L Shaped Oilless Plate

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Enhance Efficiency and Performance with L Shaped Oilless Plate!

Experience a new era of machinery operations with our groundbreaking L Shaped Oilless Plate. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional friction and wear, as this innovative technology guarantees seamless, frictionless motion. Unlock precision and efficiency like never before, ensuring optimal performance and extended machinery lifespan. Elevate your operations and achieve the highest level of engineering excellence.

  • Enables operation without the need for constant maintenance, ensuring a prolonged operational lifespan.
  • Adequate for managing substantial static and dynamic loads effectively.
  • Exhibits a low and consistent coefficient of friction, eliminating stick-slip phenomena.
  • Capable of withstanding challenging conditions including dirt, corrosion, impact loads, and edge loading.
  • Functional across a wide temperature spectrum.


Efficiency Elevated: Embracing L Shaped Oilless Plate!

Revolutionize your industrial setup with the power of L Shaped Oilless Plate. This oilless plate is designed with precision engineering and offers a compact and versatile solution that fits seamlessly into various machinery applications. Its L-shaped design ensures uniform load distribution, reducing stress and enhancing durability. Upgrade your machinery with this game-changing component and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial technology.

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Empower Your Machinery with L Shaped Oilless Plate!

The L Shape Oilless Wear Plate, created through centrifugal casting, employs self-lubricating technology to handle high loads. This is achieved by incorporating solid lubricant into specific positions within the workpiece. The sintered alloy utilized in this plate features a precise and even dispersion of solid lubricant within a special alloy matrix. This design allows for the infiltration of lubricating oil into the pores of the material.

  • The primary materials used in the production of these plates include various bronze alloys such as QSn10-1, QSn6.5-0.1, brass alloys like H62, H65, H68, H70, H85, H90, tin bronze variations including QSn6-6-6, QSn5-5-5, CuSn10Pb1, CuSn8, CuSn4, CuSn12, as well as aluminum bronze alloys like 60600, C64200, C60800, C61300, C61400, C61900, C62300, C62400, C63000, C63020, C63200, C65100, CuAL10Fe3, CuAL9Fe4Ni4, CuAL9Mn2, CuAL9Ni3Fe2, CuAL10Ni5Fe4, and more.

  • With low wear rate and long life service.

Upgrade your industrial operations with L Shaped Oilless Plate. Experience frictionless precision, unmatched durability, and enhanced machinery efficiency. Transform your machinery now!

Wear Plate

A wear plate is a flat component designed to withstand friction and wear. It is often used in applications where sliding or rubbing motion occurs.

Solid Lubricant

the solid lubricant is likely embedded within the brass bearing to provide continuous lubrication during operation.

L Shaped Oilless Wear Plate
l shaped oilless wear plate manufacturer, 500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate (SLP)

#500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate (SLP): Enhancing Projects with Durability and Precision

At the heart of the #500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate is a special alloy carefully selected for its high tensile strength. This quality ensures that the plate can withstand substantial stress and strain, making it an ideal choice for projects that demand durability and longevity. Additionally, its resistance to corrosion adds another layer of reliability, making it suitable for use in diverse environmental conditions.

One of the standout features of the #500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate is its availability in a range of sizes, catering to a wide spectrum of project requirements. Whether you are involved in small-scale manufacturing or engaged in large-scale infrastructure development, this plate adapts seamlessly to varying project scales. This versatility makes it a go-to option for engineers and construction professionals, eliminating the need for multiple material specifications for different applications.

Self Lubricating #500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate (SLP-15150)

One distinctive feature of the #500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate is its non-lubricated design. The integration of solid lubricant directly into the material system reduces friction and wear, enhancing the overall efficiency of the plate.

It is engineered to withstand a maximum allowable surface pressure (P) of 29 N/mm2, ensuring its reliability in applications with high stress and load requirements. The maximum allowable velocity (V) of 0.5 m/s further enhances its adaptability across various operational scenarios.

The plate’s performance is quantified through the maximum allowable PV value, reaching 1.65 N/mm2·m/s. This metric is indicative of the plate’s ability to manage both pressure and velocity simultaneously, highlighting its efficiency in dynamic applications. Additionally, the #500SP1 SL1 L Type Plate is designed with compliance in mind, meeting RoHS standards for environmental friendliness.

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Oilless Plate: The Engineering Revolution

Oilless Wear Plate: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Machinery

In the world of industrial and mechanical engineering, bronze wear plate innovation continues to shape the way we build and maintain machinery.

Bronze Wear Plate
l shaped oilless plate

Applications of L Shaped Oilless Plates

The versatility of L Shaped Oilless Plates is reflected in their wide range of applications across industries:

  • In the automotive sector, L Shaped slide Plates are used in engines, transmissions, and suspension systems. These plates ensure efficient movement of components, reducing energy loss and enhancing fuel efficiency.
  • Manufacturing machinery relies on precision and consistent operation. L Shaped
  • From heavy-duty construction equipment to precision medical devices, L Shaped wear Plates play a crucial role in maintaining smooth motion and reducing friction in various industrial machines. Plates are utilized in conveyor systems, robotic arms, and molding machines, contributing to seamless manufacturing processes.
Oilless Wear Plate

Types of Materials Used for L Shaped Oilless Plates

Oilless Plates are crafted from a variety of self-lubricating materials:

  1. Casting Bronze-based L Shaped Plates:
    L Shaped plates made from casting bronze exhibit remarkable thermal conductivity and exceptional load-bearing capacity. These attributes render them well-suited for applications characterized by varying temperatures and substantial loads.
  2. Bronze-based Plates Infused with Graphite:
    Another option involves bronze-based L Shaped plates integrated with graphite. This combination enhances the lubricating properties of the plates, contributing to improved performance in different operational scenarios.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable L Shaped Oilless Plate, various factors come into play, including load, speed, temperature, and prevailing environmental conditions. Our expertise can guide you in determining the ideal plate that aligns with the specific requirements of your machinery. Feel free to consult with us for tailored recommendations.

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Custom Slide Plate For Your Machine Component

L typed Sliding Plates, Base Plates For Gib AssembliesWe offer a comprehensive range of standard wear plate sizes.
We are equipped to create specialized shapes like L shape, T shape, or any other custom design according to your specific needs.
We have the capability to produce standard high-tensile brass or other materials as per your requirements.

Invest in a future-proof solution with L Shaped Oilless Plate. Our plates are crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials that withstand the test of time and contribute to a greener environment. These plates minimize maintenance needs by reducing friction and wear, saving you time and resources. Join the movement towards sustainable engineering while enjoying unmatched durability and reliability.


Demonstrates unparalleled performance when operating under high loads and at low speeds. It maintains its efficiency even without the need for lubrication.
Exhibits exceptional wear resistance, particularly in scenarios where forming an oil film is challenging due to reciprocating, oscillating movements, and frequent intermittent operations.
Shows remarkable resilience against corrosion and chemical attacks.
Requires no maintenance, leading to significant savings in operational costs.

Features and Advantages Of Oilless Wear Plate

High Tolerance to Contaminated Environments: These components exhibit resilience in dirty surroundings.
Robust against Impact Loads and Vibrations at Low Speeds: Capable of withstanding shock loads and vibrations even during slow operations.
Compatibility with Rough Shaft Surfaces: Facilitates operation on shafts with suboptimal surface finishes.
Effective Corrosion Resistance: Demonstrates good performance in corrosive settings.
Solid Bronze Bushings and Plates are crafted entirely from tin bronze, CuSn10P, renowned for its excellent mechanical properties. The surfaces of these components are meticulously machined. Solid Iron Bushings and Plates are produced similarly to bronze material, providing a more cost-effective option for applications without stringent high-performance demands.


Base Material: CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn4
Dynamic Load Capacity: 150N/mm²
Base Hardness: HB>250
Friction Coefficient: <0.16
Maximum Temperature: 400℃
Speed Limit: Dry – 0.8m/s, Oil – 15m/s
L Shape Oilless Wear Plate Centrifugal Casting Self-Lubricating High Load finds widespread use in various industries including plastic molds, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, and metal forming machinery, among others.

L Shaped Oilless Slide Plate Size Chart


Standard NoWLBolt LocationBoltSketch
L Shaped Oilless Plate -20*1002010060M82A
L Shaped Oilless Plate -20*15015055553
L Shaped Oilless Plate -20*2002005550554
L Shaped Oilless Plate -30*1003010060M102B
L Shaped Oilless Plate -30*15015055553
L Shaped Oilless Plate -30*2002005550554
L Shaped Oilless Plate -30*2502507070704
L Shaped Oilless Plate -45*200452005550554C
L Shaped Oilless Plate -45*2502507070704
L Shaped Oilless Plate -45*300300656565655
L Shaped Oilless Plate -45*350350807575805


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