L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate

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L Shape Oilless Wear Plate Centrifugal Casting Self-Lubricating High Load is through the solid lubricant embedded in the appropriate position of the workpiece.

Wear plates are crucial components in industrial equipment that protect surfaces from excessive wear and damage caused by friction, impact, or other forms of abrasion. An L-shaped oilless wear plate is a specialized type of wear plate that is designed to operate without lubrication, making it ideal for use in applications where oil or grease may not be practical or safe.


Unveiling the L-Shaped Oilless Wear Plate

The L-Shaped Oilless Wear Plate takes center stage with its innovative design. Employing the art of centrifugal casting and harnessing the power of self-lubrication, this wear plate handles high loads effortlessly while showcasing its self-sufficient nature.

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L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate
l shaped oilless plate

Innovative Engineering with L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates

In the realm of industrial machinery, wear plates emerge as unsung heroes, warding off the wear and tear induced by friction, impacts, and other abrasive forces. Among them, the L-shaped oilless wear plate stands out as a marvel of engineering, tailored for environments where conventional lubrication methods such as oil or grease might prove unfeasible or unsafe.

Crafted from a resilient copper cast alloy with exceptional wear resistance, the L-shaped oilless wear plate boasts sliding surfaces adorned with discreet solid lubricant plugs. The strategic placement of these plugs, adapted to specific work conditions, ensures a harmonious dance between endurance and performance. Fortified by a high-strength copper alloy, this wear plate proudly shoulders substantial loads, while the solid lubricant orchestrates a symphony of low-friction dynamics.

L Shaped Oilless Plate

L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates: The Industry Game-Changer

L-shaped oilless wear plates, also known as L-Gibs, are a critical element in mechanical systems where linear movement needs to be guided and controlled. These components, often overlooked but essential, find their use in various applications ranging from industrial machinery to automotive systems, aerospace equipment, and more. What sets L-Gibs apart is their unique design and the use of solid aluminum bronze or steel.

Discover the next level of machinery performance with our revolutionary solution – L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates!

Oilless Wear Plate
oilless wear plate

Oil-Free Slide Plates – Copper Alloy, 10mm

In the realm of industrial machinery, efficiency, reliability, and longevity are paramount. Engineers and manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to minimize friction, enhance performance, and extend the lifespan of their equipment. Enter oil-free slide plates, a game-changing advancement in mechanical engineering. In this blog, we will dive into the world of oil-free slide plates, specifically focusing on the remarkable properties of Copper Alloy plates with a thickness of 10mm.

Copper Alloy Brilliance: A 10mm Thick Solution

oil-free slide plates crafted from Copper Alloy. With a thickness of 10mm, these plates stand as a testament to engineering ingenuity. Copper alloys are chosen for their exceptional mechanical properties, including high strength, thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion. The 10mm thickness ensures durability and stability in demanding applications, making these plates a reliable choice for industries where precision and reliability are paramount.

Benefits Beyond Friction Reduction

The primary advantage of oil-free slide plates lies in their ability to drastically reduce friction between moving parts. This reduction not only enhances machinery efficiency but also minimizes wear and tear, ultimately extending the operational life of the equipment. By eliminating the need for external lubrication, these plates contribute to cleaner work environments and reduced maintenance efforts.

Physical Mechanical Performance
GradeCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3Coefficient Of Linear Expansion1.9*10-5/℃
Density (g/cm³)8.9Max. Temp. (℃)-40~+300
Hardness (HB)≥210Max. Load. (N/mm2)100
Tensile Strength (N/mm2)>750Coefficient Of Friction<0.16
Yield Strength (N/mm2)>450Max. PV (N/mm²*m/min)200
Elongation (%)8Compression Deformation (300N/mm²)<0.01mm
Max Wire SpeedDry0.5 m/sMax PV ValueDry1.65 N/mm2*m/s
Oil2 m/sOil3.25 N/mm2*m/s


Oilless wear plate uses high-strength brass or tin bronze as the base and is inlaid with solid lubricants according to different movement methods. It can be used for a long time under oil-free lubrication conditions or in water. Working under lubricated conditions, it is more suitable for heavy loads and low-speed conditions, where reciprocating, rotating, oscillating, and intermittent motions are difficult to form oil films. It has good wear resistance and an extremely low friction coefficient and has corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. sex. Currently mainly used in water conservancy machinery, dam working door hinge bearings, turbine bushings, iron, and steel industry, metallurgical equipment, rolling mills, continuous casting conveyor rollers, high-temperature blast furnaces, shaft bushings for drying furnaces, steam and locomotive industries, construction machinery, etc. Corrosion-resistant, water-lubricated occasions, high temperature, heavy-duty, medium-speed, and unrefutable working conditions, etc. The self-lubricating block combines the wear resistance of copper alloys and the self-lubricating properties of solid lubricants so that it does not require oil and maintenance during use. Various types of copper alloys are available.

L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate, Angled guide gib, Bronze with solid lubricant, VDI 3357 Size Chart

L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate, Angled guide gib

Order      No   b₁    h₁lb₂b₃h2h3bcefgdnumber of screw holes
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate2515.51251898.5627.5 一 一 一97.592
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate2515.51601898.5627.5 一 一 一132.592
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate3230.5125221115.5927.5 一 一 一97.5112
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate3230.5160221115.5927.5 一 一 一132.5112
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate3230.5200221115.5927.5 一 一 一172.5112
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate4550.5100301534.51827.5 一 一 一72.513.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate4550.5160301534.51827.5 一 一 一132.513.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate5555.5100372039.52327.5 一 一 一72.513.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate5555.5160372039.52327.5 一 一 一132.513.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate7075.5160503055.535 35 一 一 一12517.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate7075.5200503055.535 35 一 一 一16517.52
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate7075.5250503055.53535 一125 一21517.53
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates7075.5400503055.53535125200275275      36517.55
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate8590.5160633865.54542.5 一 一 一117.5222
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates8590.5200633865.54542.5 一 一 一157.5222
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates8590.5250633865.54542.5 一125 一207.5223
L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates8590.5400633865.54542.5125200275357.5225

Boost Performance With Cutting-Edge L Shaped Oilless Wear Plates


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