and CDA 954 are common choices. CDA 932 offers high strength and embedability, while CDA 954 provides higher hardness for heavy loads.

These bearings are often infused with graphite to enhance self-lubrication, reducing friction and wear. Material selection varies based on application needs, such as heat-resistant alloys for high temperatures and corrosion-resistant alloys for harsh environments. Compliance with hygiene standards is crucial for industries like food or medical.

In conclusion, oilless bearings require careful consideration of factors like environment and load conditions to ensure long-term operation without external lubrication. They play a critical role in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of mechanical systems.

Enables maintenance-free, long-term operation.
Suitable for high static and dynamic loads.

Offers a low and consistent coefficient of friction, eliminating stick-slip effects.
Resistant to dirt, corrosion, impact loads, and edge loading.
Exhibits good shock-absorption capabilities due to the base material.
Functions effectively across a wide temperature range.
Ideal for reciprocating, rotating, and oscillating movements, especially in scenarios where forming an oil film is challenging.
Provides extended service life with minimal wear.

Boost Efficiency, AND Reduce Maintenance – Choose Our Oilless Bushings!

Oilless Bushings – A Revolutionary Solution for Industrial Applications!

Looking for a solution that can withstand extreme conditions, reduce maintenance, and enhance productivity? Our oilless bushings are the ideal choice for you! Crafted from high-quality brass alloys and embedded with solid lubricants, these self-lubricating bushings are designed for various industrial applications, ensuring outstanding performance under high loads, high speeds, and extreme temperatures.

oilless bushing work

How Does Oilless Bushing Work?

Oilless bushings are a specially designed type of bronze sliding bearing that incorporates maintenance-free solid lubricants like graphite and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This integration significantly enhances their performance and resistance in dry and high-temperature environments. These bushings excel in extreme working conditions, including oil-free, high-temperature, high-load, low-speed, contamination-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and radiation-resistant environments, and can even operate stably underwater and in vacuum conditions.

Crafted from high-strength copper alloys, these oilless bushings achieve excellent self-lubricating performance by incorporating graphite and PTFE into the bronze material. This combination not only reduces the friction coefficient but also greatly reduces wear between the shaft and the body. The design of oilless bushings ensures consistent performance across different temperatures, loads, movements, and environmental conditions, making them particularly suitable for high-load, low-speed applications.

Compared to traditional lubrication methods, oilless bushings offer significant advantages in handling friction interfaces. In traditional non-lubricated surface contacts, friction and wear are typically caused by phenomena such as shear, stick-slip, and plastic deformation. While traditional lubricants can mitigate these issues to some extent, they may be squeezed out under high contact area conditions, leading to phenomena like dry friction or boundary lubrication. Oilless bushings effectively avoid these problems through the continuous lubrication action of their self-lubricating materials, ensuring the reliability and stability of equipment under various working conditions.

Types of Oilless Bushing

Self-lubricating bushings, also referred to as oilless or dry bearings, find applications across various industries where conventional lubrication methods are impractical or undesired. These bushings offer exceptional wear resistance and low friction levels without the need for supplementary lubrication. The market offers several oilless bushing options, each tailored to specific applications:

  • Graphite Bronze Bushings: Comprising a bronze alloy infused with graphite, these bushings possess self-lubricating properties and enhanced wear resistance, making them ideal for high-load, low-speed applications in industries like automotive and construction.
  • Casting Bronze Bushings: Manufactured from a bronze alloy with a porous structure that acts as a lubricant reservoir, these bushings require no additional lubrication and are suitable for heavy-duty equipment such as construction and mining machinery.
  • Sintered Bronze Bushings: Created by compressing bronze powder and impregnating the pores with solid lubricants like graphite or PTFE, these bushings offer excellent wear resistance, heat dissipation, and load-bearing capabilities.
  • Bimetal Bushings: Consisting of two layers of different metals, typically a low-friction, wear-resistant inner layer and a durable outer layer, these bushings combine low friction, wear resistance, and high load-bearing capacity.
Types Of Oilless Bushing
oilless bushing used in loading grapple

Loading Grapple Oilless Bearing

Oilless bearings are essential in loading grapple applications, particularly in environments where traditional lubrication is challenging. Self-lubricating liners made from brass alloys offer stable low-friction performance, even under varying loads, speeds, and temperatures.

Brass alloys are favored for their mechanical properties and thermal conductivity. When combined with solid lubricants like graphite or PTFE, these liners reduce wear and energy consumption during high-load operations, ensuring durability and reliability during repetitive loading and unloading processes.

In extreme conditions, such as temperature changes and corrosive environments, oilless bearings prevent maintenance issues caused by lubricant loss or contamination. They operate efficiently without conventional lubrication, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

For optimal selection, consult professional bearing suppliers like Bronzeoilless.com. We can provide expert advice and tailored solutions based on specific application requirements, ensuring efficient and reliable operations for loading grapples.

Enhance Efficiency with Our Oilless Bushings

Application Of Oilless Bushing

Oilless bushings, renowned for their self-lubricating properties and durability, are extensively used across diverse industrial sectors. Typically made from CuZn25Al6Mn4 bronze, these bushings contain solid graphite lubricants internally, ensuring excellent lubrication performance in various working conditions. They withstand high PV values and adapt to different loads, speeds, and temperatures, ensuring equipment stability and reliability over time.

  • In continuous casting and rolling mills, oilless bushings reduce wear from high temperatures and heavy loads, improving production efficiency and product quality. In mining machinery, they maintain stable performance in harsh environments, reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, equipment like ship machinery and turbines benefit from their corrosion and wear resistance, prolonging equipment lifespan.

  • Oilless bushings are equally vital in injection molding and automotive mold industries, maintaining low friction coefficients under high loads and speeds, thus enhancing energy efficiency and production output. Their physical properties ensure dimensional stability under various conditions, reducing deformation and ensuring mold accuracy and product consistency.

Oil-Free Brass Bushings Used In Rolling Mills

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